Scientists today we sent a robot the size of a car to mars, we made rockets reusable, we are going to live on mars

  1. Not like people didn't believe dumb shit in the '90s. That was the absolute peak of "Cell Phones Cause Cancer", which given the size of the experiment we've conducted since, is obviously bullshit. Pretty sure we also thought having unlimited access to information would usher in a golden age of rational thought as well, which is hilarious.

  2. It just seems that way because instead of losing their minds outside of a 7/11 the crazies are on social media.

  3. Scientists and that round earth theory, they need to just give it up. Everyone who's anyone knows that the earth is flat and that dinosaurs live on the other side. If they ever find out we've been digging up their relatives and posing them in funny positions in museums, we'll all be in big trouble.

  4. the real facepalm is that people still don’t know the difference between scientists and engineers.

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