Confused American needs translation from a line in “Eve of the Daleks”

  1. Not gonna lie I'm from England and I'd never heard of 'cane' as a slang word but I guess I kind of figured what it referred to given the context. I don't know if it's a Liverpool/scouse slang word or more kind of northern slang word in general and I'm too southern to know about it, but I'd never heard of it till the episode.

  2. It’s generally northern but it’s pretty dated too, probably not really used much since 90s/00s except by people who are now aged 40+.

  3. Yeah... not for nothing, but that was one of those moments where I had to sit there and say "I'm sure that sentence meant something to somebody across the pond, and I'm just too much of a Yankee-doodle to get it." lol

  4. I’m actually from Liverpool and I didn’t get it either, but took the same reading of it as you from the context.

  5. Fair enough, thanks for the perspective/input. I watch all my tv with subtitles, but especially when characters have accents I don’t hear often.

  6. Caning means doing something a lot - so she’s watching the hologram a lot and the half is just to reinforce that as that also means a lot

  7. Thanks for clarifying, “didn’t half” to mean doing something a lot isn’t something we have here either, from context I could tell he was probably accusing her of watching the hologram a lot, but “didn’t half” to my American ears sounds like it should mean a little instead of a lot.

  8. Without subtitles & re-watch my brain probably wouldn’t have even processed the sentence, I’m just assuming the subtitles on BBC America are correct, but maybe the way you heard it is right. Thanks for the explanation, the “you didn’t half” part was throwing me off as much as the use of “cane” as a verb in this way.

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