the question is … where the hell is McKay?!

  1. wait so in the first ep season 2, did mckay find out that cassie had sex with nate? cuz she said “i’m a bad person” and he said something like “nah u dont need to say anything” and got all upset. did he figure out what happened or did he just assume she cheated with other people and not nate?

  2. McKay is in college. Realistically speaking, he shouldn’t really be around that much. He’s got class and practice and people his own age to be around. If he keeps hanging out with high schoolers, I truly question his character.

  3. exactly, and the fact that he’s no longer dating cassie and barely hangs out with nate anymore. he’s off to college and in a new crowd of people.

  4. I’m typically against being too hard on people via the internet but the constant asking of “where is McKay” really makes you wonder how fucking stupid the majority of this audience is. As if people don’t go to college and come around less EVERY single year. He came back for a party, which is normal, and went right back to school. Him and Cassie aren’t together anymore, what other reason does he have to be involved at this point? These kids need to stop looking SO hard for reasons to complain.

  5. Which actually sucks because his story was unresolved. I would have loved to see him confront his unhealthy coping mechanisms following the frat sexual assault and maybe turn himself around :(

  6. Not really! They just never him gave anymore scenes lol. Written off means we’d have some idea where he went or why he’s not around. After we see him in the car with Maddy & Cassie in episode two he just vanishes. Sam went out his way to waste that actors’ time every step of the way. Lol

  7. We don't know that. He could be back next season or in episode 8. I think some reviewer said he doesn't reappear through ep 7 though.

  8. This question is asked all the time, and the answer is... GONE. His character was used as a way to move Cassie's plot forward. His character is most probably not gonna return, and I'm personally fine with that.

  9. Yeah, I would understand if like Maddy or Cassie disappeared randomly but I don't understand why people think McKay is necessary for literally anything. He played his part and now it seems like he's gone and that makes sense seeing as he's in college and a student athlete. It never really made sense that Cassie went and spent weekends with him bc student athletes are pretty busy, at least at my university. He would've had games and practice and shit. I wish every day for many reasons they wouldn't have shown the SA clip bc I think it makes people think we are owed something when it comes to him. Without that scene, he'd just be another dude Cassie dated. The first episode this season seemed to be when he left. Cassie didn't want him anymore and that was that.

  10. I dunno man, I'm actually waiting to see his reaction to Nate's and Cassie's affair. I don't think that whole "did you cum on her titties!?!?!?" incident was to be left alone. Now that I think of it, I bet that Maddy will tell McKay of Cassie's affair with Nate as one way (and probably not the only one) of getting back at him.

  11. McKay is IN COLLEGE Cassie got an abortion and they broke up, why would he be featured in the show as much. They got their closure in the first episode

  12. I understand he’s in college now so I get why he isn’t really in s2 but his sexual assault storyline imo should have been explored/touched on more than it was. His breakdown in the bathroom was so painful to watch and I wish we could have seen more from him, especially since male survivors get shamed

  13. I think the way they handled his sexual assault was indicative of how men deal with sexual assault. They get angry in the moment, they bottle it up and they never talk about it again. Euphoria showcases the ugly truth of a lot of things and I think completely disregarding that storyline was intentional.

  14. i wanna see him do something that lets men know it’s okay to come out about SA. and i wanna see him beat nate’s ass. and i wanna see what cassie does to try and fix it. i have no hope for her other than maddy possibly leveling with her about being trapped in nate’s game and then taking nate down alongside cassie… but the next episode’s trailer makes me think otherwise, that she might just go after cassie. anyway i wanna see mckay again! yeah he’s in college but next time he comes down from school i wanna see shit go down. the SA scene would be pointless. and it’s unrealistic for him to not do something after finding out about nate and cassie. even if he just talks to nate i want him to do something

  15. jfc… he was written out! which has been discussed at length already. he had a very small role. not every single character is going to get a side plot and whole episode.

  16. The amount of times this has been asked. The amount of times this has been answered. It’s getting really annoying

  17. He's been written out of the show because he's in college. I would like to point out that McKay got a backstory episode and I felt that the show would develop him. However, it's hard to do that when your character is so far removed from the story. Unless McKay drops out then we probably won't see him for the rest of the show. In any case, I'm fine with it but I still enjoyed his character and would like to see him more.

