Husband of Lady who suicide-bombed killing four teachers, goes to Twitter to say how proud he is of her "selfless act"

  1. Suicide is a sin in Christian, Catholic & Muslim doctrines... so he's happy she's damned, and now he can get a new model without a divorce? Very sus! Wait til the kids figure out its a sin & daddy is so happy & proud of her actions... what kind of message is that for kids?

  2. If she was that brainwashed, she would've no problem having him get married 2-3 other women, since it's permitted by law there.

  3. Two local teachers and two Chinese teachers. They were killed outside Karachi University. Her motive seems to have been support for a seperatist terrorist group that promotes ethnic seperation for an ethnicity which doesn't want independence. Don't get me wrong, that ethnic group has got a lot of reason for resentment towards the State, however less than 25% of them support the seperatist group, mainly because the group in question does not help their situation at all. Rather most of their attacks have been committed on their own 'fellow countrymen'. The group is also opposed to China's BRI, something which has actually been helping locals in the region via the building of infrastructure, however they are facing opposition anyways. That is the reason the professors attacked were Chinese Nationals. The most shameful part of the entire situation is that the lady in question was an educated and fairly liberal person by the standards of others in the country. However, she too was radicalized to such an extent that she shamelessly commited a suicide attack.

  4. This is what happens when you go around calling people islamaphobic. Everyone is too afraid to say anything about shit like this and now they can just out that shit on social media.

  5. It’s sad. These kids don’t have a chance. They are being taught the best thing you can do with your life is murder-suicide.

  6. What happened? I think I am missing the actual context for this story? Is this a recent thing or just some random tweet that was found

  7. From what’s being shared she was a member of a separatist group wanting an independent Balochistan (southern Pakistan) who also happen to hate the Chinese generally (it seems, didn’t know about it til this) and the Belt and Road Initiative in particular.

  8. Suicide-bombing… and taking 4 people with you. 4… aren’t they supposed to take down 3000 and a monument to capitalism? What’s the point in going all admiral akbar on 4 people? What do you gain from that (no one gains from committing suicide seeing that they’re dead). Being a piece of shit, rendering your children motherless (hopefully also soon without a father) , murdering others, committing terrorism and making the world a worse place over killing 4 people?!? Fuck you. I hope you spend eternity in hell remembering you forgot someone you love, but never remembering them

  9. The ironic part is that according to their own religion they’re going to hell since murder is a heavy, heavy sin…especially if you’re killing innocent people.

  10. It should be considered child abuse to teach your children it’s okay to kill others, especially based on religion or lack thereof

  11. This is the sort of thing that should be removed from twitter. Glorifying killing of innocents is barbaric. This should never be allowed on any platform.

  12. What a hypocrite! Why post a picture of them holding up the peace sign when they are anything but peaceful? And why is reddit leaving this post up when it glorifies murder?!?!

  13. So a known terrorist associate can say whatever on Twitter. God help us, and screw this man and his family for killing innocent people.

  14. Disgusting humans, if you even want to call these monsters that. The best thing that happened is this POS woman is dead and rotting. Now, to get those kids away from that POS father.

  15. If I'm correct, this was a political sort of bombing. I've seen lots of posts lately of some communal disputes getting aggravated in Pakistan. This could be it's effect (correct me if I'm wrong).

  16. If I'm correct, this was a political sort of bombing. I've seen lots of posts lately of some communal disputes getting aggravated in Pakistan. This could be it's effect (correct me if I'm wrong).

  17. You are right. It was a separatist bombing. According to the Quran these people will suffer from eternal flames, so a good ending.

  18. Mr Hassan, you know why she did it, and it ain’t what you say it is. We know as well. You cursed your dead wife for your own purposes. Allah has a curse in store for you as well. You will see.

  19. Since suicide is Haram in Islam i wouldn't say so. Yes i'm a Muslim. (Haram=Huge sin) not to mention the fact that she killed four people which killing is Haram obviously.

  20. 2 billion + followers? Get your head out of your ass and look outside. There’s as many bad apples anywhere else

  21. There wasn’t any religious motive for this lol, it was Baloch separatists. I can understand assuming it’s on basis of religion if someone LOOKS middle eastern, but it’s not always.

  22. Maybe she was “convinced” to do it for him? She certainly looks unhappy in this pic. Meanwhile he grins like a sleezy maniac. Those poor children. How could she do that to them?

  23. your post is a great example of islamophobia knowing how you immediately assume a terrorist is Muslim lmao. this was on the basis of politics and separatism, not religion

  24. This bombing is a political one from Baloch separatists who hate the Chinese. It has fuck all to do with Muslims since both Pakistan and an independent Balochistan would both be majority Sunni Muslim states.

  25. Most of the people commenting here are not bothering to look at the motivation behind this attack. It was not about Islam or any religion. Some of the Baloch people in Pakistan are waging an insurgency against the government due to certain grievances and, among other things, are opposed to China's influencing and building projects in their lands. That doesn't make killing innocent people okay though

  26. Different cultures, different beliefs. To me, terrible person; cause no one deserves to take the life of another, regardless of who or what they are or have done.

  27. Does Reddit still give you those free awards to give out still? Cause after these updates i can’t find them anywhere

  28. Poor kids. Bet they have no idea their parents are animals yet. And unfortunately dad of the year candidate will teach them the same hate. And the cycle will continue.

  29. Of course he’ll say that. Even if he was sane he’d still try to defend her. He’s wrong about it, but it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s wrong for it.

  30. There once was a lady named Shari Jan Jill, who tried a dynamite stick for a thrill. they found her vagina in North Palestina and bits of her tits in Brazil

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