Climate anxiety: 75% of young people worldwide find the future ‘scary’

  1. I'm 32 with 2 kids and I'm also terrified about the future for myself but mostly for my kids and think about it daily. It's an awful situation

  2. 35 here. Climate was one of the big factors of me not wanting to have kids. I have since adopted ( biological niece), which was a good compromise. Get to have a child, don't bring another into this scary world. Still fear for her future, but it's one less kid in the foster system. If my wife would go for it, I would adopt another or 2.

  3. Me too. I'm 40 and I think about it literally every night before I go to sleep. I have to force myself to not think about it and resolve to live a happy life for as long as I can. I don't understand why people don't care.

  4. 32. It has been the source of my doom feelings for over a decade now. No more pills. No more therapy. My feelings are valid and truthfully express the state of the world.

  5. 32 here, same thing. Honestly reading the title I'm wondering who the 25% are that aren't scared about the future?

  6. 24M and yes I too wont bring kids into this world due to the climate disasters we will soon be facing. Just last night I dealt with the craziest lightning storm I have ever seen/heard, and I imagine that will become more common in this area.

  7. I'm also 31. Started an eco club in highschool and had hope, but as the years went on I lost it. Spent most of my time since then angry at everyone, until I realized that this isn't the fault of many, but of few. Which oddly gave me some hope of humanity.

  8. HOLY SHIT DUDE, I feel the exact same way. Ive posted about this recently - I want a family but am terrified of the future and I feel so fucking nihilistic and cynical, and honestly depressed. this is so validating to read.

  9. 26 and already got my vasectomy. My wife and I figured there will be plenty of kids who need parents in the wasteland of our future.

  10. Same age as you but I've only been caring about it for a decade. I actually stomached and read the IPCC report and a few books (the stuff you see on the YT

  11. I’m 32, single, and I’ve resigned to the fact I will die in the climate wars. Probably fighting for fresh water. I wanted kids at one point in my life, this isn’t a a world I would want to bring anyone into.

  12. Giving up is exactly what the fossil fuel industry wants, because apathy doesn't lead to action and change. If we don't fix the climate then it will be up to the next generation, and that won't happen if they don't exist.

  13. Same age here and it's frightening, it's weird that I got cancer and one thought I've had a few times is phew I won't have to see the climate wars or the major decline of civilization that will happen. It's best to just live for today at this point cause shits fucked tomorrow.

  14. Also 31, fortunately I’m sterile but my partner wants to foster/adopt kids, which I am more on board with. Too many children need parents, no reason to selfishly require a biological one.

  15. Absolutely! I'm 34 and I feel every little change from season to season and all of it is glaring back at me and I don't feel capable to cope with all theses industries that are killing our planet and taking away my chances for a life in the future.

  16. Same exact boat at 32. I'm even debating saving for retirement because, well, it seems like no matter how much I save, only the ultra wealthy will have the means to a decent life in 30 years.

  17. I'm in the exact same boat but 34. I've been thinking about pollution and climate change since I was a kid. It's still my future too.

  18. Same here, even the age and I hate it. The clock is ticking and I want kids, but also I don't want to force a person into the world just so they can probably suffer in their teens and early adult life.

  19. This is exactly my situation too. I want kids someday, but between being financially unable to afford kids and a house, and the growing climate crisis, it seems more and more out of reach every single day. I think about it constantly, and I’m not gonna lie… it’s causing me to be very depressed.

  20. and "we" keep voting those people into power. i guarantee the wide majority of the people in this thread are voting for people that clearly have no intention of meaningfully addressing climate change. yes, this includes Americans that vote Democrat.

  21. Environmental science, I'm with you. The positive feedback loop that is currently in motion is the scariest part. Once permafrost starts significantly melting, aside from the potent greenhouse gas methane being released, there may be viruses and other pathogens that haven't been seen by humans for thousands of years if ever. There's an insane about amount of potential consequences that we have yet to understand.

  22. "Why the fuck should i care ? Im in my 50s living the dream. I have the money to live wherever i want, to so climate change will not affect me as much. I dont care what will happen when i die. I dont care about the third world Plebs who will be forced to migrate to other countries. Or the first world plebs who will be faced with massive climate immigrants from third world countries. All i care about is the profits i will make selling oil, and the new market opening, water."

  23. Yeah but the rich boomers in government and on the boards of companies won't be alive to see it. I just hope we take what we're owed from their children

  24. Is the deadline for 2030 not to cut global emissions by 45% in order to keep global warming below 1.5 C. Ive seen most educated people on this doubtful of that goals but it's not the worst case scenario, we can still aim for under 2 C or 3 C. Let's not be defeatist just yet.

