Gas station worker takes precautionary measures after customer refused to put out his cigarette

  1. I worked at a feed and farm supply store, guys used to get propane filled there. One time a customer was smoking next to the pump and my coworker about to fill the cylinder just goes, "I don't really care if I go up but we're taking this whole yard with us." The customer put out the cigarette, sounded like it didn't cross his mind that it was an issue until then.

  2. This is the pro's way to do conflict resolution, don't make it about yourself, don't make it about the person breaking the rules. Make it about everyone else.

  3. I deliver propane and I see cigarette butts around the cages all the time. One gas station had a cigarette tree less than 5 feet from the cage. I told them to move it and they didn’t so I put it around the corner myself. I’ve had to tell people plenty of times to stop smoking near the cages as well. It’s astonishing how many people don’t understand not to smoke near gas.

  4. Reminds me of the day we had to evacuate a Walmart over a bomb threat. Everyone was made to go outside, but the smokers were huddled around the propane tanks, leaning on them smoking.

  5. I worked at Home Depot years ago and this woman was smoking in front of the wall of propane tanks. I approached her let her know she can’t smoke in front of the tanks and she looks at me and responds angrily “I know”. She did walk away but still don’t understand why she was angry.

  6. I just love how casual he is about it, just set's it down right in front of the guy, no rush, and the guys just stands there watching him do it

  7. Most people agree with “talk shit get hit” in theory but will virtue signal their asses to hell on the train of “violence is always bad”.

  8. If we're ever headed to true authoritarianism (fingers crossed we dont), assholes like this will be one of the main reasons we do. Because when people cant govern themselves, authoritarians will gladly jump in. Only problem is they may never leave once they get it

  9. What's sad, is the fact that the gas station attendant probably got fired or suspended for his actions as well as being sued.

  10. That’s what I did. Had a regular actually try to argue it wasn’t a problem because “it’s not the fuel that’s flammable, it’s the fumes.” (He was trying to pump diesel.) I asked him if he thought it might have be possible there might be some fumes around gas station.

  11. It doesn't look like he's even pumping gas though. You'd only be affecting the guy on the left who just started pumping.

  12. i agree when I used to hang out at gas stations in HS I made sure I was well far away from the gas pumps before lighting a cigarette up. it's common fucking se....oh NVM forgot how rare that is today

  13. How hard is it to wait 30 seconds before lighting up your cancer stick? Btw you're not supposed to leave your car unattended while filling it up.

  14. I worked at a gas station and people did this while keeping the vehicle running all the time. One guy told me he didnt want to turn off the vehicle because his kid was in the car with the A/C on.

  15. I truly wish the singularity never exploded and the universe never formed so I wouldn't have to read your comment.

  16. This happened in Pernik, Bulgaria. It was a summer night and the guy smoking near the station was warned 3 times that smokimg is forbidden. His answer was "What you gonna do about it". Than the empolyee just took the actions into his hands.

  17. If you've never been blasted with a fire extinguisher, that man now reeks of Sulphur and his eyes burn. It's like low grade pepper spray.

  18. Twenty Years ago while working as a duty manager at a motorway fuel station, I'm outside performing a visual audit and a middle aged white male was using a phone while fuelling, something that was against use policy with stickers and signage visible every where. To authorize a pump for use, we must confirm the user has no phone or flames. It's not just about safety it's also an insurance issue.

  19. I'm assuming that by now you know that cell phones don't actually pose any sort of fire risk at gas stations right?

  20. It took him forever to get the little pin out of the fire extinguisher, how did the dude not realize what was about to happen? He had so much time to put it out or at least just get back in the car lol

  21. It was a test of wills. The smoker did not expect that the attendant would honestly use the fire extinguisher. Y'know, the smug attitude that some customers can get when a clerk tells them "no".

  22. Dude on the pump to the left is like, "ahh, Idk what's happening but I'm not paying any attention, cmon baby fill up!"

  23. Additionally, a cigarette does not have enough heat or energy to light gasoline on fire unless it is hovering directly above a puddle of gas while the smoker takes the biggest inhale they possibly can. If a cigarette is dropped into a puddle of gas, the cigarette will actually go out. Gasoline fumes in an open area dissipate too quickly to ignite also. Your actually more likely to catch fire answering a cell phone or rubbing your pants because an electricity spark does have enough energy to ignite gas. Myth busters has proved the cigarette thing as has a number of universities. The attendant just assaulted that guy. Plus there is a button on the register that can stop a pump immediately where he could have refused the smoker service for not following the rules.

