Dragoon's new simple mode job gauge suddenly looks quite awkward...

  1. The bar fills as you thrust, increasing reach and potency. Once the bar is filled your finisher will activate dealing area damage and going on cooldown.

  2. Don't forget to life surge at the end of your thrust combo for maximum potency. You know. Let your life essence surge out of that final thrust.

  3. Well Final Fantasy did have a crossover with Kingdom Hearts. Maybe now we're going to get a Kingdom Hearts themed raid?

  4. From "someone who is pretty used to GIMP"'s standpoint that will be very easy to mod so it looks better. Just have to move the bottom left arrows 1-2 pixels down and we're good :>

  5. In design school we learned that nearly anything can resemble a ween if you look hard enough. Sometimes you just have to embrace the utility. 😭

  6. It's a bar vaguely shaped like a cock and balls relating to a class that revolves around thrusting a spear. Various bits fill up and empty depending on how you are thrusting. Let's not be churlish, let's just congratulate the interface design people for getting it out without a responsible adult noticing.

  7. It's the new dragoon Rocket Gauge because dragoon will be able to launch themselve to go to the moon.

  8. I bet those are two separate elements akwardly put together through the HUD, like 99%. The distance of the upper markers from the meter isn't even the same as the distance of the lower ones.

  9. That almost filled up bar really paints the picture even clearer. That had to be intentional. Those naughty creative business unit 3 devs.

  10. Oh nice its a rocket ship, I like to draw rocket ships with lasers like this (_)_)::::::::::::::::::::D~~~~~~~~~~ fingers crossed for some lasers in 7.0

  11. to me honestly looks like some type of bad warrior axe, Near "17" you have the handle. personally it looks nothing like a P. and I try to imagine it as one but it just doesn't look like it lol

  12. Life of the Party: Grants one charge of PP Energy upon successfully executing Elusive Jump without dying. Upon gaining two charges, grants two stacks of Big PP Energy for 30 seconds.

  13. They didn't, this is a "Simplify" option that takes the fancy resource bars a job has and turns it into a simplistic and easy to read bar. So to get this you have to toggle Simplify Resource Bar on. If you don't have it toggled, you'll still have the fancy resource bar.

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