BBC America makes it hard to watch Dr Who

  1. I went to an ice hockey game when I visited Canada, and the fact they basically stop the sport so they can run adverts is utter fucking madness.

  2. This is basically an ingrained part of North American sports. I think sports with a lot of time in between action like Baseball encourage the behavior.

  3. Well yes and no. They do but it’s to sweep the ice so the playing surface is less slippy for the players. Just happens to be a perfect time to show ads too. Better than American football where there’s ads after almost every drive

  4. Media timeouts in hockey are not bad at all. They are by far the best of the North American leagues in this aspect. There are 3 per period, or 9 total, as compared to 16 in an NFL game, and up to 20 in a college football game.

  5. We just bought the season pass through the Xbox store app. The episodes show up the day after they air, so usually Mondays. It’s the only show I absolutely must have asap.

  6. It drives me crazy that half the programming is Star Trek TNG reruns. At least show reruns of old British shows if you have that much time to fill BBC A!

  7. As an American, I've been forced to watch the show on Amazon instead because BBCA dropped the ball so hard ever since series 10.

  8. I keep having an issue where the ads start and then stop, forcing me to restart and find where I was. It is not easy to watch.

  9. it doesn’t make sense to me that it wouldn’t be on HBOMax like the rest oft he show. AMC+??? What person even has this? I asked like five of my most tv-obsessed friends who usually have all the apps and nobody had AMC+. HBOMax has the rest of the series, and they’ll probably get this one in six months; why not just figure out a deal to get them next day?

  10. I would gladly watch Doctor Who with ads if it meant that i was able to watch the show at all. Right now there’s not a single streaming service in Sweden that offers any Doctor who content beyond series 10. Not a single one. It’s like they are asking people to use torrents…

  11. That or a VPN. The BBC has never really cared about streaming its originally properties globally though. That's what syndication and DVDs are for.

  12. Watching the live episode streaming through their website is just as bad. I'm logged into my families cable provider so I have access. Whether I use my chromecast or plug an HDMI cable directly into my laptop, the live stream will freeze at least 2-3 times and I have to reload the page. If I'm lucky it happens in the middle of a commercial.

  13. BuT iT's FrEe!! Yeah... I have to watch on BBC America too. It sucks. My husband kept falling asleep. It interrupts the flow so much that you lose any excitement that might have been built. Not to mention that much in continuity makes it really hard to follow what's going on

  14. To add even more silliness: If you're watching through YouTube TV, you need AMC+ to watch it during that first day, then for some reason it shifts to general access after that period.

  15. I hate ads in shows, I'm glad streaming sites like Netflix are able to have shows without ads now. It's just so fucking stupid and narrative breaking. You don't watch a movie in a theater with commercials during the feature. Imagine watching, I dunno, Star Wars a New Hope and after Obi-Wan bites it they cut to a GEICO ad. Just fuck right off

  16. I agree. I live in the US and it's streaming on AMC+ service and tried out a free trail. The AMC+ app didn't work and while I was able to get it to stream on my computer the quality of the video player (confirmed it wasn't my device or internet speed) was so bad it was impossible to watch (looked like 144p). I ended up canceling the free trail and ended up purchasing the season on Google Play. I would recommend buying it on Amazon Video since Google Play still hasn't uploaded episode 3 which aired a week ago, and it looks like Amazon releases it on Mondays.

  17. I bought the season on Xbox as well. It will show in your purchased items on Monday. If you don't see it, hold the home button and restart your console. This should trigger the download of the episode and it will show as available to watch in the Movies&TV app.

  18. Ads I can deal with. I’ve never had that audio issue. Instead, I have the captions consistently (95%+ of the time) a line or so ahead of the words being spoken. Kind of makes it feel like I need to have two tracks going to keep facial expressions and visual cues matched up to the proper line.

  19. if you’re doing bbca through amc, its on their streaming right now as well, with limited skipable ads. that’s how i watched and i was ahead of bbca bc of it, just took an hour not an hour and a half.

  20. That sucks. I'm glad I'm watching from Australia; ABC iView has all the new episodes without ads, and each episode is uploaded shortly after it airs in the UK.

  21. I gave in and bought it on Amazon. I have to wait to watch it on Monday, but no commercials really make a difference.

  22. You should try AMC+ that’s what I use and I’m able to watch the new episode same day of release every Sunday. No ads with 10 second “commercial breaks” that you can skip.

  23. I signed up to AMC+ and was able to watch all of the Flux episodes with maybe a minute or two of ads for each episode. I wish I could find somewhere less annoying to watch older episodes though

  24. Which sounds far better than if you live in the UK and have to pay a TV license. £150 a year, for the pleasure of being able to watch iPlayer and live TV. Legally, of course.

  25. We bought the season on Amazon, but since the episodes don’t show up, we then subscribed to fubo to avoid spoilers. It sucks. A lot of money spent. I wish there wasn’t a delay on Amazon. This is not to say that I’m not enjoying the show. I am. But it’s hard to watch with everybody unless you shell out the big bucks.

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  27. Wait till next Sunday then download AMC+. They have a free week trial, so watch them all then cancel. They had some BF deals for like a month for $1.99. Just downloaded it and it’s all there.

  28. Yeah, ... sounds about as bad as's player, and, at least from years ago, Both of which f*cked over their players so badly I permanently gave up on them and won't even consider going back. Yeah, not the way to gain market share.

  29. I moan, but this sounds so much worse than the crap I have to put with from Channel 4's site to watch F1 highlights. Absolutely ludicrous!

  30. We have Sling and watch through BBC America. "The Fam" and I record and speed past the commercials, which IIRC you couldnt do a few years ago. Once the seasons & specials are available on DVD/Blu Ray we buy them and watch commercial free. They're pretty reasonable new or used on Ebay and pretty much the only hard media we still buy.

  31. Yeah. I was peeved that episode 4 never showed up. Had to buy it on Amazon Prime. I quit watching it live because of the commercials. After watching the first episode live I decided to never again watch one live. It really is that bad.

  32. Yeah... I just decided to wait for this season to hit HBO Max (which isn't exactly the greatest app either). Got tired of VPNs and spoofing iPlayer to watch it.

  33. I deal with the same BS, but nothing is as awful as the birth control commercial with Annie Murphy that plays at 25x the volume of the rest of the damn program. It's a race to get to the remote before I suffer permanent damage

  34. At least you have a legal option. I'm dutch. The only legal option I have is to watch it live or record it on my DVR

  35. I subscribe to AMC+. It is on the same day as BBC America and has ALMOST no breaks. Because of some "steaming rights" issue there is two 39 second breaks per episode. Each is a promo. It is weird but much less intrusive than on BBC America.

  36. I can’t even watch it. There’s been an error when originally it worked for a couple episodes. It’s says something about a broken adobe link or something. I don’t know what it could be because it’s obviously not flash.

  37. Or if you use the bbc America app and previously was watching in a different language, it’ll make you change it back a million times and restart the app only to still be in the same language and not the language you tried to change it to

  38. I stopped watching Doctor Who on BBCA America years ago, once I realized it added about 30 minutes of commercials on a 45 minute show. So I'll either watch on a Roku app that plays UK television live, so you have to watch in the middle of the afternoon here, or subscribe to a season pass on Prime.

  39. I just buy the seasons through iTunes. It's not worth picking up a cable subscription when I can just wait for the next day (and stay the hell off of YouTube with its spoilerific algorithms) to catch it.

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  41. Given the low quality of the whitaker/chibnall era, this sounds like a fantastic feature that greatly improves the user experience.

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