1. If enough people actually decided not to dash they would throw $1 peak pay and deliveries would immediately start getting made

  2. I just want them to actually treat us like contractors instead of all the hidden BS. if we knew what we would make from every order idgaf about my taxes being covered. but with the system the way it is right now im barely dashing.

  3. Saturday= more money to put towards my savings to get out of debt. As much as I’d like to participate, I won’t be able to save any of my money if I don’t work that day. Not everybody has the financial means to take that day off.

  4. I know this has been said in previous posts. But with this being planned for a Saturday (good money making day), and the last day of the month (have to pay rent the following day), it's literally the worst possible day to try to organize something like this. While I totally agree with the spirit/intent of it, alot of us simply don't have the luxury of missing out on a good days worth of pay at the end of the month.

  5. You deliver food I hope some of you strike on the 31 so everyone else can be out making money in a non saturated market. You’re also a contractor not an employee this makes absolutely no sense what so ever to strike seriously.

  6. Since we have no home base and AZ/CA HQ is too far for many of us, do we simply hold picket signs as we march around our cars? (In my case parking lot of local WalMart)

  7. That is no problem at all! While some of us close to DoorDash Dasher centers will be protesting in person, others who are unable to travel to a Dasher center can help the cause by refusing all orders that are sent to them through the Dasher app, or sitting at home and masturbating for the entirety of July 31st.

  8. Nice idea, but i just don’t see it working..too many idiots taking no tip orders because they’re either too stupid to figure out they aren’t worth taking or they don’t care, too many high school graduates and college kids who don’t care about mo tips either. Unless you’re in a really good market to decline those bullshit orders, i have no idea how you can stay as a “top dasher”. Too dasher should be how many hours you’re putting in. DD seems to value dashers acceptance rate rather than how many deliveries. If someone only does 30 deliveries for the week at 100% than someone who’s doing 130, but their acceptance rate is in the 50%…i’d rather the person putting in all of those hours and completing that many deliveries would be more valued..but DD is retarded like that and values the “top dashes” der der der

  9. You just don’t get it. You are not an employee of doordash you are an independent contractor which means you don’t have to take low ball offers and if you think about it...at least Doordash is offering more than the customer who isn’t.

  10. um 99% of the time most of my pay is from the customer. if most of your pay is from DD youre doing something wrong. (or only taking grocery orders or some shit)

  11. You do realize even if this does work out the way you intend, the people won't have anyone to deliver to them

  12. yeah I mean there will 100% be people not participating so people will get their food. maybe a little delayed if this somehow catches on.

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