What gender do you want the 14th doctor to be?

  1. I really don’t care as long as the writing and whomever is cast is spot on. I know Jodie is getting some hate, but I adore her.

  2. I have genuinely liked her entire run except for the timeless child thing. I hated timeless less once I found out about the morbius faces, though. I'm just not a fan of the whole chosen one trope. But I've loved Jodie's acting, and the majority of the writing.

  3. I think she could have been good but fell very short of the mark. Some combination of writing and her personality/acting just made her seem like an entirely new character. The previous doctors had a playfulness and charm that just didn't make it to the screen with her.

  4. Interesting perspective to share. A majority of the comments posted support a woman or "other/don't care" but the actual poll results heavily favor a male Doctor. Is this a literal case of a vocal minority and silent majority?

  5. There is a minority of people on this platform that will attack you for hurting their feelings by stating an opinion they disagree with. Leading to a silent majority of fans these days fear getting attacked for voicing their opinion. BUT, voting in a poll doesn't leave you open to attack.

  6. Yes I’d like to see this too. My worry is the BBC might decide the female “experiment” didn’t work so let’s just go back to having a male Doctor. When really it was the writing that was poor and not the fact the Doctor is a woman.

  7. Honestly, I don’t mind. My issue with 13 was the way she was characterised, Chibnall’s writing and to a lesser extent Whittaker’s performance. I do wanna see them do a female Doctor again and do it right this time to show the idiots that it can be done. Other than that I don’t really care, the next incarnation of the Doctor could be a Silurian for all I care

  8. It makes no difference to me what the doctor's gender is, however I've been saying for years that Hugh Laurie would be a great fit to play the doctor, and because he is a man, I answered male.

  9. I think you need a second female doctor to show 13 wasn’t a gimmick. After that, it doesn’t matter, but I feel this is important.

  10. Yeah I'm worried if the BBC doesn't do a second female doctor now they won't do it again because how the show been rated, by the writing.

  11. Yeah, everyone is saying they don’t care as long as the actor is perfect for the role, but it matters so much for 14. All the NMDs will take a male 14 as admission of failure in the “experiment” of a female Doctor.

  12. See I was thinking similar, but with a caveat; Pop back to a male for 14, then another woman with 15. I'm not saying you should establish a strict precedent of switching genders ever regeneration - that'd be a bit too rigid and boring - but it would be a good way to show that both are equally viable possibilities now that the door has been opened, at any point regardless of how important it is in that specific moment.

  13. Once again, I feel so sad we got the stories we did with 13. I wish we'd seen the character studies we got in the previous era applied to Jodie.

  14. That could end up in two possible scenarios: showing a female Doctor can work or definitely killing the show. I believe the show needs to play safe for now and choose a male actor.

  15. I’m gonna be honest I really don’t care about the gender of the Doctor in a vacuum. In truth, I want 14 to be a man but that’s only on the technicality of my desire for the Doctor to be played by Dev Patel, so I don’t really think that’s in the spirit of the question.

  16. They can bring back Ram from Class (Fady ElSayed) as the Companion. Have the Dev Patel doctor and he have a Sherlock and Watson style banter but also a will they/won’t they relationship tease

  17. David Morrissey for me. He WAS everything the doctor was, even if briefly. 12 became the face of someone he met, so a future incarnation can become Jackson Lake. Pls.

  18. “Who frowned me this face?”, but instead of clips from Fires of Pompeii it’s clips from Midnight.

  19. My pitch is to not cast a new one - do a series with multiple previous doctors - so like a two parter with Whitaker, followed by one episode with tennant that leads into a two parter with McGann and McCoy and then an episode with Smith that leads to another tennat episode, that sort of thing and have them all be stand alone adventures that maybe lead to something overarching.

  20. If we go back to a male after the terrible Chibbers era, the general public is going to associate it with the Doctor being a woman.

  21. I don’t think we should be forced to see another female Doctor straight away just because Chibnall failed the first time round. I’d rather the new actor is cast without gender in mind (unlike Thirteen).

  22. I don’t really care. I suspect Russell T Davies will go for a man somehow, someone like Michael Sheen. I do think Helena Bonham Carter would be a great Doctor but I’ve no gender preference really.

  23. Hm. Both would be great but I suspect their schedules may be too busy for Doctor Who / The Doctor. It's a full-time role - there's no real opportunities to do film stuff as well etc. Not sure if established Hollywood stars would or could take the role.

  24. I don't really mind which gender they go for. It's all about the actor for me but Michael Sheen has been at the top of my Doctor Who wish list for a while.

