Caption this:

  1. “When I was a pup, we didn’t have all these fancy toys. We had sticks. And they weren’t provided to us— we had to find our own! Pups today have it too easy!”

  2. Don’t have a caption. But had to do a second take and make sure someone didn’t steal my dog. Looks like my Sadie lol

  3. Truth Be Told, She Was A Straight Up Filly. Young, Beautiful Vibrant! She Caught My Eye The Way A Shooting Star Does To Everyone Who Sees It. I Knew I Had To Have Her But, I Knew She Was Out Of My League. Someone I Would Never Have And Never Stop Loving. That Was My First Love Son. She Broke My Heart And Never Knew It.

  4. That dog is about to tell you a wacky and zainy story about a dog he knew 5 years back involving a golf cart a wedding and WAY to much beer

  5. “Your performance this quarter has been lacklustre, you’ve missed your treato target by quite a margin. What do have to say for yourself?”

  6. "What do you know? There's Doug waxing his new Lexus again. Wish he paid as much attention to his lawn. Damn Yuppie neighbors. He's got a corner lot. Makes the whole block look like hell."

  7. Okay human real talk here…I definitely deserve more treats, and possibly now hear me out more bacon.

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