What happened to the Father in "Family of Blood?"

  1. Yeah, it was a bit confusing. Maybe since they're forged in the heart of a neutron star? Because they have so much gravity, similar to the black hole it slows down time? I wish they had explained the punishments more.

  2. The vibe you get from that particular fate has strong "Zeus binding the Titans in unbreakable chains and consigning them to Tartarus." We see him get left somewhere underground. It's possible he was left somewhere he couldn't die, maybe a timeloop he couldn't escape. But it seems more likely that he was just sealed underground to die without hope of escape or rescue, unwitnessed and unfound. Ten doesn't like to kill, but he can be an unforgiving son of a bitch when he wants to be.

  3. According to recent scientific theory, that may not be true. You may survive, the observer outside would see you disappear eventually but you would continue to travel. To where? Who knows……..?

  4. I think it's something to do with the time dilation being around a black hole. Like technically he'll live forever because time is moving so slowly for him whilst the universe continues on without him.

  5. In my headcanon the punishments at the end of that episode were metaphorical stories that the son told about what happened. How do you trap someone in every mirror in existence, anyway?

  6. I think the intention was that the Doctor made him immortal through some unspecified means and the chains are a separate thing that stops him from taking advantage of it.

  7. I figured, bug I wanted to know if there's any canon about this. I do wish they'd come back to episodes like this and add to them though

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