2022 Spanish Grand Prix - Race Discussion

  1. Anyone know where I can find data on the lap by lap gaps between Max and Leclerc, before Max’s mistake at turn 4?

  2. Avoids collisions, tucks in, has a great race, plays the overtakes, plays the strategy, gets a podium, his team and even fan talks 0 about him and all about Hamilton.

  3. This track really highlighted to me how much better the cars are at racing each other now. They were able to follow each other so closely the whole race. And this is a circuit that is notoriously difficult to pass on?!

  4. I mean it was still impossible to pass without the drs straight . Verstap on bottas was the only one

  5. At what point is Merc going to give Lewis the treatment they have Bottas last year? Russell has been killing it this year and is Merc #1 IMO this year.

  6. What race were you watching? Lewis was the fastest driver on track today. But there was no need for team order, Russell was in front and cruising to the finish. I highly doubt Russell will be asked to move over for Hamilton this season.

  7. Imagine the amount of whinging that would happen if Hamilton got totally valid team orders. It would be chaos

  8. They didn’t give us another view. Stewards didn’t have any further action but I think it was a 50-50. KMag sent it too hard when he didn’t have the corner but Lewis went wide into him.

  9. When you don't have to worry about track position you can pit at the most favorable times for tire performance. I wouldn't read to much into it

  10. Kind of disapointed in how low credit Russell seem to get from spokespersons in the Mercedes team. Sure, Hamilton had a great recovery drive. But, he could have avoided that situation in the beginning with Kmag. He also seem to not really wanna be helping the team since he wanted to retire the car and save the engine when things went bad. I feel like he needs to get the right attitude back even when his team is not the top team. Russell on he other hand is keeping is head down, still in the shadow, and delivering every race. Maeby not brilliant all the time, but fun to watch, solid and with an, as it seems, great attitude for himself and the team.

  11. Have to agree. Hamilton shouldn’t have been so down. Not a great look. Dunno what clicked for him to focus back up, but great race from him after that.

  12. I agree he ‘gave up’ after the crash and then dialled in as events went his way. A big difference from his history of pushing and pushing until his competition make mistakes. GR is adopting that attitude IMHO is keeping Mercedes in the game, if not the title.

  13. Yeah Russell is the clear number 1. I’d be happy if team Mercedes and Lewis just parted ways next season. Not going to happen, but so wish they would.

  14. Toto - Lewis. Sorry for the temperatures at the end. it was an amazing race. Amazing race. Quickest car out there. Probably best race time. Would have gone for the win. So amazing.

  15. Gutted for Checo. If he would have made it to the end in Bahrain he would be up there fighting for 1st. Also that shit safety car in Saudi. Dude is the ultimate team player and he deserved to atleast be able to race today.

  16. Let’s be honest… max was gaining 1.5+ sec a lap. It’s was a question of when not if max was gonna overtake

  17. The course doesn’t drive like it does in the video games that he grew up with, spending 95% off his time driving Monaco. 😉

  18. Maybe he’s already used up his bad luck with today… I’m a believer in a Monaco redemption arc for Leclerc :,)

  19. Tbf Lewis was faster than Max, Perez and Russell all race- he could have won if he didn't get punted at the start by Kevin.

  20. Hamilton was 55 seconds behind russell at p19 after first lap, he closed down the gap to 11seconds and was driving at same pace as Verstappen. Perez had a solid 9/10 race, but Hamilton was 10/10 today.

  21. Max was gaining about 1s or more PER LAP on Checo for a few laps before the team order came. It was obvious that they were waiting to see if the pace gap was big or not. When it became clear that Max was much faster, they asked Checo to let him pass. Its a strategic decision and its not all that unfair, honestly.

  22. Team radio messages are broadcasted with a delay. It’s possible that the real message happened earlier, and when we heard it Checo was already slowing down to let Max through.

  23. He was on the podium in Australia also If I remember correctly, either way this is his 2nd one for this season

  24. The cooldown room was a delight. I’m starting to really love Russell, his post race interview had great vibes (despite utterly ignoring the actual questions lol), and I loved the podium energy

  25. he pretty much already has it in the bag. their car is by far the fastest in terms of race pace. and aside from the DRS today, they also seem to have fixed their reliability issues, while Ferrari suddenly struggles with it.

  26. Yeah this one was on him. Caught max out too, so makes me feel 1% better but still moral victories don’t count for anything

  27. Agree, it's much more exciting if Sainz, George, Lewis, checo are battling. Even if max and Leclerc pull away.

  28. do you even know how F1 works? usually you have to fight the driver in front of you to get past them. having the faster lap time doesn't mean shit if you can't get past. and Max with his faulty DRS would have had a hard time passing.

  29. I hope leclerc finishes the race but does something stupid on the cooldown lap, yk, just for traditions 😂

  30. alfa needs to sign checo next so we can have a ultimate duo of bottas and perez next season, there is no point of being a number 2 driver in this sport

  31. Ofc there is... its not clear cut, firstly money, ofc if he can get same or better deal money wise in close to the top team you can gamble going to be first driver for worse team who has potential to ace it and be on the top next season or what ever, but going for a cut money wise just to race for 8th-10th but be the main man idk how is that worth?

  32. I had this thought as well. I'd much rather have Checo not be the number 2 driver and succumb to team orders.

  33. I think they were trying to apply some noise reduction, and it wasn't working. But you could also hear someone saying "please no swearing" in the background, so could be that too...

  34. Announcers on F1TV explained there’s a 3 second delay to cut swearing and they were apparently swearing every other word lol

  35. Sainz has been poor. Very lucky Lewis had bad luck to give him back p4. the gap between him and Charles is getting embarrassing and costing the team. Charles is battling the RBs solo.

  36. Arsenal really had everything on their side and they decided to be ARSENAL!! They really gave us all the false hope, and I was very sure we were finally going back to the Champions League. Now I am just dead inside

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