First shot with my first ever coffee machine (after calibration, Lelit Anna 2)

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  2. That's a great start! I'd say it looks a little slow for a standard 2:1 double, so you could coarsen your grind a little. Also would strongly recommend making sure you're weighing your input grounds and output liquid so you know you're hitting the ratio you want. This flow and where you stopped the shot looks more like a ristretro (1:1.5 or so) but hard to know for sure without in and out weights. Happy brewing!

  3. I got lazy this time, I need to take the waste container out for weighing, or get a naked portafilter. I’ll try to grind coarser, Thanks!

  4. Seems like you have more extraction on the left side of your puck than the right because you get more dripping on the left side. This might explain the “strong” taste you mentioned in another comment, but really depends on the coffee beans ofcourse.

  5. I assume your grinder is also new, in which case it will take some time for the grinder burrs to be seasoned and broken in and provide a more consistent grind.

  6. What did you need to calibrate? I have the same machine and my pressure seems to hit 9 then stabilize around 8. Came this way out of the box and I haven’t messed with it

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