My problems (and solutions to them) with dumb phones to make them ready for the 2020s

  1. Man I went through cycles of thinking this was satire then thinking it was serious. And I think you’re being serious… if you want all these features then get a smart phone. Spotify, Uber, Shazam, and a camera. I think the point of dumb phones is to get rid of these things.

  2. Took me a while to read, even the TL;DR looks confusing. To summarize: you want more apps, and a better camera.

  3. Phones made before touch screens were ubiquitous were still smart phones, they just weren't running Android or iOS. A dumb phone is essentially the mobile version of a landline with maybe some goodies included if the developers were bored.

  4. you can listen to music mixes on the youtube app on kaios, that's what i do - works in place of spotify for me and i dont have to download music 1 by 1.

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