Victory for Hungary's Orban means a headache for the EU

  1. Viktor of the house Orban, first of his name, king of the idiots and the brainwashed, protector of his oligarchs

  2. It is also a headache for Hungarians who are not morons. Sadly we are still a minority. Even after all the shit he pulled we elected him again... I feel so ashamed, I am so sad...

  3. Don't feel ashamed for the ignorance of others. The Hungarian brain drain has been going on for a while and will now kick in full force. Unfortunately if you make a place undesirable enough to live, the first ones to leave are young educated people. Combine this with years of propaganda, almost seems too easy.

  4. This is why I’m not overly enthusiastic about the prospect of more countries joining the EU. A single country has a lot of power to sabotage EU efforts from the inside, and the more countries are in the EU, the higher the likelihood that a nutjob like Orban will be elected in one of them.

  5. I mean not like it could never happen in other countries while she probably (hopefully) won't get elected even the vague possibility of Le Pen getting in is alarming

  6. I just want to say one thing as a Hungarian. I think most Hungarians (not all) you see on Reddit are supporting the opposition. This win hurts as so much you can't even image. We knew propaganda was strong, but never thought it was this strong. We are ashamed of our country.

  7. I have a well educated friend of Hungarian descent in Germany and even he has been reached by the propaganda. It’s insane how we used to hang out in a crowd consisting of like 50% lbgtq and now he’s a full on Orban supporter with all that it means.

  8. As a UK remainer there are few things more frustrating than seeing your country go to the dogs, my sympathies

  9. As an Italian who had years of Berlusconi I feel you, media are really important (Berlusconi was Mediaset).

  10. The other issue is that the EU can't just sit back and wait until shit hits the fan. They need to actively fight against putins influence and stopping funding needs to happen much earlier. Don't give these people the time to even start their slide towards authoritarianism.

  11. I agree, but also we need patience. Just look at the US struggle with Trump, it takes time before some people realise he sucks.

  12. I do not support the Hungarian right-wing goverment at all, but I would not call these elections un-democratic.

  13. Do you usually kick parts of your country out? Because the EU has laways been a federalisation project, see the Schuman declaration. You can remove their council vote and cut off the funds and probably some other stuff. That's enough lol, kicking them out would just be illegal.

  14. yes, Poland should now have a clear choice between supporting Russia (by supporting Hungary) or support the EU. time to get rid of rogue members

  15. Germany also buys a lot of energy from Russia and is against energy sanctions on Russia. Not to say you are the same as Hungary under Orban, but seems a little hypocritical to me.

  16. With the war and Poland distancing from Hungary it is very likely it will get enough votes to remove their voting rights. At least they won't be able to drag down the EU

  17. EU should kick out Hungary, otherwise Orban stays in power till death. Orban will never leave he wants the money from EU

  18. Headache for the EU? More likely for Hungarians. Hungary is one of the poorest EU countries and will remain that way until Orban is ousted. With a measly

  19. I never realized Croatia is doing so poorly, I've been there many times and always thought they must be about on par or richer than us since everything there felt expensive.

  20. Not Hungary... Fidesz stopping everything. We tried to replace them every democratic way, but our election system is rigged since 2010. Our public media acts as a propaganda machine. For example our election rules... gues who wrote it. Fidesz. On the election yesterday Fidesz got 2.735.383 votes (53,10% of all votes) and the opposition got 1.804.588 votes (35,04% of all). This will be a little bit more than a 2/3 again for them, with their rules.

  21. Don't bother, man. I tried telling people that it's impossible to kick anyone from EU on this sub many times. Noone listens

  22. Don't bother, man. I tried telling people that it's impossible to kick anyone from EU on this sub many times. Noone listens

  23. I wish we could kick them out but it’s rather to have an ally that’s different than us then a new enemy who would obviously side with Russia 100% if we abandoned them (so a “friend” that we pretend to be besties with)

  24. I'm pretty sure in its current state Hungary has more power to hurt us than it ever would if it were not part of the EU. Hungary siding with Russia outside of the Union would mean shit, as a member they are basically a trojan horse.

  25. Kick them out because you disagree with their opinions? You have to be very careful here. Democracy is very weak right now in Europe and it should be protected at all costs. That means going with the rules and respecting the voters. Essentially democracy is accepting the rule of the majority and sometimes having to make compromise with people who don't think like you. forget this, and you are on a very slippery slope.

  26. if we need urgent important decision where a whole Europe must vote, Hungary is always the one stopping, it's a problem.

  27. Maybe it's time to stop funding his dictatorship in exchange for cheap labour. The EU must cut full funding and claim the election as fraudulent.

  28. The elections probably were not fraudulent. Sure the laws are skewed and opposition does no t have media control like the governing party has, but Hungarians voted for Orban to have 4 more years (bringing his rule to 16 years).

  29. The EU brought this on itself. It doesn't do shit about that thug and traitor Orbán and allows this to happen... The EU should have acted years and years ago already. That idiot Juncker failed. He failed the EU. Orbán is an enemy of the EU and the West, and he should be fucking treated as such.

  30. Not exactly EU brought it on itself but European People's Party brought it. Fidesz was affiliated to EPP for all those years when Orban was building his little autocratic empire and they protected him. They're shedding crocodile tears now

  31. Democracy is already in danger. What you describe is very worrying. Protect democracy at all cost, it took centuries to get to where we are today.

  32. Why ppl are asking to kick Hungary out? I dont get it. Its always good to have a voice different from mainstream trends. Even if it sucks.

  33. Everyone talks about kicking Hungary out, nobody talks about stronger mandate for common Foreign Affairs policy. Differences can be worked out internally, hard to not expect them in an alliance of so many countries.

  34. Keep in mind that some EU decisions have to be unilateral and can be veto-ed by any country. Just look at what happens in UN which is essentially blocked from taking any actions because of veto power of certain countries.

  35. far right should have no say in politics. the end. Now thats hungarian people choice, and everybody is gonna respect by not doing to HUngary what Putin did to Ukraine. but in the same time, fired them from EU seem fair. Also this should be for any country going crazy. If Le Pen win France , France should also be kick out of EU.

  36. Are you fucking dense? Creating a fascist state isn't part of the democratic process or the same as having a "non mainstream" opinion.

  37. It’s a headache for NATO too. Question from an American, this election is essentially illegitimate/rigged right? If so, why haven’t any Hungarian civilians rose up against the government? I understand you guys don’t have guns like us, but the power of the people still outweighs the power of the autocrat.

  38. Good question. Maybe, but so far it seems like a legitimate election, or as legitimate as you can get with state media control and a high amount of funding for the ruling party.

  39. Oh so you want exactly what Putin was planning all along? You should worry about your own country, because you are on that path already .

  40. I know about propaganda and all, but the amount of people voting for these clowns around the world and then cheering for having voted against their own interest - just blows my mind

  41. It would be great if UK create new Union without Putins bitсhes. Corrupted and impotent Germany showed that Germany cant be leader of Europe.

  42. At least Just the same ongoing headache. At least this Mini-Putin doesn't have nuclear weapons, so he'll unlikely turn out to be full blown brain cancer like the big one.

  43. Cut their funding, activate article 7 and ignore the irrelevant worms. Any Hungarian worth caring about has already left their country.

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