Soccer Mom starts/ends her boxing career in 7 seconds

  1. Its actually a title fight. Estrada was planned to defend her title against Jacky Calvo, but she got injured 2 weeks before the fight. Estrada still wanted to have a fight (and get paid $75k) but no serious professional boxer would agree to a fight with less than 2 weeks preparation. So they found Miranda Adkins, on paper she was good enough, she was an undefeated professional boxer, in reality her 5 wins were against 1st time fighters. She was out of her depth and everyone knew it, but she got paid 10k and thats why she did it.

  2. She doesn’t even look like she’s trained for this. Look how she moved towards her opponent. She looks like she’s shuffling.

  3. She was scared. She basically could have turned around and ran but she was in the ring so no turning back. You can see it in her demeanor...

  4. The most telling part is her saying her promoter (who is her ex husband she broke up with 2 weeks before??) was “motivating” her to do it

  5. 18-0 28 year old pro record and 97-4 amateur with nearly half the wins coming from knockouts vs 5-0 43 year old who has only fought first timers and no amateur career at all

  6. It’s criminal to let her in the ring. Just the run up before the bell shows that she is out of her league. Her opponent was amped to get at her.

  7. Agreed, such unbalanced fights are very dangerous. This was appalling from golden boy, she was miles out of her depth

  8. That doesn't look like a soccer mom, she's.. Oh, there she is - looks like she's ready to complain about having to wear gloves. Yeah, she's going to get creamed.

  9. As conceived in 1632 by Portuguese printing press operator Andre Filipe, boxing was a gentlemen’s game in which two men would square off and regale each other with stories monotonous for days on end until one of them fell to the ground from boredom or exhaustion. Over the next few years, the new sport developed a respectable following of a few hundred local socialites.

  10. I also don't understand how such a high level fighter comes in and just viciously beats someone down like that either. Reminds me of that MMA fight Ilima vs Castro.

  11. I'm late to this post, but im so glad this is the top comment, I had my suspicions before the bell rang, but I could tell before the first punch was thrown that she was completely outmatched.

  12. Solid read. I forget how truly dangerous this sport is. Poor promoters, poor referees, mismatched opponents.... an amazing sport when it's handled correctly... incorrectly... people can die. Ooof.

  13. Jesus. So this dipshit went from surreptitiously forcing a pro boxer to fight a mentally challenged person, to surreptitiously forcing a pro boxer to fight his unprepared, unaware ex wife?

  14. Who authorized this fight? This woman obviously has no idea what she is doing and had no business being in the ring. It pisses me off that fights this mismatched are allowed to occur.

  15. people need to be banned from boxing for allowing this. that woman had no idea how to box, like, at ALL.

  16. A lot of folks. The California commissioner said it was a mistake on his part, as he only looked at her 5-0 record and assumed she was able to fight.

  17. " My promoter John Carden is not my husband or significant other any longer. Our dissolution of marriage was in reality finalized around two weeks before he showed up at my door with the Golden Boy fight offer. "

  18. Apparently that was a reference to her mom, who died of ovarian cancer. The fight was a cancer awareness stunt, at least according to this lady.

  19. Thought the first woman was the mom. Thinking to myself, she looks pretty intense. In good shape. She's got a sweat so she's warmed up. She doesn't look so bad--

  20. Haha, I intentionally cut it to where there first woman was showed longer than the second before the fight started.. glad to know it worked

  21. If you play it backwards she wakes up, takes those hits like the champ she is and walks out of the ring. #yourethebest #around

  22. Nobody’s talking about the actual boxer who seemed to be mad excited to knock out a inexperienced fighter

  23. Usually in fixed games, the eventual winner will at least have put on a good show, making it look like it was a real fight and a struggle.

  24. If she’s breathing ok, they might have it in to protect her teeth if she starts seizing. That kind of knockout, they’re probably worried about traumatic brain injury.

  25. This wasn't a boxing match it was an easy setup by promoter John Carden of legacy boxing. He's getting a reputation for mismatching opponents and putting ££ before the sport. He also once put a special needs guy with zero experience in the ring with a professional boxer. Scum bag!

