What will happen with ETH if Vitalik B suddenly dies?

  1. Please keep price discussion, market talk, memes, and exchanges to subreddits such as

  2. Unlikely, as the entire point in ETH is decentralization. If the army of ETH devs suddenly stopped maintaining and upgrading the network, they'd go broke and lose meaning in their life's work. VB is looked up to by many, but that's just natural human self organization. The network is mostly governed by self interest.

  3. Does he have the power the stop a certain ETH upgrade despite many devs voting for it to pass?

  4. He intentionally is mostly a spokesperson. Otherwise, he might have a big influence on the development, which goes against the decentralized nature.

  5. I remembered back in 2019 or so, Vitamin B said he had planned to retire, and it'll be left to the devs lol.

  6. It’d be a great buying opportunity. The market would absolutely shit itself, price would tank, but eventually people would realize that it’s a decentralized platform for a reason

  7. If Vitaliy dies Ethereum would just become even more decentralized. I was just thinking about this recently, how his death would be beneficial to let ETH be more decentralized.

  8. To be fair, it would affect the distribution of market share, but it wouldn't change the actual decentralization of the ethereum network

  9. Ethereum would be immediately destroyed, along with all ERC-20 coins out there. That's the problem of running a blockchain inside Vitalik's brain, but Ethereum 2.0 is gonna fix this.

  10. I’d expect a small crash, but would recover anyway. The biggest permanent thing that will happen is a free burn of 325.100 ETH unless he has some form of mechanism in play that gives it to his family or donations or something.

  11. Vitalik does not control it, he is not even the face of it. I bet many don't even know about Vitalik so it shouldn't change a lot.

  12. Anyone who knows the mechanics of Ethereum knows he has no pull in terms of price direction. He doesn't even develop Ethereum afaik, he is mostly an architectural consultant and spokesperson.

  13. If Vitalik dies there will be forks for sure, like those old bitcoin forks. There is plenty of dissent over the future of ETH - rollups, anonymity, tree pruning, sharding, consensus mechanism, fees.

  14. I hate to say it, but it might go up in value. Same reason why Bitcoin is super trusted because it has no figurehead (Satoshi if he isn't dead, is obviously too scared to move a single coin of his because the second he sells, his identity is revealed.... unless it's on local bitcoins, where he can get a makeup artist to turn him into an old lady or something).

  15. I think the price would drop at first, but the network would keep working the same, people would still build new dapps and developers would keep working on upgrades so it would recover quickly

  16. Yeah is vitalik who’s stopping POW… welcome to 2021, we don’t need longer stupid electricity burning machines to maintain the network

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