What Fruit is Named After a Color?

  1. you know people are probably thinking "duh oranges" but the color orange is actually named after that fruit. which is to say, we had already been using the word for oranges the fruit and tree, when we applied the color of the fruit to the name for that color specifically. previously there had only been more vague names for yellowred.

  2. I'm not sure if that was kindness, I interpreted that as making fun. That's exactly how I would use it if I was mocking the morning brain of any of my siblings.

  3. Wait a minute - Orange isn't a "real" fruit. It's a cross between mandarin and pomelo, isn't it? This means that someone invented a fruit to create a colour!

  4. Orange is named after Oranges, which were in turn named after the trees they grow from. Before Oranges were introduced to europe, English speakers called the color orange "Yellow-red". (translated, of course, I don't know what either of those words were in middle english, when the phrase was used)

  5. That’s why you use the expression red haired in English rather than orange haired because the word for orange didn’t exist

  6. No, grape is something we assign to various shades of purple. On the color wheel there is purple and shades of purple. This would not apply either.

  7. Why do you guys call it 'currant' anyway? Strawberries, blueberries, elderberries, blackcurrants! In Norwegian they're called "solbær"(bær being "berry").

  8. The tweet is just bait for people to say orange and then shit in their mouth . But blackberry is such an easy answer here. Not to mention red raspberry.

  9. These types of easily disproven statements are always intended to drive engagement. If you argue with it you're falling for the trap.

  10. The worst ones are the Facebook posts where it's a list of things like favourite song etc etc which people repost and tag friends with.

  11. Oranges are aliens sent to destroy the Earth many years ago but they rebelled against their rulers and stayed on to corner the citrus market.

  12. For everyone saying orange, the word “orange” referred to the fruit first, and the color was named for it later.

  13. For those who say oranges, the fruit color was named after the fruit. This is because oranges was a just a shade of yellow before having its own pigment

  14. Nah actually she’s right, the colour orange was named after the fruit, before had they just called it red

  15. Orange fruit aren’t named after a color. They called the tree an “orange” tree, called the fruit “orange” and then realized “Hey, that’s a cool color, let’s name it orange”. So the color was named after a fruit.

  16. I know there are other fruits with colours in the name but all you mfers thinking the fruit orange is named after the colour are deadass wrong.

  17. Bananas are technically berries. As are avocados and pumpkins. Blackberries and raspberries aren't actually berries, they're called aggregate-fruits.

  18. I only read 473 comments before replying. I learned that black is not a colour, orange is named after the fruit, and the colour ‘lime’ is named after tangerines.

  19. Interesting fact, the colour orange is named after the fruit and not the other way around. Before oranges became hey come on import into the west we would describe the colour has reddish yellow or something to that effect.

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