Climate Activist glues himself on the table of a Live Dutch Talkshow

  1. While super glue does stick to skin pretty well, it has very weak shear (side to side) strength. If you are super glued to something, you aren't really stuck. I'd like to see them step up to to a stronger, epoxy based adhesive.

  2. The mainstream media is not reporting on the intensifying climate protests of the last 5 years. The headline stunts of the past couple of weeks are just a small number in a growing movement.

  3. Glue takes time to fully cure, sometimes hours. And most adhesivea only adhere well to certain materials. So a skin to wood connection may not be the ideal chemistry for this adhesive.

  4. I thought a thin layer of his skin probably tore off when they tilted it. pretty sure skin would be the weak point if they tilted the table not the glue.

  5. When they moved the table I totally thought they were just going to leave him glued to it in a corner somewhere and then go back to what they were doing

  6. That would be exactly what I'd do... Okay, we move you into corner to think a bit about your actions, young man.

  7. As per my comment above just ship him off stuck to it, with the next cruise, and set him loose on international waters where he won't be seen virtue signalling. He has a raft to sit on...

  8. "Ok, cut the lights and go home everyone. Except you Dave. You sit on that table and think about what you've done."

  9. Thanks! I always laugh at how similar Dutch is to English and German. It’s like the simlish of language.

  10. Off topic, but I just realized that Dutch sounds like what people talking in my dreams sounds like. I understand the tone, but it's gibberish to me.

  11. We're talking about it so their goal is met. If they didn't do this we'd not be talking about it. It's really that simple, honestly.

  12. Super glue sets so fast, I’m surprised and disappointed that he didn’t just stick his hands together when he was spreading the glue

  13. Doing stupid bullshit gets clicks, this stuff is working because the oil companies won't withdraw media ads if the coverage of climate change activists is negative, but otherwise its likely some outlets would not cover climate change at all.

  14. Also, another huge facepalm is that they started to carry the whole damn table top when all they needed to do is to just pull the guy off it -- like no shit, or just flip the table, like they finally did, to let the guys own weight rip him off.

  15. They obviously don't want to rip him off, damage his skin and have to pay the damages. Easier and safer to carry the table

  16. Lol, shoulda thrown a sheet over him. Something thin so it won't cause breathing issues, but enough to block his dumb ass. Then everyone leaves at the commercial break.

  17. Drop him off in the alley in the back with his sheet over him. If you keep him in the building, He will expect food, someone to collect his feces and urine and demand heat and/or air conditionin. Like those other fools that glued themselves in that VW dealership building and were upset when they shit and pissed their pants and cried about the lack of food. If you keep them in the building they assume you owe them something. We don't, so outside they go. Lol

  18. Agreed, as my imaginary versions of Ghandi MLK and Nelson Mandela once said, please don’t inconvenience people and have a quiet polite protest over there.

  19. Surely the real facepalm is adding this as a facepalm. The joke is on us, slowly cruising to extinction while laughing at people going to extreme measures to make us pay attention.

  20. You can find this to be a facepalm worthy attempt while also being concerned about climate changes and oil reliance.

  21. Dude, there’s been a real concerted effort online to discredit climate activists in the past couple weeks. I feel like every other day I see a new video, even just relegated to this sub, trying to make activists look dumb, reckless or otherwise inept and it’s blatant.. I hope people are thinking critically and not actually eating this up like they seem to be.

  22. This hits so weird for me as an American because I don't know anyone here who has the incredible trust and faith in the stability and sanity of the people around you that it must take to glue yourself to something in public.

  23. As goofy as these activists have been, they're not wrong. We're on the brink of an ecological disaster that will kill at least a billion people in the next 50 years.

  24. I'm a firm believer that these morons are all working for the oil companies. They all do the same dumbass bullshit superglue stunt knowing it does nothing to keep you actually attached to anything..... all while using a horrificly bad environmental material to make said point.

  25. Seriously guys, stop glueing yourself to things and destroy historic art pieces and actually try to help the climate, you think the big oil guy will shed a tear because you threw potato salad at a painting or glue yourself to a carshow?

  26. Sometimes I think we should just let these idiots be. See how they react when no one is trying to get them off of the surface they're glued to. They can tolerate some lost skin, right? Won't do it again when they spend a few weeks being able to hold on to things properly after.

  27. So I don't get it. You don't want them throwing soup at glass panes, you don't want them to disrupt roads, and now they can't interrupt a talkshow? So what, only protest if I don't have to see you?

  28. I think maybe the facepalm is the sheer amount of people who say it’s not effective and then prove that it is effective by posting and talking about it constantly

  29. He was given a platform to speak about the topic, he chose not to and discussed nothing and ruined his chance when they agreed to let him.

  30. I fully support protecting our planet and trying to reverse the effects of climate change, but these silly stunts don’t raise awareness. They merely make climate change activists look like fucking morons.

