Adrian Peterson is visiting the Seahawks today. Most recently of the Titans, Peterson could be back in the NFL, in Seattle this time.

  1. I always felt like dude pitter patters around way too much even before hitting a hole. This works if O-line is creating huge holes but even then he doesn't hit it with any burst. He's better off as a back-up who comes in with energy and makes a few plays.

  2. Hope they sign him, get the bag AD! Fantasy wise none of those rbs are relevant save Collins as a td dependant flex option for maybe 10 pts.

  3. Maybe he can switch it up and hit the holes hard and belt out a few touchdowns. Those kids on the other team don’t stand a chance. He’s really gonna punish them.

  4. Pete Carrol is just trying to recreate the NFL 2011-2014 era backfield He’s currently got Beast Mode’s Walmart lookalike and now he’s going for an actual player from that era - maybe the only RB from then still readily available.

  5. The only times they’ve been able to move the ball the last two weeks were with Dallas in running the hurry up. You would think they would try to do that more earlier in the game but no, they would rather lose.

  6. Sorry but AP will never be fantasy relevant again. I wish he’d pack it in. You’d hate to see him be remembered for the back end of his career

  7. What’s the point? The season is over for them. Let Carson heal up and start thinking about next year.

  8. Not drafting any Seahawks next year. Russ seems to be in decline and that offense is going to get worse before it gets better.

  9. Got cut faster than you can say Derrick Henry from his last gig, now going to one of the most volatile RB rooms in the NFL. I’m not even buying a ticket for this ride.

  10. They've watched him every day for 2yrs and even after the injuries to Carson, Penny, Homer and Collins being banged up, they still hesitated to give Dallas touches. That tells you about all you need to know about what they think of him

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