A sad day indeed.

  1. Loved this truck. 2015 w/ 5.0. Protected me and my family very well which I am extremely grateful for. All parties walked away. Sitting at a red light and someone didn't see us or the red light, hit us at full send 55mph.

  2. When I was younger I was in a van with my family on our way to eat. We were stopped at a red light and a tow truck driver has a stroke and hit us square in the rear. The speed limit was 55mph so they assume he hit us going around that speed, there were no breaking skid marks on the road. Lucky enough my mom looked up it the rear view mirror just in time to take her foot off the break. I'm glad everyone walked away from your accident.

  3. Good thing they hit the bed. Very scary, glad you're safe. Sorry about your truck, although if the cab is OK you could chop the frame off there and weld a new one, get a new axle and whatever else, and still have a truck (hopefully you'll get the whole insurance payout as well)

  4. Those f150s don't have a 5 star safety rating for no reason, Of course they crumble easier than the competition, but they are designed that way to take the impact. Your f150s last job was to keep you safe, and it did, Hopefully you have the right insurance So it could leave you with a nice check at the end as well👍

  5. Not all of them do, 15 supercabs are missing a piece of reinforcement that results in "the passenger area being severely compromised" if you hit something near the front light at a straight angle.

  6. 3-wheel drive? In all seriousness, it’s good it happened to the back of the truck instead of the front. Might not have walked away from that.

  7. Haha, I told my wife we'd have to find different insurance that covers tricycles. Very true, officers said they were surprised we were all in such good shape

  8. Yeah, got an appointment for later today. I had been thinking about switching to more of a family vehicle and using my 97 f350 for all truck things. After going through this I want my wife to get an f150 too. Her Elantra would not have fared so well.

  9. Doesn’t look like a sad day to me. Sucks the trucks totaled but the fact everyone is ok after being rear ended at 55mph is nothing short of a miracle.

  10. That's exactly what I thought! Engine was still running, no extra lights on the dash or anything. No airbags went off either. Teared up a bit when I turned it off for what I assume will be the last time. Truck was like "No rear wheels? No problem!! Put it in 4x4 and let's goooo!"

  11. I swear when I took driver's ed, we were told headphones were illegal to wear while driving, but apparently in my state, it's always been cool. I don't get it.

  12. Ford makes the safest body on frame vehicles of any brand. Thats why if i ever need a body on frame vehicle be it Expedition, Bronco or F150 I'm buying it through Ford.

  13. Hope you fell out of the cab, grabbed your kneck, screamed oh my back and then squeezed off a little nugget in your pants. Guaranteed payday in a lawsuit. Lol

  14. Kinda wish I had at this point. Her insurance wants to reimburse me $30/day for a rental. Enterprise wants over $100 for a similar truck. Not really sure how that makes sense.

  15. Damn that sux and its a rare package model at that. It could be rebuilt, but only if you really wanted to put the funds back ito.

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