Sometimes it’s the little upgrades😁

  1. Nice to know I’m not alone. Did the same thing a while back with the top from my Four Roses single barrel

  2. The 12 is available everywhere, pretty cheap for scotch that isn't blended, and pretty solid. Couldn't hurt to start there. I really like the 14 double oaked too.

  3. This guy whiskeys! Lol, only took 245 likes for someone to ask how the whiskey actually was, ha ha. However, it is the espresso sub. But, it was delicious! I’m not an aficionado by any means, but even I could taste a bump in quality with this one 🤌🤌

  4. Expired Dry Needling needles, same type of needles used for acupuncture. Expired unused ones can’t be used on patients, Physical Therapist here.

  5. Looks good! Well worth persevering through the bottle for the cork at the end, you poor thing. I do have a question though, did you simply press the ends of the needles in? Or pre-drill and then press fit in? Pre-drill and glue? I’m sure I’m over complicating this but I have some 3D printer “drill bits” destined for a champagne cork as my WDT but I’m curious what the standard is for placing the bits.

  6. Used the smallest drill bit in my set and then pressed in. No glue needed. A drill press would be better to ensure perpendicular, but a slight bend at the base of the needle if it’s not quite straight works too.

  7. I tried a tool like that and it wasn't the best. With a homemade tool I find it helps if you pull the needles outward at an angle so that they don't push the grounds around too much

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