California: Governor declares emergency over wildfire near Yosemite

  1. it's more like "this is totally natural, humans have no impact on the environment, let me show you CO2 levels from 15,000 years ago"

  2. Natural fire intervals for the Sierra Nevada mountains are 12-20 years. Almost a century of fuel suppression by environmentalists is the main problem we are seeing here. Fires now burn hotter because more fuel to burn. Drought is just the icing on the cake my friend. Yet if you tell most people you have to burn the forests and thin them out which involves cutting down dead, densely packed, or juniper trees for them to be healthy they’d loose their shit. Boomer homeowners would also loose their shit. It’s way more complex than just climate change equals fires. After all fire has always been a way of life in California and life adapted around it until you know humans fucked up the cycle. It’s gonna burn all of it, and it should’ve burned decades ago when there wasn’t as much fuel laying around.

  3. “The Oak Fire started Friday afternoon southwest of the park near the town of Midpines in Mariposa County and by Saturday had grown to nearly 19 square miles (48 square kilometers), according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, or Cal Fire. It erupted as firefighters made progress against an earlier blaze that burned to the edge of a grove of giant sequoias in the southernmost part of Yosemite park.

  4. Smokey the bear OG gave up trying to prevent fire here in Cali. “Only you can evacuate and survive here in California.” -Our new woke Smokey the bear.

  5. Why’s isn’t the dried wood gathered and processed? Does California have policies that allow fuel to just gather?

  6. Okay, people are making fun of you, and you mostly deserve that, but what we're hoping you'll recognize is that far more things than dry wood are combustible. Most everything can set on fire. It isn't just about dry wood

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