Dude gets knocked into a tv after repeatedly taunting his friend !

  1. The young punk was a total buzz kill. He could make stoned people get violent with him in response.

  2. Came here to say this, blue shirt was way too patient. Maybe that's why the dude got all tough cuz he thought dude was a pushover. He thought wrong

  3. You can see his entire demeanor change after the skinny dumbass first called him a "fag". Looked like he was ready to whoop his ass then but changed his mind and instead gave him a warning. Dude had a hell of a lot of patience.

  4. Thanks for this lmfao. Dogs the guy 5 min straight, "im just playin" shits on him another 5 and gets put in the corner.

  5. Hey the old dude has class. He was patient with someone who was obviously a moron… and then knocked him out one-and-done. Gave him a fair warning. There wasn’t any unconscious head-kicking or rifling through his pockets. He didn’t stand over his body and say “what now, bitch!” He just walked away. 10/10.

  6. And apologized for knocking him into the television. Sounds like the owner was okay with it though, he bitched a little but then I think it's him that says "you didn't go far enough." when the guy says he went too far.

  7. A little “what now bitch” would have been warranted but overall I agree. Too many fights on here keep going well after someone has lost the fight already.

  8. What happens after this event? When he wakes up, do they send him packing? Does he apologize for talking smack and they continue being friends? Who pays for the TV? How does this play out afterwards? I feel like you could make an entire movie on the entire premise.

  9. When he wakes up, do they send him packing? Yes. Does he apologize for talking smack and they continue being friends? No Who pays for the TV? probably the owner

  10. Knocked out guy has to buy a new tv now. Gets to hear how he broke the tv with his face for the rest of his life.

  11. Drug dealers have people coming in and out 24/7,some buyers hang about like a bad smell and the drug dealers like having people they can belittle around

  12. Oh WOOOOOW. I was in the same unit in the army as the guy in glasses. This video circulated among us like crazy when it first happened. I can’t believe it’s on world star. I gotta tell my friends lol.

  13. Blue shirt knows how to hang and bust each other’s balls with a good laugh, But other dude wasn’t busting balls he was disrespecting.

  14. He references Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis here as far as the man’s appearance. Not sure what Ray has to do with being ugly, but Terrell Suggs won the King Ugly award every year the Ravens locker room gave it out.

  15. My grandfather always said “don’t let your alligator mouth get your rabbit ass in trouble”. Learned a lot from that dude.

  16. That's the kind of friend that you don't want to hang around with. Fuck people who bring you down for the enjoyment of others to make themselves feel popular.

  17. Its always a tiny dude doing this shit. Im a really big guy and just about every time i go out some little shit has to try me. Ill never get it.

  18. They're just noob players looking for a large source of XP, but are too afraid to fight the boss so they run around the arena instead

  19. Well deserved knockout. Tbh I'm surprised it took him that long to pop him lol. After about the 10th time saying it you'll most likely get put to sleep.

  20. I don't understand people that wear headphones while talking to someone else. Like they need their own personal soundtrack.

  21. Man, where all the "words never justify violence" folks that pop up when it's a white dude who gets jacked for running off at the mouth?

  22. That man was way too small to be talking that much shit! And he kept going further like he wanted punched 🤔

  23. The guy who you can hear in the background knew that guy had that coming. He's pissed at first, but then accepts it. He's 100% giving the loud mouth the bill for a new TV.

  24. It was “hummingbird ass” with my elders. The gist is the same. Big talk, big game until the heat is on.

  25. The odds of getting knocked out, and skyrim-ragdolling into a kneeling position against a piece of furniture are slim, but not impossible

  26. Legit, first WorldStar video I've ever seen without someone saying 'Woooooooooooorld Staaaaaaaaaar!!' - I thought it was like a rule that you had to say that to post your vid on that site...

  27. By video taping it and laughing non stop at jokes that ain’t funny??? Don’t bitch about your tv 📺 getting smashed in when you instigated a fight in your spot

  28. Why was he constantly calling the dude ugly? If he's ugly, then young guy is sus af for harping on it for as long as he did. Probably would still be talking if he didn't get rocked.

  29. People talking about he doesn't know when to stop, ect... He was obviously clowning. This was some special ed shit all around

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