Saddest/Favorite Regeneration

  1. I think with 2 more seasons of Eccleston.. I think 9 would’ve really been hard to get over. His regeneration was great and straight to the point but if only he had 2 more seasons I think it would’ve really been heartbreaking to watch him go

  2. When I was (re)watching through the whole show (mostly) in order last year, the regeneration that got me the most emotional was the regeneration of the Third Doctor into the Fourth Doctor at the end of "Planet of the Spiders". I'm not exactly sure why, but what I am sure of is that Sarah Jane wasn't the only one shedding a tear at that moment, haha

  3. Ten and Eleven both have really incredible regeneration scenes. Both made me cry hard the first several times I watched them, but I think Ten’s is the only one that still gets me teary eyed, even out of the context of the rest of his era. It helps that the whole regeneration from start to finish is like half an hour long.

  4. From time to time I go back and watch 11’s regeneration and damn it hits me every time when he says “ I will always remember when the doctor was me” and takes off the bow tie.. Like it’s all so incredibly perfect. As a grown man.. I admit I cry almost every time I see this. And that’s not to downplay 10s regeneration as it is sad in its own regard and hits just as hard, I just personally think Matt smiths was perfect all together

  5. In NuWho, my favorite would be Capaldi. Yes, I know his stories were mixed and his era divisive (it actually took me a full season to like his incarnation,) but aside from his overall portrayal, his accepting regeneration and giving a final will and testament/admonition to his future self is great.

  6. 12-13 capaldi's speech is magnificent. I always ball my eyes out. Also as of late it has the added nostalgia factor of being the last time I enjoyed Doctor who. I stop the scene before you can see Jodie's face.

  7. I still think by far the best is Peter Capaldis regeneration. Not only is the xmas truce one of my favourite moments in history and the episode thetefore a 10/10, his last speech is also just so damn powerfull."And don't you ever tell anyone your Name!"

  8. Same. I stopped watching the show for years after that and hated Smith's Doctor for a very long time. It felt like he killed my favourite Doctor.

  9. 10 hurt me the most. Like everyone 'I don't wanna go' just kills me - and the soundtrack that goes with it just brings tears to my eye every single time. No matter how often I see it. 11 is ace too (blows up an f***ing planet), but 12 cares my throat more. 'Never eat pears...but most of all, just be kind). Fantastic words from a fantastic Doctor.

  10. I think generally the NuWho regenerations eclipse those of the classic series purely because of special effects.

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