  31. Honestly it's so sad that y'all just gonna keep wasting water and energy, these guys might be dramatic but at least they care for the planet, not society's stupid treasures. Who cares anyways, we've damn near sealed our fates anyways at this point.

  32. Hang on, what’s the facepalm here? Is it climate activism? That’s a noble cause. Is it gluing himself to the table? That brings attention to him and his cause, which is the whole point

  33. He was literally in the talkshow to talk about climate change. So your claim that "the media" doesn't give them any attention is clearly false.

  34. I was expecting like three grips to just flip the table over right where it was. And continue the show over the hollering from the idiot with the cut mic.

  35. Tube of super glue: $1 Moving the table out of the room that the protester has glued himself to: priceless.

  36. I don’t understand why these are facepalms. The climate crisis needs people to protest for attention and to take drastic measures or risk embarrassing themselves. We’re watching our world burn.

  37. Better option would be to just leave him there. Glued to a table. Alone. In a dark, cold room. With no food, water, or bathroom. Bet he get apologetic pretty quick.

  38. This is such a weird thing to see. Like they are cementing themselves in front of the person but the other person could literally just be like meh and walk away and leave them there stuck to the table.

  39. Don't Look Up is feeling way to prophetic for my liking... the planet won't a suitable habitat for humankind soon.... but let's focus on what really matters........ glue

  40. I wonder if these stop oil protesters that keep gluing themselves everywhere realize that the super glue they use and then discard so easily is petroleum based?

  41. Wow, so cringe wanting the climate crisis to be taken seriously and having the courage to put yourself out there and do something.

  42. My respect for them. As a common man, These are things most of us won't do to protect our own planet and these people are doing what they can with little resources at disposal. The least we can do is support their actions.

  43. I wouldn't have cared for whatever he was saying but why did he said PAKISTAN though?? Anyone willing to translate ?

  44. I don't understand why people decide to hate on these protests so much. It is a harmless protests that points attention to serious issues that are being largely ignored by the people who should be responsibile for fixing them. And these people are risking their whole careers for this, I can respect that.

  45. Yes let’s ridicule them for trying to bring attention to a crisis that is threatening our entire planet in a way that is completely harmless

  46. As always with these threads, what would the “lol this dumb jerk” suggest to us that would make an impact in this apocalyptic problem? I see a lot of people saying “well he should have just given a scientific serious report”, we get these reports every fucking day and if he had done that we wouldn’t be hearing about it. So please, my smug do nothing friends, give me an idea of a way to push the needle on the climate disaster at all, or are you all too busy shitting on people desperately trying to help in any way?

  47. I really wish they would just leave these people there to just soil themselves and dehydrate until they give up. I'm trying to understand even the reason for gluing themselves. That dude just wrecked that table. How many resources will it take to replace? I feel like these people have very short sighted thought process.

  48. I pray someone does this around me. I always have a black sharpie marker with me and I 100% will draw many many dicks on anyone's face that glues their hands to a surface! The second they can't defend themselves... the dicks will be drawn on!!!

  49. If I was sitting at that table I would not be able to hold in laughing at this guy. Maybe I shouldn’t even resist. It’s ridiculous

  50. People are facepalming these protests on this sub left and right, but I think the real facepalming that should be happening should be to those who are making decisions or, rather, neglect to make good decisions to prevent our own literal extinction. It's a fucking end game, and it doesn't seem to be taken seriously right now. At face value, sure, gluing your hand to a table at a talkshow is not directly effective at combating environment and climate policy, and I agree to that, but if you're outright rejecting the principle, you are no better than the executives and politicians endorsing the continued usage of unsustainable practices.

  51. Is it positive attention? When I hear "just stop oil" I just think of these clowns lately. How is it actually helping anything. Talk without work is They're doing what no one else is willing to do, because it's ridiculous and silly

  52. I fail to see the facepalm. It's an individual's actions that brings awareness to a critical issue. The method doesn't matter as long as it's something behaviorally non-normative, like the souping and gluing. We're aware of it. Their goals are being achieved.

  53. I recently purchased two 12pk’s of single use super glue. One for work and one for home just to have on hand. After seeing all these activists, I’m worried I’m gonna be put on somebody’s watch list.

  54. He's talking about the climate and ecological crisis. About that we're only talking about it now and not when 100 of thousands of Pakistanis had to witness huge floods and alot were killed. Near the end he (activist) is saying that this is harmful for him, and the audience laughs. He got escorted with kindness and even got to drink a cola before he left.

  55. I love how incredibly Dutch the solution was. "Ah this dude glued himself to a table. Let's just remove the table top so we can continue on in a couple minutes."

  56. People wondering why we are seeing this. The point of these protest is to draw attention to one's hopelessness in these situations. It's inconvenient. There's no more discussion that needs to be done on the matter, we all know and agree that climate change will destroy us on this planet if more isn't done to prevent it. So a few inconvenient actions is nothing compared to the horror and death down the road.

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