Bruh what

  1. Let's just ban Monday while we're at it. It's close enough to man. I promise this suggestion has nothing to do with my unrelated hatred of Mondays

  2. No more manhole covers, manatees, manta rays, cancel mandalorian, and definitely change the word manicure /s

  3. In mean Tuesday comes from Tyr, a male god. Wednesday from Wotan, a male god. And finally Thursday from Thor, a very male god. In defiance of the patriarchy the new week is Sunday, Monday, Friday, Saturday

  4. Banning Father’s Day is misandrist to men. How about instead of Mother’s Day we turn it into. Foster parents day. In fact Valentine’s Day is insulting to divorced parents, it should be changed to singles day. On singles day we celebrate the people who have divorced sexist peanut brained man hater dipshits like this person.

  5. No, cancel birthdays because some die before birth and that would be very disrespectful to flex that you're alive and happy while many families are grieving

  6. By the same logic, shouldn’t Mother’s Day be banned due to it being “offensive” to single fathers and same-sex parents?

  7. As someone without children I find all parent-based holidays offensive. I say we ban them and sentence any who disregard the ban to 50 lashes in public square.


  9. It was always stupid. It's just that before someone would say something stupid and people would ignore it. Now someone says something stupid, it's shared over and over.

  10. Ban Mother’s Day aswell then? I don’t think either should be banned but I imagine if you said that if you said “ban Mother’s Day” they would make an argument why it shouldn’t be

  11. Seems like similar rhetoric a feminist friend of mine goes on with. Ever father's Day is happy father's Day to all the single mothers out there with dead beat dad's. Sometimes men are just fucked for existing to these people

  12. That lady writes some seriously crazy shit on the reg. Go look her up some time. I'm pretty sure the elevator doesn't go to the top floor on that one.

  13. Saw some single moms celebrating themselves on fathers day. Like, yo, it isn't always about you. Give us a damn day.

  14. Wtf kind of crazy shit is this? As a single mother, please don't anyone even consider taking Father's Day away and this crazy bitch doesn't speak for all of us. She's also conveniently ignoring the men out there who are single dads.

  15. I feel, if we ban fathers day, there may be a lot more single mothers out there. Men also need to be shown they matter, not just women.

  16. I saw something about, "And don't forget the single mothers who play the part of mother and father on this Father's day" Fuckin kidding me? That's just mother's day.

  17. and then if i say that mother’s day is offensive to same sex parents and single dads i will get cancelled. what is the world we live in. women want equality, and that isn’t equal, it favors them.

  18. This must’ve been the waitress at the Mexican joint that yanked my plate away on Saturday before I was done eating. Didn’t even ask if I was done.

  19. Oh father's day is being banned? Alright then let's ban mother's day while we're at it. (I say as angry screeching in the background starts getting louder)

  20. Should mothers day be banned? Disrespectful to single fathers and same sex couples. So I wonder how far are we going to continue to belittle "males" aka "men" why don't we just ban everything, even ban the stuff that's banned. 🤔

  21. well then let's ban Mother's Day -- if a woman can cheat on her husband and leave him for another man then take zero responsibility for hurting him emotionally AND MENTALLY, AND GET AWAY WITH IT, then it's only fair.

  22. Then you’d also need to ban Mother’s Day since it’s “disrespectful” to same sex couples and single dads. Or are we pretending men don’t ever raise children?

  23. Just picture being her and thinking that what she's writing not only makes sense but it is also fair and the right thing to do.

  24. It will always boils my blood when i see "happy fathers day to all the dads and single moms". Do single fathers try and steal some thunder during mothers day?

  25. That's as likely to be outrage bait as anything. Don't listen to twitter, ever, about anything. Not left-leaning twitter, not right-leaning twitter, not feminist twitter, not men's rights twitter. Twitter, as a site, is designed to encourage stupid hot takes.

  26. Ban mother's day then, also disrespectful to same sex parents and single fathers, seriously, feminists are slowly turning from a cool thing to exist to just a bunch of bitches that use a apparently "good" excuse to be annoying as fuck and to try to force their fucked up ideologies down everyone's troath.

  27. It's people like this that remind me that feminism isn't about equality anymore, it's about oppression, the very thing they claim they are against.

  28. this logic, wouldn't Mothers Day be equally offensive to widowers and same sex male couples with children?

  29. Should Mother’s Day be banned because it’s offensive to single fathers and same sex couples?

  30. These radical feminists do realize that if all men were to disappear humanity as a whole would go extinct in a few short generations?

  31. Dear, a friend of mine was very stressed because father’s day is coming and she believes it should be banned… So yes… there are plenty of people who are fighting to this nowadays. Here in my country some schools celebrante “family’s day” instead of mother and father’s day (in don’t agree but…)

  32. Except nobody is protesting but her. I was raised by a single mother and at no point was she bored enough or stupid enough to fight something that is beyond dumb. My mom proudly called me on Father's day and said Happy Father's day. Attention seeking is what I call it and boredom

  33. I'm a female, but I freaking hate today's feminists. They are destroying what once was a a good movement. These idiots only use feminism as an excuse to hate on men. Its so toxic. I hope it ends soon.

  34. I was raised by a single father. Is mother's day disrespectful to him? No. Mother's and Father's Day holidays only mean what the individual decides they mean. People like this just annoy me.

  35. Don’t these people ever get tied of hearing themselves?!.. they come up with new ways to upset and trigger themselves everyday

  36. As a father, go ahead. My identity as a father isn't wrapped up in what the world thinks of fatherhood. It all depends on what I do and what my kid thinks. If she still talks to me when she's an adult, I will have succeeded.

  37. Are u Friggin kidding Me. And While were at it. Why does every Minority get a Month we have too celebrate. But Veterans get 1 day a year. 2 if ya want to count Memorial Day.

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