The Twitter Lawsuit Against Elon Musk May Reveal a Truth That No One Is Ready to Hear. 80% of Twitter accounts could be bots …

  1. Oh. I’ve been pushing. Bc it’s baaaaaaaad. I don’t understand how we don’t think Reddit themselves wouldn’t have a group of people, adding comments and making posts relevant. Anyways!

  2. Reddit has a serious bot problem. I’ve always wondered if a lot of the bots are Russian bots meant to create division, based on what I’ve read and learned about the Soviet union’s silent war on the United States.

  3. I don't think so. But over 40% of accounts never posted anything. Ever. So it's safe to say that over 60% of accounts are seemingly inactive. By that, I mean people register to bypass the loginwall and be able to access further in the history, medias, and posts with replies. But otherwise hardly ever post anything. My own account has never posted liked or followed anyone. Still, it's not a bot. I am constantly logged in, and visit twitter daily, but I don't have the app installed. That's the distortion. Probably way more than 5% of posters are bots, but users like me still count as monetizable daily active user.

  4. Yes there is a distinction between an actual bot, a purely automated program that autoposts and maybe has a auto reply function or replies on keywords. But then you also have people use twitter mearely to access content or even more commonly, have multiple accounts, some to use as burners. In a functional sense as far as monetization they are the same. These are not going to bring actual revenue. Lumping those all together as "bots" 80%might be high but its certainly far higher than is claimed by twitter. Someones dirty secrets are going to get laid bare during this fiasco.

  5. I have four Twitter accounts floating around with no posts or general activity, so yeah, this definitely makes sense to me.

  6. If that many people don’t use. And I’ll tell you a bot is ACTIVE. More so than you or I. They beat us in all sales of any limited item. And they’re running rampant here, too.

  7. Do you have a source on the 40%? Where did you see that number? Also bots can be passive, meaning the accounts can be used to login and read tweets. Not sure how that would be useful but that’s still an option.

  8. Think of how we’ve all seen people call out bots here. And that’s it’s even stated when people think it’s getting bad. It’s here, too

  9. Any service in the Internet that exposes public APIs will have the majority of its activity done by bots. Anyone who's ever developed any public facing website or web service will know this.

  10. This is a really bad article that provides no evidence for the clickbait title: just generalities and stats from other situations.

  11. Yeah. It amazes me sometimes how badly written articles without substance are just shared and reshared.

  12. Well that's generalization that could be applied to most social technology. That's another marketing games that is often plaid.

  13. I have a secondary account for a long time. But I never verified it with the phone number or anything like that but I did use it. And then one day it was just deleted like that. So that kind of sucked.

  14. It’s funny, he wanted the data, they wouldn’t provide it to him. So, he backed out. Now, Twitter is suing him and MUST show the data. Musk wins either way.

  15. Seems pretty obvious to me that most social media platforms are filled with bots. Until there is identify verification, this will continue.

  16. Good for him for staying the course! I’d like to be able to use Twitter without concerns that a bot will steal my information and use it maliciously.

  17. I'm not sure if that is what the Twitter bots do.. i believe they rather try to convince you of certain 'truths'. This is a modern approach to the old concept of 'manipulating the masses'. I don't think your data is what you should worry about

  18. I knew this four years ago, and I don’t know why this would surprise anyone. It’s probably not 80%, but it’s very likely at least 60% or higher

  19. Elon has 100mill follows and his tweets has like average 100-250k likes. The active users are tiny!

  20. I use my twitter account and attached a bot to it to auto retweet contests…my account is both real/human and robot.

  21. Aside from people using Twitter from a business standpoint (company, celebrity, athlete, government, media, etc), does anyone actually know anyone who uses Twitter on a personal level? Anyone?

  22. It's quite evident that Twitter is plagued with bots. The Catcoin community have experienced multiple scenarios where bad actors used thousands of bots to report a twitter account for impersonating themselves which caused AI algorithms within Twitter to immediately suspend the account with extremely slow responses from Twitter to solve this issue.

  23. People should consider Twitter irrelevant, it's just a tool used by the deep state to manipulate people and their thoughts. It kind of jumped the shark a while ago, imo

  24. The Twitter Lawsuit against Elon Musk may reveal a truth that no one is ready to hear. Elon Musk has to pay the $1 Billion breaking fee because he should have think about bots before, but he didn't, and basically that's the proof he is not as clever as you think.

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