1. This has to be a complete misunderstanding by the owner that we are an employed delivery driver that shares tips with the rest of the staff (which would be normal in a lot if restaurants).

  2. And then you find out you got tip-baited. Everyone but the person with gas and other expenses makes out fine. Why doesn’t the restaurant try paying their employees better?

  3. Exactly. It's like yo, I don't know your name, I don't know who your boss is. I don't know the company rules. I haven't been trained. I don't get a paycheck from this place. You don't know my name. Where's the fire extinguisher kept? I don't fucking work here weirdo!! We're not coworkers! You want a tip? Don't eat yellow snow.

  4. I had a girl at the carryout area of Outback Steakhouse try to tell me that she had been informed that we were supposed to be sharing tips with them. She's a really nice girl so I politely told her "Someone lied to you."

  5. I used to tip any time I ordered five guys or Moe’s , or blaze pizza and any other place that I order online and asks me to. But then I realize this “tip” off my credit card is not going to anybody but the manager or pooled with everybody in the store with tax deducted. I hate taxes as is , without any of this nonsense. So now I will hand the cashier or cook a sawbuck at my own discretion while I look them in the eye and whisper “this is for YOU, not the restaurant’s tip pool”

  6. How ate you supposed to split your tip? I don't carry cash on me, I'm not gonna cashapp you. Just like How?

  7. "Hey! I saw the sign. I'm going to split my tip with you, but I don't have any cash and I'm in a hurry. Contact me at (855) 431-0459 and I'll get your info for cahsapp or venmo. Call if I don't respond, I get overwhelmed and don't always pay attention to texts while driving."

  8. If I were feeling froggy that day, I would probably unassign and ask to speak to an owner. Then ask them how much they are paying dashers.

  9. about no? The customers barely tip me. I have expenses involved with delivering as well. Are they gonna loan me their car to deliver the food? Spring for some gas? I mean, this should go both ways, right?

  10. I had a person in a chili's ask me about why we don't do that. I asked them what ate they doing Vs what im doing. I also asked if they are tipping out the cook who is arguably doing more than said person.

  11. Yep! My son works back of house in a restaurant that doesn't use dd. During covid was one of the only times the cooks got tips for takeout orders.

  12. Lmao!!!! Fuck thaaaaaattt! I’m making a scene immediately. Social media has truly destroyed empathy. This place doesn’t value what we do for THEIR customers. I’d most likely be escorted out while I’m still running my mouth! The manager should give the employees a RAISE. Their is no “labor shortage” just a decent wage shortage by cut throat shit companies like this.

  13. So I guess I should stop in at the end of the day and pick up my share of their tips too. It's the same exact logic because they are apparently our "coworkers", so why not?

  14. I did a red card order at a higher end Mexican restaurant. The cashier was about to hand me the receipt to sign... paused... and said "why does it fucking matter, you Door Dashers don't tip anyways."

  15. Whag the fuck….like legally? Yeah, id Report that. The owner can get removed from the doordash system

  16. That’s just crazy. They just trying to hustle where they can. Straight up BULL shat. I grew with the one guy. Y’all help me on gas, I’ll split that tip with ya.

  17. That's bush, that's bush league. Probably some joint that pays servers 2.13 an hour and bartenders 3.00 bucks an hour, and makes them take all the togo orders. And bag them up and expo them and all that shit. While the cook makes 10-15 to put the food in boxes.

  18. Suddenly everyone in the comments is “tell your boss to pay you!” Funny cuz I say the same to people who complaint about no tips.

  19. This has been my girst week and only now do i realized why that one woman operation on lil Caesars skipped me to get inhouse orders. She had to walk 3 feet to pick it up but did not do it until everyone else had ordered.

  20. Looks like someone’s trying to make a point. Apparently they don’t know what an independent contractor is.

  21. The funny thing is that they're not your coworkers, but most of you seem to think the tipping part is the problem. You don't have coworkers or a boss, technically the customer is the boss on both sides but you get it.

  22. It’s crazy to call what we get from customers a tip anyway! They wouldn’t get their meal without it so it’s essentially a delivery fee, not a tip!

