Does anyone else greet their dog when the dog comes home?

  1. I've heard that matching a dogs excitement when you get home, especially if they have separation anxiety tendencies can reinforce their nervousness and worsen the behavior. I'm trying to teach my new adoptee she can't get attention until she's calmer, and stops jumping on me, panting etc. It usually only takes 45 seconds and then she gets a lot of love and attention. I'm not behaviorist though, so I welcome anyone else's thoughts on the matter.

  2. Same. I hug and kiss my boy but I don't screech and make him even more excited when I come home. We just calmly love each other haha.

  3. My aunt had a dog that would go nuts every time she came home, she was at the end of her patience and couldn't handle it any more.I suggested ignoring the dog completely until it calmed down then say hello and give it some attention. Took all of two days for the dog to understand, now it's a lovely calm pooch.

  4. no I do the same, when my pup was younger she had bad separation anxiety that only got better when I started reinforcing a sitting, calm greeting (amongst other things). and because I’m the only one who reinforces that with the dogs in the house, I’m the only one the dogs won’t jump on when I walk through the door. and yet everyone else wants me to fix so they don’t get jumped on…but they don’t want to do the work or be consistent, jfc. I’m not a behaviorist either, but you’re definitely doing the right thing for your pup’s needs.

  5. He gets very excited to see me after he comes back from a walk with my husband. If I'm just coming home from work he takes his time sliding off the chair and sheepishly comes to me for pets

  6. Having had two dogs with separation anxiety, my experience is that you are correct. Making a fuss coming home/leaving encourages unwanted behavior such as worsening anxiety or jumping on visitors.

  7. You are correct on many many levels. I am a dog trainer and have been working with dogs since 1969. I am a 5 foot tall, 67-year-old woman. I have 5 dogs ranging in age from 18 months old weighing 60 pounds. Their total weight is 204 pounds. All 5 dogs are rescues, adopted between 2018 and 2021.

  8. Well it's weird in my house. I have a "smart home" and one of the routines is that when I arrive home and my phone connects to the home wifi, Alexa says, "Earguy is home." Turns out my phone connects to my house a good 150 yards from the house.

  9. I do the same when I leave. My dog knows when I’m going to work, but any other time she fully expects to go with. I always tell her to be a good girl. Of course is always a good girl

  10. I talk to my dogs all the time but I never thought about this and I'm 100% going to start making a big deal about greeting my dog with a toy when he gets home from work like he does for me.

  11. I always greet him and ask him if he enjoyed the walk! As soon as he's off leash he runs to me hoppity hop like he's saying "hey I'm back!". My girlfriend does the same (greet the dog, not run to me) so at the very least we're equally mental.

  12. My dog gets super excited when he comes home you me after a walk with my husband, or sometimes my dad if he’s around. He sprints at me, leaps on me, and runs laps around/across the couch. It’s bizarre and fairly adorable. We have taken to yelling “brace yourself” before he is let loose.

  13. I greet every member of my family who comes home, so of course. And even on the occasion I'm busy to come out, he always makes a bee-line to where I am and starts the greeting on his own.

  14. Watching my dog bouncing and running around after petting him for 10 mins straight after I get home is one of the biggest joys of life.

  15. In my opinion I don’t think you’re a weirdo. Its normal to make them feel same way they make you feel when you return home. In as much as they’re pets, they’re also family members ❤️

  16. I don't have to, he races to find me wherever I am in the house (and if I'm not home my husband says he searches the house and gets sad he can't find me). I ask him if he had a great walk and scratch his butt.

  17. I can't greet my dog when he gets home OR when I get home- he gets so excited that he pees, even if I make sure he potties before I get hyper with him. I just want to be happy and crazy with my pup ;-;

  18. I tried to do this to my dogs when I picked them up from the vet last week. They were there all day to get their teeth cleaned since they had to be sedated. It was frighteningly quiet in the house. I was genuinely so thrilled to see them. They side eyed me like I was being dramatic lmfao

  19. Aww they were probably just still feeling rough. I know what you mean though. My house feels wrong when my girl is at the vets.

  20. My SO tells my pup River to go find me when they get home from a walk. He’ll say ‘Did you go on a walk?! Go tell mommy!’ River zooms in and I ask him how his walk went. He’s always so proud. Usually I walk him, but the SO does when he can and it’s so cute.

  21. Nothing wrong with what you are doing and it's most likely one of the reasons she gets so excited when she gets back home because she knows you will be there and greet her

  22. When I come home from work I make lots of high pitched “Hellos” as my girl is waking up from a nap (she will sleep the whole time I’m at work until I open the door) and then I ask her how her day was and how her nap was and if she dreamnt about napping.

  23. I do. My dog will come up to greet me and I say hi and give him a little pet. I love him and of course I’ll greet him back when he greets me.

  24. Yes, keep doing this, I think it is awesome. I bet you husband secretly wishes you would be this happy when he walks through the door.

  25. I absolutely did! Upon their return she would come running into the kitchen where I would be all excited and hug her. It was wonderful. I miss her.

  26. I have to completely ignore mine for a while. She gets too excited to see me and pees. And since she's usually chilling on my bed, getting the dog too excited can turn a nice afternoon into a laundry afternoon. 🙃

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