Did Elon dump to get more people invested?

  1. I think the big thing that happened is Coin Desk came out on Twitter and declared war on Doge. They want Bitcoin to stay the top crypto so (just a theory) and they own the majority share and are the ones who keep buying mass quantities and dumping to drive down the value.

  2. Well he is the 2nd richest person on the earth so I think he had his people sell off his while he was calling it a scam and such. I will never buy a Tesla from him for putting down Doge and screwing all of us over.

  3. It was a comedy skit… focus on how much he and the others in the skit said the word DOGEcoin! That was advertising (said around the world). It’s trending on Twitter in 2nd place… bottomline is DOGEcoin is the word heard around the world… now it’s up to us to educate the masses that join us here. To the moon! HODL

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