  18. Can we stop with these posts trying to overemphasize the importance of ancillary characters when the show is literally about Rue and her journey, her world and the people involved?!

  19. I saw something online about how he didn’t want to be in the show anymore as much because of how Sam interpreted the sexual assault scene from Cassies perspective. He wanted to have the chance to show the people who watch euphoria how assault affects men and how society perceives it.

  20. honestly lol why introduce a character like he’s supposed to be significant and then not have him in the show episodes 2-5

  21. Y’all still asking about him ? The producer said he would only be in episode one and that’s it …. I mean he deserved a better storyline but these posts seem repetitive to me

  22. I’m so confused why everyone is obsessed with wondering where McKay is. He was kind of a boring character and was in season 1. Like he went to college and that’s it???

  23. Probably living his best life away from the drama that is Cassie. I had a soft spot for Cassie, but damn she cries so much. Like girl get it together please.

  24. Why do we need him? He didn’t add anything of substance to his character; just unbelievably stale. Rather have Lexi step-up to take his screen time.

  25. he's in college and he got written out of the show, probably because all he was is cassie's boyfriend and now that they're not together and he got his storyline (if I'm not wrong) he got nothing to do on the show

  26. his character isn’t relevant to the storyline anymore so i think that’s way. he was used to further cassie’s character development i think

  27. I know the actor talked about the fact that Sam never talked to him about where his character was going. So there’s no way to know at this point

  28. The fandom didn’t want McKay to even have an episode in the first season. Sam Levinson was like “okay fine then. No more McKay.”

  29. I literally don't care. McKay has A Bad Dad and SA trauma from his frat brothers and I genuinely hope he finds his own college, away from the rest of these kids. I definitely feel for him, but he has been AWFUL to Cassie. Their conversation on new years being him basically saying let's get back together and then disappearing when she got vulnerable was enough for me. I don't need to see more of him and I don't understand why so many people want him dragged back into the plot more like I just don't get it

  30. I feel like he only stuck around Euphoria town cause of Cassie and Nate and after that party I don't blame him for not wanting to be around either of them ever again

  31. I think he literally said somewhere, like I remember reading one of those interview summaries was he was really unhappy and uncomfortable with how Sam was writing out his story and didn’t believe he knew how to properly handle the experience of a young black man, like I swear I read this somewhere because before the season came up I saw rumors of him being written off after eps 1 so I looked into it but now when there’s just so much euphoria news it’s buried underneath all of it

  32. Well he did a pretty good job of doing his story in my eyes, McKay’s backstory was the only real relatable one that had me in tears. His character served its purpose. Same way Ethan served his in bringing Kat back down to earth. I’m so sad we get no Ethan scenes this season. I was so hoping for him to have an actual storyline but guess he’s about to be out too lol

  33. It’s funny, Cal’s a parent and he’s basically a main character so McKay being written out bc he’s in college just doesn’t seem fair.

  34. Well cal has a lot of dirty laundry 💀 McKay didn’t have drama he was actually the normal one beside Lexi…so I can see why he didn’t continue with McKay

  35. Exactly. We just had an episode where cal went in an adventure totally unrelated to the main cast. Why can’t we see McKay in college?

  36. He’s unvaxxed and barred from the set. Apparently his conspiracy theories are more important to him than his acting career.

  37. i think you had something better to comment than this, cause every on here knows this is false 🤦🏼‍♀️ even if that was the case, he would just find another place to get hired for his acting career - he already has the supporting audience from euphoria from season 1 so.

  38. He’s literally starting filming on a new movie. Just said it on his Ig story. Lmao gotta give you credit your really dedicated to spreading this wack ass rumor that was debunked weeks ago. Enjoy that hill 😂

  39. I don't know why you guys give such a shit about McKay, dude shit on Cassie from the get go, then got assaulted, then assaulted Cassie, then dumped her for getting pregnant. It's weird he had an episode intro because I always just assumed he was a temp character with his lack of screen time or a relationship with any other characters besides Cassie, which then ended. So fuck McKay.

  40. am i the only one that doesnt mind they wrote him out? I hated his character so much and his storyline just felt weak af, i feel sorry for the actor but yeah not a fan of the character

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