can you replicate this type of art digitally? if so any tips on it?

  1. If you want to paint like an old master it’s going to take a lot of dedication, because this style is one of the most difficult to achieve in my opinion. These paintings are likely several feet tall and wide, so you’d need a very big canvas size to capture all of the small details without them becoming too pixelated. ArtRage can make pretty realistic oil paintings, and there’s a version for ipad too.

  2. I would say reproducing the level of detail/technique is much easier digitally than traditionally. You don't have the limitation of actual oils, can use layers, zoom and infinite redos to get each aspect right etc.

  3. That's an acurate opinion, but I would say that sketches should be drawn on paper because is more easier when you start to draw

  4. It's so hard to find videos on how to do studies, most of the time it's just the process of a very advanced artist who already knows how to do it :(

  5. TBH, there are so many times I have wished for digital art so i could shift a well drawn eye that was ever so slightly out of line into the correct position

  6. Yo he came and gave a talk to my class when I was in school, James Gurney is a baller. Amazing use of light and his pre painting process is wild

  7. Yoooo I was just scrolling through to see if OP was looking at the comments before making a decision on whether or not I should write a mini essay on specifically why OP should try to stufy JC Leyendecker!!!

  8. Find videos of people making master copies of these paintings. Watch several times. I don’t think the medium matters, you should watch to see what colors they use, how they decide on a palette, and pay attention to how they block in shapes of color.

  9. Yes, you can. I imagine it would take years and years of practice, though (just as it used to). There are brushes that can replicate just about any texture if you search hard enough. Good luck, I have faith in you!

  10. Yea. Try following/finding digital artists on socials that paint this stuff. I think Annie Stegg might have a few pieces done digitally occasionally? I can't remember. I haven't been following a lot of digital artists in that style so I can't remember specifically. Anyways when I had way more time on my hands and had just gotten a bamboo, it came with an old basic PS and I color picked a flower and used a short brush, just fucking around and definitely achieve a more oil like texture. Not exactly that style, but it's definitely possible. Find artists online, note their tools, experiment with it on your own. It takes you directions you don't ever think you'd go and you remember the lessons you learned better through experimentation and eureka than being taught it.

  11. For this type of painting i find the best way to do it digitally is to break the process down into two sections, where you start in greyscale to block in rough light values for the whole painting then paint over that with colour.

  12. i usually start with the laying down the darkest shades first and build up from there, i'm nowhere near this good yet, so i'm still trying to figure it out myself!

  13. I would use a soft airbrush then use a grainy textures as the top layer (multiply or screen, depends on what you like).

  14. I recommend looking up greg rutkowski on YouTube or Google or whatever search engine you use. He’s got the rendering style but he does it with more fantasy works.

  15. Seb McKinnon is a contemporary illustrator who I think accomplishes this kind of look digitally, but I can't say I know how he does it. What I will say, is he's been practicing for ~20 years. There's no number of tips or tricks that'll replace that.

  16. I edited in this style and didn’t really draw things but this paintings have unique texture created by paint drying. I just used layer with some brush strokes on it and blending mode which looked the best with the image. Also with photoshop there’s a script for stylizing things to look similar to that.

  17. Extremely soft brushes for the 1st image, loads of blending and a set colour pallette. There's loads of digital artists that have a similar style so it's 100% possible. For the 2nd to last image you'd need more texture brushes that still blend.

  18. This kind of oil painting is the apex of skill in my opinion. Lots of technique applied as opposed to other mediums. Even the color mixing and palette are a job unto themselves. I think being knowledgeable about layers will help though. Maybe research how the old masters worked on YouTube?

  19. High resolution scan. Includes the texture, projecting it on a framed canvases. That’s for exhibition purpose

  20. Yes it's definitely possible. There are some great artists out there that do this kind of pictures digitally. I for my self totally love the work of Craig Mullins and WLOP. With the right program with a good brush engine every style is possible to achieve.

  21. Look up the works of Ruan Jia and how he does his style, he does the type of result you want to achieve! There’s tutorials made by him, but they’re in mandarin; and there’s people resharing his technique.

  22. With the right brushes, as well as the drive, passion, patience, and the willingness to dedicate your entire lifetime to mastering art.

  23. With the right brushes, as well as the drive, passion, patience, and the willingness to dedicate your entire lifetime to mastering art.

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