What does Elliot want?

  1. I keep trying to decide why I think he didn’t take that line in the bathroom. Is it because he’s realizing he can’t keep up with Rue? Or because he thinks Jules will find out if he gets too high? Or because he wanted to hook up with one or both of them and needed to keep it together? Or something else?

  2. if it was fent / heroin in the bathroom versus opiates make decrease your testosterone and wipe out your sex drive and he probably wanted to have sex with jules or both of them

  3. I think it was his resolve to change his attitude towards drugs, bc not long after he did it he came clean about Rue's drug use

  4. also he has an understanding of drugs which clearly jules does not so he knows that the opiates- heroin and fent will make rue not have a sex drive and when jules brings it up he keeps saying that rue just isn’t sexual instead of being honest and then starts to do sexual things with her himself also tells her that it must be her fault that rue doesn’t enjoy the head she gave her like so that he can fuck her and make her feel validated the manipulation is off the charts i can’t

  5. right! i was on the fence about elliot until this last episode, when he negged jules and then literally offered to teach her how to eat someone out and asked her to practice on him after calling her fuckable?? now i’m mad i didn’t believe people who caught onto his male manipulator bs from the start.

  6. Yes, but they’re also high school kids, they’re all just starting to figure out life, its not like they have some kind of master mind plot of a plan. They’re just being kids raise by shitty ass parents. Don’t try to analyze and judge them as adults.

  7. I really hope the ambiguity with Elliot is purposeful. So far, we don't really know anything about him so his intentions remain unclear. I don't think he's a mustache-twirling villain, but at the very least he's an opportunist and horrible friend (if we can even call them that). He's done so many things that seem really gross to me:

  8. I don't think it's that he's seeing how bad Rue's addiction is, he already knows that, I think it's because he got closer to Jules. When Jules was just Rue's girlfriend he didn't feel obligated to say anything about her doing drugs because his loyalty wasn't with her. Now that they're friends he doesn't want to lie to her. And then he also feels guilty because he knows he's enabling Rue.

  9. agreed, im really confused about his character too. but he didn’t get mad, more like he was concerned? which makes no sense bc they shouldn’t of stole a case of beer with an addict in the backseat of their car

  10. i’m just as confused as you. i feel like i’m missing the point. why do rue and jules need someone else ruining their relationship? they were doing it just fine themselves. idk, i’d rather watch them grow apart and then get back together later than this back and forth fighting and lying with elliot. i just keep telling myself that if zendaya and hunter agreed to act this out, then it must be for a reason.

  11. Right? I’m just as confused, especially since all 3 of the actors (Hunter, Dominic & Zendaya) have all said he doesn’t have bad intentions - but I can’t think of any logical reason why someone that doesn’t have bad intentions would do literally any of the things he did last episode. The only good thing he did was confessing to Jules, maybe? But even that could’ve easily been due to an ulterior motive

  12. What I’ve gotten from him so far is that he’s trying to turn Jules away from Rue and completely replace her literally by doing things to get her to relapse (like the alcohol scene) and leaving her in the middle of nowhere to find her way back home showed how much he didn’t care a inch for her at all. He barely argued about it really and just pulled over immediately as if he was good with it happening.

  13. I feel like he is just a kid who is addicted to drugs, doesn't know much about life and just goes with the flow and get caught up in whatever situation he is in. I don't think he has a specific purpose in mind.

  14. I feel like his main goal is to drive a wedge between Rue and Jules, but I don’t understand why. Like what could his motive possibly be? It just feels really random.

  15. I don’t know what he wants but he’s up to no good. I don’t understand his characters purpose and what he’s bringing to the table apart from creating drama and chaos

  16. mistakes? idk that shit all seemed deliberate. i think he’s really smart and cunning and good at manipulating, i don’t at all get innocent vibes from him

  17. I was waiting for someone to say this! My first thoughts when he showed interest is he’s either trying to fuck one or both of them or make it a threesome/ throuple? I also get the vibes he’s going to sabotage their relationship and turn them against each other

  18. I’m just really skeptical about him, although I just think he isn’t a bad person, based off his words to Jules. He clearly sees she is struggling with insecurity based of her sexual relationship with Rue Rue and he knows it’s because of her drug use… but what he says to Jules is things to make her more insecure and also make moves to show that someone else finds her attractive. I’m confused!!! Sam??

  19. He’s honestly just a really easy to hate person. I never liked him, and clearly he knows that Rue had almost died from an overdose. Yet he continued to enable her and talk to her, fully aware that he was making things worse for her. He purposely did not take the line in the bathroom because he wanted to have sex with Jules later on. He’s malicious.

  20. Idk strong dislike for his character though. I have this nurturing feeling for Rue and I know it’s toxic lol

  21. I wouldn't say he immediately suggested they get alcohol, so I don't think that it was purposeful. I do think it was stupid so I'm leaning towards him being shortsighted which adds up because I felt like Rue was just there the whole night, a means to an end, the end being Elliot and Jules sleeping together.

  22. As someone who is polyamorous, my thought is they may be trying to introduce the idea of non-monogamy into the plot? I feel like a lot of shows are doing that right now. “You” is a good example.

  23. That’s been some people’s thoughts but Rue shows no interest in him. Ever since she met him, she was drawn to him because of his drugs. It was only Jules’ speculation that made people think she had a crush on him. Even their kiss was to make Jules jealous, it was all fun and games. I really don’t think that’s the route this dynamic is going towards.

  24. In the car, I think he knew Rue was high and she couldn’t drink while on those drugs. But yes, it was dumb that he had suggested that in the first place and didn’t think Rue would be drinking too wtf

  25. I saw earlier that the actors for Nate and Jules actually don't like each other in real life and won't work together so I think Elliott is a last minute character to make it work. Apparently the story line was supposed to be centered around Jules and Nate - not Cassie.

  26. Yeah sending a drug addict spiraling and then flushing her drugs when you know she either needs to sell them or she’s going to get sex trafficked just to bone is a great thing innit

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