Chinese safety issues

  1. Jesus Christ! How does someone learn to arc weld without being taught that you will lose your freaking eyesight if you don't use a shield. The damage to his eyes will be permanent.

  2. Seriously I’ve had incidents when my eyes just got sparked a few times welding and I woke up the next day unable to go outside without experiencing searing eye pain. It’s serious.

  3. I was about to point that out. Just because its an asian looking person doing something dumb, doesnt mean its Chinese. But then again, I think any Asian seeing a white guy doing something dumb immediately thinks American.

  4. I before e except after c. With mother fucking freight being one of the exceptions. I kept staring at your sentence thinking it had to be wrong but fuck no it's right.

  5. If you move your eyes it hurts. If you don’t move your eyes it hurts. If you open your eyes it hurts. If you close your eyes it hurts. There is absolutely no escape from the pain once it kicks in. The pain only stopped for me when I passed out from exhaustion.

  6. Mine were sunburnt because the guy across from me didn't have his curtain closed and his arcs were reflecting from inside my helmet

  7. I’ve never heard it called arc eye, what part of the world are you in? I’m from the UK & know it as welders flash.

  8. Even if he is he will still feel the pain. Just because he is blind doesn’t mean he doesn’t have corneas that can be burnt.

  9. They do this in Vietnam too. Daily, I'd walk by the hundreds of different construction projects going on in the city and I'd all of a sudden be blinded by at least one of them

  10. It's Thailand BTW. Thai song, Thai school uniforms with names in Sanskrit on them.

  11. If he welds without long enough protection his eyes in several hours will slam involuntary shut and feel as though they are loaded with burning sand.

  12. Welding without a mask. YEP seems normal to me in asia though i would not do that when using arc welding.

  13. Arc flash literally feels like hot sand being poured into your eyes. The first few layers off your eyeball essentially melt off and ooze out. Welder of 16 years

  14. Not Racist at all, just uneducated. How is somebody meant to know the difference if they’ve never been taught or exposed to it?

  15. The song is not in Chinese. None of these guys look Chinese. This could be in one of the Southeastern Asian counties. The title makes it racist sh&t, just saying.

  16. A welding flash burn is the same thing as a sunburn on your skin. The ultraviolet light spectrum burns the skin on the eyes causing it to dry and peel.

  17. He does realize it’s easier to... actually see what your doing with the MASK ON?? But being blind and doing a horrible weld job is cool too I guess...

  18. He's not even squinting (not that it would actually help), but I'm impressed with his ability to full eye stare into blinding light.

  19. 30x brighter than the sun, and he's looking RIGHT AT IT. Dude standing up has a hood, but not the genius that's actually welding. Enjoy flash burn, idiot.

  20. If you weld without a mask, after a while it feels like you have sand in your eyes. I did once, not for long, but I'm always using a mask after that experience even for doing "dots"?, idk how to say it in english.

  21. If you feel like your gonna get welding eyes like this dipstick. Go home dont turn on the tv or anything with bright lights.

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