Sources: Hawks’ Trae Young and coach Nate McMillan had an exchange at Friday’s shootaround that led to Young choosing not to attend the team’s home win over Denver. Details on dynamics and managing tensions around Hawks – with @sam_amick at @TheAthletic:

  1. Nate told Trae his hair was thinning. Trae wholeheartedly disagreed. But Nate was insistent that Trae should consider trying out a new haircut. I don’t think this relationship can be repaired fellas.

  2. Trae’s kind of a bitch for not showing up to his own home game as the star of the team. People pay a lot of money for this.

  3. I'd be more worried about living on a planet that is facing severe climate change and global social, economic and political catastrophes, not to mention severe water shortages and food scarcity, as well as chronic illness that is sweeping the planet in unprecedented fashion.

  4. What an a-hole. He’s paid millions to play then acts like a child when he had a spat with his coach and decides not to play. He’s a pro. He should act like one.

  5. This kinda reminds me of the “We talking about practice” but to be fair to AI he wouldn’t have missed a game or came off the bench lol

  6. As a Pacer fan I already knew McMillan couldn’t coach. I used to scream at TV “call timeout” and he’d let teams go on HUGE runs. He’d play Turner and Sabonis all the time like twin towers 🤦‍♂️. All man to man too and no switching lol. You don’t have Glove Payton on your team lol and it isn’t the 90s. Of course since Hawks had a million wings and an all star PG, not to mention a front court of Collins and Capella, people thought he could coach bcuz Hawks looked pretty good.

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