  25. I’m mainly indifferent, so long as they’re brilliant I won’t care what gender they are (haha, it’s a bit like having a baby isn’t it). I mean maybe I might have a slight preference towards a man, but I couldn’t explain why, and as I said it’s not really important as long as they’re a good actor who fits the role.

  26. We can't blame it entirely on the writing, and directing. Just look at Jo Martin. Same writing, same direction, outshined Jodie in every scene they were in together. She truly knows what it means to be The Doctor.

  27. Genuinely don’t care. As long as they are a great actor and can carry the humour and serious aspects of the Doctor character it can be anyone.

  28. I want them to be the right choice. I don't care what gender but I want to watch and think "yes, this is the same character as the ones before"

  29. I don’t think the gender matters. What matters are the stories. And that they have awesome aliens that want to kill all humans, ie not dalek or cybermen. They’re cool but way too overdone.

  30. Is there an I don't care option? Like, not that I'm not invested in the show, I just don't care about that aspect

  31. At this point I really don't care if it's male or female; just pick an actor that will be true to the character. But Missy is still my favorite Master. The Missy Master

  32. I don’t personally care. On a practical level, though, they should probably be a woman, because a man would feel like an admittance of defeat to fans of Thirteen and would be unlikely to satisfy those who aren’t fans anyways given that everything else RTD is likely to do will probably upset them anyways.

  33. I really don't care . All I care is that they can act and that there is good writing . I would love if Olivia Coleman or Micheal Sheen were the next doctor .

  34. My personal choice would be Michael Sheen , BUT I don’t actually care what gender the 14th is. I think a female 14th would be useful to show it’s not a novelty and if not 14 then 15 or 16 would have to be otherwise 13 will be consigned as a novelty / shock cast forever

  35. In the novelization of Rose, it said the next incarnation after Jodie was a black woman wielding a flaming sword. If the next Doctor is anything but that I am going to be disappointed.

  36. I don’t think it specified that she came right after Jodie. It was kept pretty vague as far as I recall.

  37. I want it to be a woman mainly because I feel going to a man straight away would be seen as backing down from anyone other than a man playing the role, plus it would just fuel the people against a female Doctor into thinking they "won"

  38. I’m glad they didn’t do any dumb stuff with Jodie. Like she was the Doctor, not “a woman” and her gender didn’t really apply to her character and personality

  39. We'll in one of the books someone mentions an animal on all fours who is known as the doctor so never say never ;)

  40. In an ideal world, it wouldn’t matter. Unfortunately, we live in a reality where the only female doctor thus far has been written to be the most passive, under-confident, and “weak” doctor in the history of the show. If she were to regenerate back into a man and suddenly regain all of that confidence and “strength” in the writing, it would reflect really badly on the show. For that reason, I think 14 almost needs to be another woman, if for no other reason than to rebuild the show’s reputation.

  41. where the only female doctor thus far has been written to be the most passive, under-confident, and “weak” doctor in the history of the show. If she were to regenerate back into a man and suddenly

  42. I would genuinely put into a gofundme to get one of: Tom Ellis, Reece Shearsmith or Steve Pemberton to be the Doctor.

  43. I don’t really care as long as they’re a good actor. David tennant and Peter capaldi are two of my favourite doctors because the writing and acting is so good. Doesn’t matter what their gender is as long as they do a good job

  44. Not a woman for the sake of it (quality over everything), but I’d prefer if that quality were achieved with a female doctor.

  45. It's a shame that Jodie was the doctor during chibnalls run. I feel like she could've been sooo much better and maybe even a fan favorite, but because of all the problems with the show during her run she didn't stand out as much. So if the doc regenerated into another woman, I wouldn't mind because we would be able to see a woman doctor that actually FEELS like the doc with much better script writing (hopefully).

  46. I think it has to be a female Doctor just to ensure that neckbeards don’t take the fact that the Doctor has gone back to being male after such a mediocre few seasons as proof that a female Doctor can’t work.

  47. I wouldn’t mind either way, think it would make a lot of sense to have the doctor be played by a non binary actor, but voted female because i dont want jodie to just the remembered as the female doctor, id like there to be at least two and id like the next one to be PHOEBE WALLER BRIDGE

  48. i’d like a female doc again bc that would be brilliant but i’d especially love an enby actor and the doc to use enby pronouns - won’t happen, just having jodie and she/her broke so many people it’s insane

  49. I feel like the Doctor never really got a chance to express any emotions over the more difficult time she has in attempting authority in situations with strangers as a woman vs as a man. There's an occasional eye-roll, but the subject is always brushed off as secondary to the Plot. Like, I love that they made the Doctor a woman--it was fresh, it was different--but there was never any exploration of consequences for that difference, which is largely characteristic of the Chibnall era.

