Question from a newbie looking to buy OMI, specifically related to utility in VeVe app

  1. Every gem is underpinned by OMI. OMI will be used to buy and sell NFTs in the OUP (OMI Utility Program) there are details in a Medium article. There will be staking rewards and OMI will be used in other Marketplaces and Games, used to buy land in the VeVe Verse. It will be burnt to gain guaranteed buys on drops and used to purchase accessories. OMI also gets burnt when things are purchased.

  2. Your question comes at an interesting time because there’s recently been a lot of contention in this subreddit about OMI’s utility.

  3. Thank you for this. It does seem that OMI could be removed from any relevance to the VeVe platform, which would be terrible for OMI holders. But it would seem odd for the creators to do that. Seems that is definitely part of the current concern.

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