  26. That was a disgrace. Whoever organised that, regardless of the victims consent, should be, if not prosecuted at least banned from putting on boxing events.

  27. What athletic commission allowed this fight to happen? They should all lose their positions. In no situation should she have been in the ring with this woman

  28. Boxing is only fun to watch when both fighters know how to box. This wasn't even entertaining. The "mom" clearly didn't have the slightest idea what she was doing.

  29. Everyone's laughing about this, but she went into this fight KNOWING she was extremely outclassed and did it anyhow. She might not have gone the distance, but that's some Rocky level shit right there. Mad respect for her.

  30. This is the kind of bullshit that should neither be called a sport nor televised or put before an audience.

  31. This post is extremely misleading. Yes, she's in her 40s, but she is boxing professionally. To call her a "soccer mom" makes her seem like a moron. She didn't even plan this fight, it was arranged by her ex-husband, and she just went into it for the money and to raise awareness for cancer.

  32. As if anyone needs proof of the way rape culture makes men behave... It took the ref hitting dude's hand twice for him to actually remove his damn hand off her body while she was passed out. Sure, I don't know their relationship, he could be her husband or her brother, but guaranteed that's not what's going on in ref's mind!

  33. Damn. After watching it again, there's actually a second person to the right that tries to get dude to stop touching her too. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  34. Jesus christ. Like a yorkie getting squared up on by a Doberman she zoned in on her like a fucking axe murderer, full tilt on the gas, perfect stance and aggressive footwork, two quick combos and it's over in a flash!!

  35. Lol why did the commentator brag about this being hosted by them? I'd be fucking ashamed of being a part of such a ridiculous mismatch.

  36. You could tell just by looking at her that she had no business being in the ring. The other fighter was ready and pumped. She just looked like she was waiting to see the manager.

  37. It's easy to mock her, but it takes bravery to get in any ring, let alone one way above her class. She's been done a dirty here.

  38. I like how in an interview she said she did it to promote ovarian cancer which her mom had, even though she knew she couldn't win she still did it props to her.

  39. This is basically how pvp in Diablo immortal goes. Casual player vs person who's spent tens of thousands on the game.

  40. This looks like some sort of contest where you can win money by surviving a certain time in the ring with a pro. She lost

  41. When you open a video with “5 knockouts, 8 professional rounds, no opponent has a single win” I’m thinking “damn her manager just letting her bul….. damn, it’s over?!? Figures…. Another bully win” color me unimpressed.

  42. I wonder how much she got paid to take this fight just to pad that other woman's stats? And how much do you think the sanctioning body was bribed to actually allow this complete farce of a fight to occur?

  43. Reminds me of the old Bill Burr bit about how being a mother, according to Oprah, is "the hardest job in the world." I guess taking one to the face for a living is harder.

  44. Boxing is one of the few sports where women's is just as fun to watch as men's. Boxing is just great, except for the health of the athletes...

  45. The difference in skill was shocking. The experienced boxer moved lightning fast while the other looked like a slug in comparison.

  46. I don't know. From the look of her stance and approach she knows nothing about boxing. She shouldn't be allowed to box anymore unless she can prove some basic competency.

  47. What’s scary is that if she has landed a bit farther out, she could have tweaked her neck pretty bad on the edge of that ring.

  48. The announcer says the fastest knockout in women’s boxing history well as far as I can tell it’s the fastest knockout in history I can’t find anybody who’s knocked anybody else out faster so why does it have to be women’s boxing regardless of women or men.

  49. You’d think the ref woulda known too. He made zero attempt to stop her head from hitting the mat. There’s no way he was completely unaware of the skill gap between the two. After that first combo he should have been ready to dive.

  50. Couple few months at the boxing aerobics class doesn't necessarily mean you can deliver or absorb legitimate trembling blows...

  51. I'm not a boxer, I don't watch boxing. But it's always funny to see non-boxers go up against pro's. They always think it's going to be a slow strategic box. Instead they usually get a hundred punches in 5 seconds and fall over.

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