  50. I think they need to go a totally different direction - you know - really play up the "You never know what you're going to end up with" angle. Maybe give the doctor two heads, or no head! Imagine the Doctor with no head (And don't say that's an improvement)

  51. Honestly, I wouldnt blame them for trying with another female doctor, as longs as they bring something to the character. But it might be better if the doctor returns to male, so they can straighten everything out again and fix the show before retrying.

  52. The gender of the doctor doesn’t matter. Jodie is one of the best doctors imo, I love her energy. I would be fine with any gender

  53. Jodie Whittaker, despite Chibnall's terrible writing, is doing everything she can to make the role work. I personally blame the script for this doctor, not the actress. I want RTD to write a female doctor that works; one that proves that a woman can not only fulfill expectations, but exceed them.

  54. I don't care. I don't think there should be specific motivations like "we need to cast a woman/minority/LGBTQ actor as the Doctor" but I'm quite sure that whoever RTD would cast, they would be a good actor and the writing will allow them to establish themselves as the Doctor very fast.

  55. Other could mean another gender or it could mean you don’t have a preference. Also time lords are clearly very chill about switching genders and sexes. The doctor isn’t “supposed” to be a man

  56. There was a podcast I was listening to and they noted that why change The Doctor? There are plenty of females in the Who universe that you can make a spin off like Torchwood with. Ramana was mentioned (being I loved the 4th Doctor, I also loved Ramana). This would be great. Hell, make her team up with Missy and be like the Odd Couple, I would watch that.

  57. Sorry Jodies Doctor has the gravitas of a wet paper bag it is time for a better actor/actress to take over with a much better showrunner the fugitive Doctor knocked Jodies portrayal for six.

  58. Don't care. Just want a good actor/actress that has good writers. Something that we don't have right now.

  59. I kind of want the doctor to be female because otherwise I feel like a 2nd female doctor will be harder to do in the future due to chibnal squandering the jodie's run as the docotr

  60. I think it’s unfair for Chibnall’s failures to influence how future showrunners handle things. I would rather they cast the best person for the job (without gender in mind).

  61. Tbh I wouldn’t mind seeing another female Doctor with a good show runner this time. The worry is they might just go back to being a male and they won’t try it again since the reaction to Jodie hadn’t been great (not blaming Jodie herself).

  62. The fact that it’s been done now means it’s a lot more likely to happen again in the future (regardless of whether 14 is a man or not).

  63. I see this thrown around so often, and I've never understood it. I love Richard Ayoade, but he's a comedian and comedy actor. I've seen nothing of him that suggests he could sufficiently capture the dark and serious side of the character. In fact, going by his CV, I think he'd be better writing a Doctor Who episode.

  64. Thirteen is the most genderless incarnation of the character we’ve ever had. Like she isn’t feminine at all. You don’t need a non-binary Doctor to show that.

  65. I don't really care tbh. But what i kinda do hope, with all respect to Jodie since she is amazing, I hope their accent is a lil less thick. English isn't my language so strong accents can be kinda hard.

  66. So.. I feel like it shouldn't matter as long as they are passionate about the the job but I also think it should be a woman to prove that it was the writer and not that it was a female doctor that was a problem. I think this cuz of fact that Jodie was only the doctor because chipnal being there and as soon as he announced himself leaving she did the same thing.

  67. I have a slight preference for female. As good as flux is I don't think it's bringing in the ratings and I'm afraid going back to male would have the BBC assuming our only problem with Chibnall's run has been that the doctor is female. 2 female doctors in a row would set a better precedent instead of Jodie judt bring an exception.

  68. Most of my preferred "Next Doctor" candidates are female actors, so I voted female here. Especially if it ends up being Lydia West, Phoebe Waller Bridge, Helena Bonham Carter, or Keeley Hawes.

  69. I don’t understand why Lydia West is a top pick for a lot of people. I think she would be a fine companion, but I don’t see her as the Doctor at all.

  70. Female or else the people who blame the current era's general lacklusterness on the gender of the doctor are gonna feel vindicated

  71. I hope the 14th Doctor to be a Sontaran or something like that so that this pointless bickering about its gender stops. For me, Doctor Who is a series about a wise alien travelling time & space with its mostly human companions. Its main schtick is timey wimey adventure stuff, not hard sci-fi, not deep thoughts and questions regarding the real world. Not every piece of media needs to be didactical, so give me whoever is the best fit to be the New Doctor and please don't turn this show into a battlefield of Twitter mobs of US politics.

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