snowman's payback

  1. Thought for a second this was one of those things where you pile a load of snow around a bollard or a fire hydrant or something in the shape of a snowman.

  2. People are fucking weird. I worked in some town that always put up some "artwork". One week they had a sign that said: winter 2050, and some mannequins with shorts and hawaiian shirts, and they were wearing masks. It was funny and a bit of a global warming warning and corona and whatever. It was topical and just what they did. Every day there was that angry lady in her 30es who would rip off the masks, visibly angry. The library who i think did it, just put on some new masks every time. The lady got angrier and angrier, and at some point had a fist fight with the mannequins.

  3. Me and my boys when we were twenty, drunkenly walking home and thinking it was funny. We'd knock the heads off every snowman we saw, stick the carrot in the crotch etc. We hated everybody back then.

  4. When I see a bunch of them in the park, I do have the urge to go karate man on them all like an idiot, but I resist. I do recall one time that urge came back as a single kick to an already melting snowman, though. Kicked that fucker's head right off...and it did not feel that great at all, but I got it out of my system.

  5. I feel like she's a Karen and this is the entrance to her apartment complex, and she's pissed that there's suddenly this eye sore of a snowman that reminds her of a time when simple things in life could give her pleasure. The times before her 5 cups of coffee a day just to feel somewhat awake, the times before she needed a vibrator to even think about getting off, the times before she had to spend all her time thinking about her career and life decisions and bills.

  6. Reminds me of the video of the teen trying to destroy a sand sculpture in a hotel lobby (also on Reddit somewhere). It makes me think people like this are mentally ill in some weird way. That sounds obvious but I wonder if it's some kind of tourrette's-like iconoclastic compulsion that drives them? I mean, I just don't get it otherwise.

  7. Most everyone is secretly holding down feelings of one or more negative emotions (fear, depression, anxiety, frustration, resentment etc). When an opportunity comes to take that emotion out in a physical release - such as kicking down an inanimate snowman, some people will jump on that. It's better than letting it build up and release in a much more dangerous way.

  8. One of our local radio hosts made a video of him and his wife going around town and destroying all the kid's snowmen they found. He got a lot of backlash (lots of support too, unfortunately) and if I recall got suspended...or maybe he quit, I can't remember. He had no remorse and couldn't understand why people would be mad. All I could think of was all of the kids coming out to see their creation ruined the next morning. He was never a favorite of mine because of things like that but after that I was really put off by him. Now he and his wife have a national radio show, so I guess the dick was rewarded.

  9. I’m always puzzled when I see the remains of a destroyed snowman. What “mommy didn’t hug” me shit are you working through that drives you?

  10. I've only ever destroyed my own snowmen, but I really enjoy nailing one with a flying kick. Never managed to get a good picture of it.

  11. When I was a kid, on the very few occasions I got to make a snowman part of the fun was destroying it afterwards. We would pretend it was Magneto or whatever and then "fight" it as the X Men until we destroyed it.

  12. As someone working through issues stemming from a lack of parental affection- this person is just an asshole.

  13. Why? I made a very big snow man with my daugther. Next day it was destroyed for no reason. She can not understand it. Neither can I.

  14. Some people thrive on creation, others thrive on destruction. It takes 100x more effort to create than it does to destroy, so those folks are naturally harder to come by.

  15. The angle she fell looked like a pretty decent face plant, I’m not going to watch it again in case it looks less painful upon closer inspection

  16. Unfortunately assholes often are the first looking for lawsuits. It is actually quite lucky that this is on video.

  17. Looks like the sort of person who would try to sue you for “injuries from your snowman.” Glad you have it on camera

  18. When I was 10 I went to America for the first time for christmas, coincidentally it was my first time seeing snow cos we don’t get that shot here in QLD. So I made a snowman outside my cabin and I was quite proud and excited, I woke up the next day with his head kicked off and his little carrot nose and arms snapped in half. I was so sad. People can be dick heads.

  19. I was at the edge of my seat through the whole clip hoping she doesn't fall on the fence cuz that would be painful

  20. Indeed. More people need to die in this world. Death is the solution to all bad behaviour. We need to just kill all rude people.

  21. That snowman must of been part of that pesky patriarchy, always keeping the women of coloured hair down, on their faces.

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