Theory on how the Thirteenth Doctor will Regenerate

  1. I like the idea of her regenerating in a blaze of glory having her BIG doctor moment that Jodie has yet to have and then having the mystery of who she regenerated into during the 60th.

  2. Why not pull a double blind bluff. Have her regenerate at the end of the special, but don't _END_ it until the next episode. Kinda like how 10 regenerated and it cut to credits during Stolen Earth.

  3. "... So anyway, during the fourth regeneration of the fifteenth secret lifetime you spent with the Division you and a rag tag group of rebels prevented the forces of the void from consuming the universe through a complicated series of red tape paper work filing and auditing that grew so tall it eventually surmounted the growing void itself. Good ole Doctor number 184, you know they say he was a real whiz at accounting, almost as good as Doctor number 129 who, as you already know, spent an entire lifetime calculating the distance between each galaxy before she keeled over and regenerated-"

  4. I'm not so sure. Her TARDIS interior set has already been dismantled with no announcement about the Fourteenth.

  5. "Yaz, you need to get me back to the TARDIS; its starting, the change. I was crushed under the immense weight of my own info dump."

  6. What I'm expecting is a massively over the top scene because it's the first female regeneration and it needs to be big because reasons.

  7. Haven't watched an episode of this season. May just wait till the next Doctor and try again. I'm fine with a female Doctor. I'm not fine with poor writing and show running.

  8. I will say this season does have its flaws, still not perfect. However it’s has some pretty decent eps and in my opinion some moments where Jodie finally actually feels like the Doctor.

  9. Current season has a pretty good plot in my opinion and I would really enjoy it a lot if it weren't Doctor Who. The tone is just not what I originally came to Doctor Who for. It's not fun and whimsical, it's serious and tense. It's not bad as a sci-fi show, it's just not what I know Doctor Who to be.

  10. i absolutely hated the last 2 seasons, but this season is actually pretty good. dare I say I may rewatch it in the future!

  11. I absolutely despised and struggled to watch seasons 11 and 12, but season 13 has been great and honestly people are just overblowing it at this point out of leftover hatred from the past two seasons.

  12. Don’t get me wrong, there have be an some fantastic episodes. Rosa, Demons on the Punjab (which is one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes), The Haunting of Villa Diodati, War of the Sontarans, and Village of the Angels are all very good. Only one of those was primarily written by Chibnall. Then you get episodes like the ones mentioned in the post which are basically just a lot of exposition throughout.

  13. I'd love for something along the lines of 11s reset schtick where the actual regeneration happens in the actual story or at the culmination of a battle to triumphantly or sacrificially solve something and maybe the episode ends with the focus on something else so we don't actually see who the next one is. Rather than the usual scene at the end where they pay tribute to themselves and it's separate from the entire episode.

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