truck tantrum destroys nice green space when they decide they can't wait any longer for fast food.

  1. Can we just take a moment to appreciate that this massive truck with massive wheels and tyres, was defeated for a curb and some grass? I could have done that on my gravel bike without even needing to slow down haha

  2. When I was a kid, my dad used to take me to his family house in the middle of nowhere and you absolutely need an off-road car to get there (and I mean that, knowing that most people don't actually need them). He had a small and lightweight one, like Suzuki Jimny but a bit on steroids.

  3. Another part of this issue is that a lot of these types of places, that landscape with turf, but nobody interacts with the space, waste a lot of water to just "make it green." That soil is sogged out for the truck to sink that far.

  4. HAHAHAHA, that piece of shit truck can't even handle a bit of lawn! What the actual fuck?? Oh and fuck that person, hope they get a huge bill for repairing all of that.

  5. My incredibly arrogant, cult leader of a "Father"-in-law used to brag about the fact that he gnawed on his crib the entire time he was in one, and that it was painted with lead paint. He would bring that up in an effort to prove that the whole "lead is bad for you" idea was just liberal propaganda.

  6. Yep. It is basically the most globally-consistent statistical correlation with violence that has been found. We can yell about correlation not being causation, but eventually there is an actual cause of things and wow does lead line up perfectly across all spectrum of person and place. And the US was embarrassingly late to act on fixing this. Hopefully we get out of those weeds someday, like, just in time to run out of water...

  7. So much for “all terrain, Off-roading 4 wheel tall, tough, heavy duty” pick-up truck. They should sue the car ad for false advertising.

  8. In the comments on the original post people were saying that the truck is in fact 4 wheel drive, but you have to press a button to activate it. So it would be fantastic if they did sue and got shown for the complete moron they are. (More so than in the video I mean)

  9. Bless this continent. My favourite part of our warped sense of freedom is that idiots like this percolate to the surface once in a while.


  11. Tell me the difference between the kind of dickhead that does this and that dickhead screaming Rick and Morty quotes demanding Szechuan sauce

  12. Is it bad that I'm pleased he got stuck? And probably had to call a tow truck to save him from his own impatience and stupidity?

  13. So funny to see a truck that size that claims to be so capable to be defeated by what amounts to a suburban front lawn. Hope they billed him/his insurance company

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