do you leave your machine on 24/7?

  1. Probably depends a lot on the machine, but I'd imagine that any money you save by extending the life of your heating element is going to be pretty heavily offset by the extra power costs and the extra wear from being power on for longer

  2. Not concerned about cost savings, as such. It is left on for convenience. Also, it's moreso the fittings that I feel are benefiting from less heat cycles. Probably a moot point though, since the heat bakes any rubber or plastic components, thus shortening their life cycle.

  3. I've kept my machine on 24/7 originally, and done several measurements. Of course, there's a cost saving, but it's quite small. The energy required to heat up the machine from stone cold to operating temperature is not that much less than keeping it on overnight for let's say 10 hours. Having said that, it's really easy to put it on a smart plug, and any energy saving helps. I'm not worried about any extra wear due to the heating/cooling since the cycles aren't that dramatic. Certainly not for the metal parts. Considering rubbers, arguably, staying hot is worse than cycling, since rubber gets brittle quicker at elevated temperatures.

  4. I don't usually turn on my machine for that long. I wouldn't recommend making your machine run that long because you'll wear out the heating element and consume more electricity which can really impact your bill after a long period of time.

  5. I keep my Lelit Mara (PL62T) on from 30min(8am) before I wake up until around 4-5pm, if I want coffee later then machine is at least lukewarm so it doesn't take as much time to warm up.

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