Dashing a few days ago, ran into this guy at KFC.

  1. Yes sir! Ran into flava flav at KFC on Maryland & Karen in Las Vegas, didn’t even notice him in front of me in line 😂 from behind i thought it he was a bum pacing back and forth till he turned around and I was like WTF lol super chill dude ended up talking about his podcast (I was watching his podcast with Steve o earlier that day so I had something to talk about with him right away ) he insisted on pictures with everyone that was in KFC that night . What a G

  2. that would be embarrassing if he insisted on a pic with someone who had no idea who he was

  3. It's comforting to know that flava Flav likes KFC like us common folds. Dude that's wild man

  4. That’s his MO… he’s super into himself and getting recognition. He literally puts himself in public places in hopes of a swarm of people asking for pictures. I lost any respect I ever had for the guy after I saw his WifeSwap episode. His poor children.

  5. He had just left an event at Planet 13 Mf was stoned. I believe he’s still sober off everything else he’s been sober off hard drugs and alcohol for years

  6. It is. average $1200 weekly. 6pm-2:30 am. Stay away from the strip and hotels before 10pm. Not gonna lie I be seeing dashers with dogs, they whole family in the car and in slippers with no socks dashing 🤢 stopped ordering DD myself .

  7. Quickly looking at it I see the guy on the left and im like, is this some actor from a TV show I never seen? A youtuber? Then look at dude on the right.... ohhhhh.

  8. Yeah no security, just ya boy and a thick sista driving him around. I 100% thought he was a bum standing in line in front of me Lmao I was trying to rush him to pickup my order 🤣

  9. I mean, the majority of us are vaccinated or have already had covid, and there’s a good chance they took it off for the photo? As a dasher 9/10 of my customers don’t put a mask on anymore either. It’s almost 2022, we can’t mask up forever.

  10. Wow...must be somewhere in LA? I'll both surprised it's Flaver Flav yet not surprised at all that he's at KFC 😂

  11. Really pathetic that he still walks around with that clock hanging around his neck in his day to day life

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