  25. That's part of the problem. We in developed countries can do all the green initiatives we want because we're privileged enough to afford them. (Or at least the wealthier members of the society could, if they weren't too busy offloading the problems to the little guy.) Meanwhile the rest of the world is too busy surviving day to day to give a fuck. I mean they may care but don't have the means to take action.

  26. It feels like anyone who goes to college has a double major in depression. Ignorance truly is bliss.

  27. My mom is 77 and climate change is now her top issue when it comes to voting. She has always cared about the environment but, like most people, she didn’t fully understand climate change back in the 90’s. She donated to clean water initiatives back then. I think a lot of people were like her. The government and corporations knew a lot though and they chose to ignore it. I blame those folks more than average citizens. Now, there’s no excuse for not putting this issue front and center.

  28. 34 M here. I live in West Virginia, US. It is so frustrating when I see a jacked up pickup truck fly down the road, blowing black smoke everywhere. It's like a microcosm of society's lack of compassion for the environment.

  29. I was just thinking today about if we could eliminate loud af VROOM VROOMing black pollution-causing truck drivers in American culture, that alone would be a good start.

  30. Far too few decision makers don't have younger generationals in mind when making key decisions about the future of our planet. Even those who have kids and grandkids, and they need to be held to account!

  31. Yes. You're talking about people deliberately murdering billions, but nobody seems to care. I don't understand.

  32. I thought if I’d commit my career and educational life to working in environmental sciences that I’d feel better about the existential dread I carry around about climate change, ecosystem collapse, etc.

  33. Future? My hometown people are crying out loud back in India for help as the state govt is not able to provide electricity for even 12 hours a day and the heat has already breached 45 degree c. I can’t imagine how bad the future is going to be.

  34. This is my parents. They don’t care about climate change (it’s a hoax, don’t you know?) because they don’t have to. Makes me so angry.

  35. I never realized how little fucks they had until the pandemic. The most at risk generation just ignored it. My parents grudgingly wore masks when they came to visit but I have 0 faith they did anywhere else. My wife's parents kept eating in restaurants the whole time, they both have high risk complications if they caught COVID.

  36. This is why we should clone them and bring them back to force them to feel the effects. Death is not an escape from us, boomer!

  37. Yes we should be concerned however please remember that the ‘climate doomsday/the end is nigh’ is also a tactic being spread by fossil fuel industries. Most people want to get up and do something but climate deniers have moved to the ‘inactivists’ to spread the information that ‘there’s nothing we can do so there’s no point’. The climate crisis should be getting people pumped up to do something about it yet so many people have given up. And that suits the shareholders just fine.

  38. The amount of climate doomerism that gets posted on this sub is infuriating. Meanwhile, I'm actually trying to do my part AND am still hopeful about the future but then these people are telling me I'm the problem?? No sir, you are. You're reinforcing the idea that we are beyond hope, so what's the point of doing anything. Playing right into the hand of corporations who don't want to make changes. Congrats, you played yourself.

  39. As a 33 year old, it's turned from anxiety to simple acceptance. It just feels like there really is nothing we can do about it because the leadership prioritizes the here and now over the future and what's to come.

  40. It’s quite stunning how narcissistic and destructive the Boomer generation is. What other generation has been so antagonistic and spiteful against their children and future generations?

  41. I couldn't have put it better. It's just spite. Like these people hate their own children and grandchildren. I can't comprehend it.

  42. All of that lead content in the oil/gas supply chain really fucked their with brains over the years, so it seems. Kind of sad, when you think about it. They showed such promise in the beginning - being experimental, pro-environmental and anti-war in the late 60's and the entirety of the 70's.

  43. The future? The present is already so scary... Look at suicide rates in the past few years.. Look at the number of people in therapy for depression.. Look at how young people - including me - interact nowadays.. We barely have time for anything that isn't directly related to our jobs, and so many people are ruining their mental health by using dating apps..

  44. Feel you on everything. I feel like the only thing that makes me even the slightest bit happy is whenever I’m hanging with my family.

  45. I dunno why, but I've always been fascinated by the level of optimism in the youth over time. It seems like from the end of WW2 up until about the '70s, the attitude was 'everything's fine. The future is going to be wonderful, and I couldn't be more excited'. Watching similar videos from around the early 70s, that nearly blind optimism is replaced by apprehension, worry, and eventually anxiety.

  46. Information access. The internet rapidly lifted the veil and showed us how corrupt the ruling class truly is. The internet also connects us to other countries, who can give us an outside-looking-in view rather than us just depending on local media (which has shown to be bought out by the same ruling class, I.E, billionaires). The younger generations have differing views at the tips of their fingers (literally, the smart phone is a computer in our pocket). Does the internet have false information? Yes, but so does other older media (books, television, radio, etc).

