Fenway Park

  1. Having stepped over more than a few fights on my way too and from my seats, I can 100% concur with this statement. I'd bet money one of them is named Sean as well.

  2. red shirt does not have a clue what he is doing. thank god the security came to save him from further embarrassment.

  3. He prolly started this tilly. Usually it’s an older person saying shit that gets a younger kid to say something that’s equally as negative, triggering the boomer to attack. A lot of retired bardos out there. Bardo- Someone who used to sucker people in the bar back in the day. Usually past their athletic prime, but they’re still gonna test the odds.

  4. I worked for Ace Tickets for one year, and it made me hate the whole Red Sox experience. The fans have made it a terrible place to see a game for decades.

  5. When I was a kid there was a fence near the bathrooms in right field. It was about thirty feet high and came to a spot near a gap between the wall and the bathroom roof. Me and my cousins used to climb up, slip through the gap and crawl to the edge. Then wait till it was crowded between innings and drop down into the crowd. I doubt you’d get away with it now even if the fence is still there which I’m sure is gone since the addition.

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