  24. It smells really badly, right? I was in a car accident and was able to retrieve some items from the wreck after it had been towed. Everything was covered in white smelly dust. Couldn't figure out what it was.

  25. Was at a house party and some drunken asshole managed to set one off. Shit was absolutely everywhere. And it was a packed party. People couldn’t breath, rubbing outside to go throw up from the chemical fumes. Fun times.

  26. Gas company was running a new line at my house. Guy is in the ditch smoking a cigarette, checking for leaks. I said I guess that's one way to find them. Then I went elsewhere till he was done.

  27. My friend's old co worker said the same thing one time. He apparently caught on fire and jumped out of the work truck while it was moving.

  28. First time my grandfather did that I nearly wet myself. I was probably 10 or so and was so freaked out.

  29. You're more likely to start a petrol station fire with the spark from your finger to the car from static discharge than a lit cigarette, to be honest..

  30. I always put my hand on my car before I pump gas, just to be safe. Especially now in the winter when the air is really dry.

  31. I had a dude with an unlit cig in his mouth asking me for a lighter, while I was pumping gas. I said “dude, we’re at a gas station.” He says “so what.” “You’re a fucking idiot, that’s what.”

  32. Does anyone know if the gas station worker gotten into a trouble after this? If he did, it would be really shameful. But if he didn’t, it should be on the gas station handbook.

  33. That dude is a typical 'I will smoke here.Yes, why not? Who are you to tell me to put my cigarrette out' type asshole. I agree with the man who used that fire extinguisher to do his job.

  34. Non sequitur- Why are gas station attendants such little pieces of shit ? Is it the income is it working a retail potty ass job? What exactly. Jesus christ. Nothing against this guy but wtf.

  35. People have no idea gas vapor is a real thing and how flammable they are. There are so many factors that could add up to a catastrophic outcome it’s just not worth it.

  36. This is the same type of person that will complain a mask stops them from breathing properly and infringes on their rights. Totally unaware of the irony

  37. It’s true, a smoldering cigarette would be unlikely to ignite gasoline or fumes. A spark of a lighter or the flame certainly would, with not much trouble. In any case, it’s not worth the risk.

  38. A cigarette cannot ignite gasoline or diesel, there are plenty of videos debunking this. Now if he lit a cigarette at the pump he could ignite the fumes.

  39. What's up with these videos people post with like 20 seconds of nothing at the beginning of the video? Just post it from when the guy walks in frame and grabs the extinguisher. Why even add the first 20 seconds? Nothing happens.

  40. Imagine the hill you want to die on is not putting a cigarette out at a gas station. What a trashy POS.

  41. that is righteous but your not supposed to hit someone with a fire extinguisher unless they will certainly die if you dont. because they can suffocate in the flame retardant material

  42. So perfect! “Okay, shithead. Too cool to put out your cigarette while pumping gas? No problem. Suck on this!”

  43. Fun fact: You can’t ignite gasoline with a cigarette.. So the extinguisher was a little uncalled for lol

  44. Fucked up thing in society is that the guy will end up being veiwed as a poor victim of excessive force.

  45. I think I have just made up my mind! I am ironically going to get a job at a gas station just on the weekends, for as little time as possible, and I’m still going to hold onto my virtual full-time job…

  46. You know the idiot was standing there wondering what that guy was going to do with the fire extinguisher before he sprayed it all over him.

  47. I believe, we should have an island, that we can build all of what civilization has to offer, but no rules. These people should be sent there to figure it out themselves. One blown up body at a time.

  48. My MIL was with me at a gas station once and bitched when I got back out from prepaying that an attendant made her put her cigarette out. I told her it was ridiculous that she needed to be told not to smoke at a gas station. Her defense? “Well I can’t smoke in the car! The baby was with us!” Well, the baby is in just a little bit more danger if he gets blown up because grandma is a nicotine junkie.

  49. When visiting America, I couldn't believe the amount of people who casually smoke at petrol/gas stations. They would literally sit around on the forecourt smoking.

  50. Was at the gas station the other day someone left their car running, left the pump running, and went in the store. Someone came inside saying gas was overflowing and not stopping. I was glad to get away from the gas station. Pretty sure nothing blew up but still

  51. I hate it where I live because everyone smokes at the pump while getting gas. I’ll be pumping and there will be 10 plus people smoking while pumping all around me.

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