kingrinder series

  1. I have a Kingrinder K2 and a K6. The K2, K3, and K4 have the same base 48mm hexogonal burrs, but the K3, and K4 are coated and the K4 has exterior adjustment and larger capacity and 16 micron steps (vs the 18 microns of the K2, K3, K5). The K5 and K6 have the 48mm septagonal burrs (supposedly have less fines in coarser settings). The K6 has 16 micron steps, external adjustment, and larger capacity like the K4.

  2. Up for this.. I also use K6 either for my flair or pour over... Grinding from dark roast - medium -light roast no problem at all

  3. Hi I'm considering getting either the K2 or K6 for pourover. Which do you recommend? Are the taste profiles really similar? Are they too acidic / bright?

  4. If anyone still follows this thread, has anyone tried a k4 vs k6? i primarily do espresso but might one day get a niche, and then the hand grinder will become a pour over grinder. So not sure if i should use the k4 since right now i really want espresso capability, or if the k6 is higher overall.

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