  47. I think that it's important to try to have some optimism for the future otherwise the motivation to make change won't be there. But I get why people are succumbing to despair

  48. I am in my 60's and have been fighting for the planet my whole life, I now know for certain that only the worse will happen, and faster than predicted. I always thought the people and leaders of the world would come together and save the planet when it became a climate emergency like now, but that ship sailed away with Reagan...

  49. I'm only 45 but I feel similarly. I've spent my whole adult life trying to help build a better, sustainable society, but... it's not happening. Surely humanity wants a better rather than a worse future? Surely this completely predictable disaster can be avoided...? Apparently not. I don't know what the point of anything I've tried to do ultimately was, or what is left to try to do now that it's clear the brighter future is never coming.

  50. I’m sixty years old and scared sh*tless about the climate crisis, if for no other reason, for my nieces & nephews. I’ve done everything I can to modify my lifestyle: vegan (30+ years), never a car, sustainable everything, etc.

  51. I’m 58. My dad took me to see Soilent Green when it came out in the 70s. Then he explained greenhouse effect to me and I’ve been worried ever since

  52. I'm 65 and saw Soylent Green when I was a teen, but I completely missed the global warming thing in the movie until I saw it again recently. I mean, I knew every day was hot in the movie, but I only had a vague "pollution" idea, didn't know they knew why it was.

  53. Not just young, I'm 40 and feel like my future is ruined. I feel like I shouldn't have kids because their future is scary as hell. People seem to not consider a lot of the other issues, like the massive food shortages we will face and that's not in like 50yrs time, that's in the next few years...I keep getting told to worry about my pension and stuff like that, honestly I feel like I won't even make it to that age or if I do, pensions won't be around

  54. I’m 38 so catching up. I feel exactly the same! I have recently move departments within a well known uk insurance company, I’ve moved into pensions. It’s amazing to me how many people have their heads buried in the sand. I was talking to someone in my department who was helping me with the transition and I off the cuff mentioned how it’s funny that I’ll be helping with pensions but I personally don’t think any one my age or younger will get to have their own pension, I then mentioned climate crisis and their response was like “ha yeh, positive thoughts though!” She had basically no idea what I was talking about.

  55. I totally get this. I was a pre-teen in the 70's and worried about the cold war and the potential of nuclear weapons being unleashed.

  56. Take it to the fucking streets. We need to shut things down, protest, and demand action. It is dark. It is unlikely we will succeed but never give up. That's what they want. We will likely blow past 2c. We will likely see shortages, famine, and the collapse of the natural world on a scale not seen since the dinosaurs. But there will still be something of our natural world to save.

  57. This nearly 50 year old, agrees with these young people. I am actually taking climate change into my retirement plans. I so want to move to the island where my ancestors are from, but storms are getting worse and worse there. I am so glad I do not have children to pass this mess onto.

  58. I’m 31 and don’t have children. I’m open to the idea if I find the right person but honestly I don’t see the point.. I don’t want to bring someone into a world like this.

  59. I'm scared about next summer, err... I mean "wildfire season" as it shall be known from now on in the Pacific Northwest.

  60. 99% of the mega rich and corporations don't care and it's ultimately up to them to make the HUGE changes the earth needs. But they won't and us civilians will be left to deal or die.

  61. I'm pissed cuz I'd love to have a kid with my partner but we both agreed that it's selfish to bring someone into this world so if we ever want a kid we'll adopt.

  62. It's not just climate change....even if we fix that I mean GREAT!!! but that doesn't make the future liveable or exciting in my eyes.... Billionaires and politicians still ruin our lives daily and I'm sure will find new ways to do it, we still will probably get another covid like event, I still can't afford a house, I still have college debt, there's sti nuclear war threats.....

  63. For the past decade, where I live (Alberta, Canada), the summers have been defined by the thick smoke from neighbouring wildfires. Last year it was so rough that July/August were basically "cancelled" by the smoke.

  64. I am in my 40s and live in Colorado. In 2020, the smoke from the wildfires in the west was so bad that it was "cloudy" (smoky) for two months straight. I wheezed every day (fearing covid too!). We were warned about spending time outside. I have asthma too. I think about those months every day since, taking it as a warning of what is to come for our future. And that's the air I breathe, I am told to not go outside. I foresee more chronic lung problems.

  65. I know that the data is scary and wading into this unknown future for the climate is very anxiety inducing. Please do not give up hope, if all hope is lost then the planet will 100% be doomed in a matter of time.

  66. Preach it. They'll learn when they have no other choice, in the meanwhile it's up to people like us to prepare the way and do what we can. Small group actions first. If you build it, they will come. Good luck out there. I'll be with you.

  67. The saddest and scariest thing is that we have the technology and the resources to mitigate climate change, but those in power dgaf because the status quo has made them rich and powerful.

