some memes y'all might relate to

  1. It's better if air is being blown out the nose than blow is flying into the nose, because most blow isn't fairtrade.

  2. I generally talk a lot, be it small talk or fun stuff or gossip. Strangers usually kinda like me yea. I am terrible with emotional support when I don't have an apparent problem to solve that causes the emotional discomfort

  3. Prolly just you, I'm extremely talkative and introverted. Nobody cares about me enough to love me or hate me, i have zero charm, im bad at emotional support and solving people's problems. Although I think most of it is a by-product of my stupidity

  4. ikr I don't understand why some people in this sub like being an asshole and think they're ENTP

  5. Sounds like just you bud I’m extremely talkative I don’t know when it’s the others turn to talk I prefer hogging the microphone, I’m introverted but once I know you even for 5 minutes (and I evaluated that I can find myself actually wanting to talk to you) then I’ll never shut up and I suck completely at comforting but I can definitely help solve your issue just not sit through your venting (idk I’m not exactly the friend group therapist that award goes to our enfp friend)

  6. I am fantastic at giving emotional support. It’s not always sincere, because I have a hard time relating directly, but being really good at putting myself in other peoples shoes I can tap into real empathy and be incredibly helpful.

  7. PS. I know what to do if a terrible thing happened, like a death or something like this. Maybe cause I can relate. But most of the time "the problems" that make my friends needs emotional support, it's something I consider a minor inconvenience. Something that maybe, working hard can be fixed. So when I see them making such a drama for it I'm puzzled. I know that maybe it's just stress and they will figure it how in the future how to deal with the situation, but in the moment the only way that comes natural to me it's indeed try to analyze it, to let them realize that it is not so terrible... But this is probably not what I should do with some people.

  8. Can you explain me a typical situation? I used to think I was able to do it, but then I realized (because I was told) that I'm instead still trying to find logic and make people explain the situation so I can help to solve the problem. While they just want to cry about it. How do you act in those times?

  9. You remind me of ppl posting their problems on social media accounts expecting the social media team to solve it. (I know u're just ranting)

  10. No, bc I genuinely panick when someone flirts with me more than I do with them. Like you were not supposed to do that 💀

  11. Yeah I could’ve bought Bitcoin in 2010, I knew it would be worth thousands some day, I understood the concept of it vs fiat. I just didn’t want to give myself that advantage over my peers at such a young age. Just would’ve been too easy. Gotta live life and make billions the hard way

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