  23. I tip them voluntarily if its a big tip.. But NEVER if they had a sign like this. I'm sure every driver boycotted them after this.

  24. I tipped a outback to go person, instead of having to wait outside the togo door in The rain w The other dashers homeboy said ill bring your order to your car. I gave dude 2 bucks and he looked like i gave him a hundred dollar bill. He said no delivery guy has ever given me a tip!

  25. Why does this sound exactly like Amy’s Baking Company from “Kitchen Nightmares”? Someone has to know what I’m referring to in here.

  26. This is probably one of those places that asks you for a tip on the debt terminal. Like hell no I’m not tipping because you handed me a slice of pizza.

  27. 1(A): I have no idea what my tip is until delivered. It's hidden. Am I supposed to come 7 miles back and give you cash or y'all wanna run my dasher card for $1.38 and split amongst youselves?

  28. This is wild. Glad I’ve never encountered this. I actually had a restaurant thank me for delivering to their customers. I was so shocked it didn’t process until I was walking out to the parking lot with the order that they had actually said that. It was loud in there and I thought she said thanks have a good night or something. But then I realized what she said and actually felt bad. Rightfully so, if a restaurant doesn’t deliver these orders they get through DD are extra business they wouldn’t have been able to get without it. So damn straight thank us.

  29. Lmaooooo must be smoking dick if u think ima tip you for handing me food dd is worst then sellin drugs at this point 😂

  30. Depending on the restaurant, the order/tip size, and the staff, I sometimes split my share of the tip with whoever was handling it to get it . The car gets paid first though and then the man, then me lol

  31. What In the actual F/? They don’t pay for the gas or car maintenance so why would we tip them? And coworkers? No I dont work for them 😂

  32. Drivers please tip. Pshhh go tuck yourselves . That’s a fast track for me to mark on the app I won’t pick up from this restaurant any longer and even downvote them oblivion

  33. As the orders pile up waiting to be delivered they'll eventually get the message. If you're a restaurant worker please don't confuse independent contractors with restaurant employees. Thank you.

  34. Our job is not to bail out management when they are underpaying their workers. That would be like Walmart using welfare payments to help pay their underpaid workers. It’s management’s job to pay their people a decent wage.

  35. Different app but yesterday I had A girl at a bar get pissed I didn’t tip after I paid for a grubhub order. I literally said “I’d tip if I was paying, but this is a grubhub order” and she said something like “wow, okay then”

  36. We all own our own businesses. The only coworkers that exist are when dashers bring others to help with deliveries. Don’t act like we work for your crusty ass restaurant, and definitely don’t tell me to give your workers money unless they’re gonna take my car in for inspection later this month….

  37. Meanwhile both drivers and restaurants are getting screwed by these platform sites. Uber gave me $3 on an order that was $15 cause the store cancelled it, how do they figure that?

  38. Is somebody huffing paint in the back? What kind of bullshit is this are they going to tip us back? You should have posted the restaurant's name then they realize what's up

  39. What the fuck is this shit. Drivers tip the restaurant and who will tip us ???? Maybe we can make a sign like that and start begging on the streets. Bet you could make just as much as doing dd

  40. They think we making bank out here. Don’t think they take into account we fill up every third work day out. That’s $200 a week. In gas. That’s a little under half of what I make, goes right back into my car, then you have upkeep and maintenance. So no you stay inside and keep your wages and tips. I’ll keep mine, thanks. (And we don’t get it until the end of the delivery anyway)

  41. I pass on every cash tip I receive to the staff at a full service restaurant that takes care of me. They would NEVER expect it. That's insane

  42. ㅇㅅㅇ look it’s a little cat with a little face. we can’t all have redeeming qualities. But some of us can has cats.

  43. Shit y’all are expect them to throw the order together in a hurry and they don’t get any tip off it. I see it all the time when I’m PERSONALLY picking up my own food. Some dashers are straight douche nozzles and deserved to be dropped on spot. Slamming your phones in workers faces and wanting your shit ASAP. People are lazy as fuck and the only reason “dashing” is a job in the first place.

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