  68. Get involved in politics like your life depends on it ... because it does. And I don't mean just voting. Voting doesn't mean shit if the people in charge of elections can wipe millions of people off the voting rolls, "spoil" (actual term) millions of inbound votes from districts that would vote blue, implement digital voting systems that can't be audited, and implement policies that allow the state's top election officials to overturn county results at a whim. Get involved by going to party meetings ... take 5 friends and become the new chairperson, become an election day pollwatcher and help catch attempted electoral fraud, become a canvasser to help make sure people aren't purged from voting databases, go to meetings where they discuss voting machine purchases and speak in favor of systems that have a human-readable, human-auditable, paper-receipt ballot that's scanned by machine that reads that vote and not a QR encoded version of the vote, etc.

  69. We're raising our children vegan. Only wish my parents did the same, but they didn't know as much about the dangers of eating meat, dairy, fish, and eggs (with regards to the environment) as we do now.

  70. I am certainly worried, but I don't get giving up, not having kids, and doing Rolling coal nihilism.

  71. Well, I'm old and grew up the cold war threat of nuclear attack (which seems to be coming back again). I guess there is always something to worry about. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

  72. Yeah I think about climate change every day (29M). I have no hope for the future and I’m convinced that the world is just going to burn us all out one day.

  73. i’m 28, im fairly sure ill never feel comfortable enough about the future to have kids, and i struggle constantly with the inescapable stranglehold of a declining future. when i was younger, my hope was buoyed by the idea that one day, the old assholes who are in power would be gone and us young people would change everything for the better. but as the situation looks more and more dire, im realizing that my entire adult life will be struggling against the mistakes of the generations before me. it’s infuriating to say the least.. especially bc the only people who seem to be okay/unaffected are the assholes who have created this mess and their kids who are undoubtably assholes as well.

  74. It's kind of comforting but distressing at the same time that so many 30-somethings are in the same boat mentally. It's so frustrating because my parents can't acknowledge that our generation is dealing with a source of fear that's never before been encountered.

  75. And the old guard steering our ship will be long dead before the real consequences of their actions take effect. We need to through out the old guard and install people from our generation, people with everything to lose to climate change. I want to see a world wide revolution.

  76. I'm constantly debating on if I will end up having kids or not because of this. I really want to but I feel like it's just unfair on them.

  77. I know it's not for everyone, but you could look into adoption. Those kids have already been born and deserve a chance at a happy life.

  78. In other words, 25% of young people are not aware of the world they live in and the scientific certainties of climate change.

  79. I'm 27 and I can really relate to the helpless feeling. There's so much going on and so many actively ruining the planet, and the future for short term gains. It feels like there's just nothing we can do about it.

  80. My kids are early 20's. My older child has always not wanted kids. Younger has changed from yes to probably not over the past five years. I feel guilty for what I brought them into. I don't expect to ever be a grandparent.

  81. I'm only around 30 years old and I can tell the future is looking bleak. I'm not convinced that people from my generation will be dying of old age and so I currently choose not to have kids. If the future doesn't look too good for us I don't think it responsible to bring people into this world.

  82. Time to start suing parents for making them exist. They wouldn't have to worry if they hadn't been forced to be born.

  83. “Scary”? I’ve given up my future goals cause I’m not confident at all that we have a future awaiting us.

  84. I’m so scared of the future that I’m now 25 and I’ve never been bothered to go to college or get a career because what’s the god damn point when I’m in my retirement age if I even make it that far the world will be a hell hole, the San Andreas fault will break, florida will be underwater our economy will be shit I honestly won’t be surprised if I see a total collapse of society in my lifetime

  85. Because the future will be "scary'. Look at how the powerful treat the rest of us during the greatest economic prosperity the world has ever seen. I want to lie and say I can't imagine the horrors to come, but that's not true. We know what's coming, it's only pain and suffering that's waiting for us.

  86. I'm 34, I decided to go to school for environmental sciences because of this. I feel like I need to do something and really people to a chase that matters. But. Terrified everyday. Not because of that is coming and really already at the door. But more that the people in power and responsible for this are the ones trying to sweep it under the wrong or gaslight the public into thinking it's their fault and there's to fix.

  87. For everyone in this thread complaining, how much time have you spent organizing around political change in your community? Large scale change only happens when government's are involved, and large institutions like that only change when there is prolonged, consistent, and constant pressure to do so. It's much easier to change a community-wide policy than it is a country-wide policy in most places but when enough communities change, then larger-scale change happens quicker. But it requires individuals putting pressure on those larger institutions to do so.

  88. i used to care in my teens and now in my 20s i’ve learned that the key is to stop giving a fuck .we as a species are incredibly greedy n short sighted so extinction is all but certain. why worry about something that is inevitable ?

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