My friend and I were chatting and we have a prediction about how Flux is gonna end.

  1. I mean it's definitely possible, but as the TC was wearing clothes similar to Swarm and Azure, it's more likely that if anyone is going to be revealed as the Doctor's real parents [or at least family/species], it would be them.

  2. It’ll just be a closed loop. Bel is Gallifreyan but has timeless child regeneration like all of the time lords do, but gives birth to the timeless child who is then left in the past and discovered and creates the cycle. It never begins or ends.

  3. Whilst all the hugging's going on, thirteen will call Bel and Vinder 'fam' and we'll all want to vomit in a furious rage.

  4. A whole speech about the doctor having to sacrifice something for the doctor to exist is reminding me from the 2nd part of family of blood where the doctor says his speech before opening the watch.

  5. There's actually no Batman story like least not an official one. You're referring to a fanfic-ish theory that occasionally does the rounds online.

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