The average Exotic Dancer salary in the U.S. is $49k, tips included

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  2. Now how am I gonna get glitter on me watching online? If I'm not picking a fight with my wife, did stripping even happen?

  3. It's 5 a.m. so it took me some time to figure out what was going on here. I think the way to type this would be "stripper poll," leaving the pun translation to the way you would "hear" it in your head, but regardless, well done sir or madam.

  4. I was a pole dancer in my 20's. I have never made money like that since. I was averaging £2000 a weekend. 3 day work week £108000 a year. My partner is in a great job and I sell art. We still don't come close to what I made as a stripper.

  5. $49k average based on what is reported to the government. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say some portion of their earnings is in unreported cash.

  6. I’m an economics teacher and on a bachelor party trip to Atlantic City I was talking to all the strippers about things an Econ teacher would wonder. I broached things politely but i asked how much they made and if they would recommend it as a job. 2/5 strippers recommended it, and only one girl was willing to disclose her income which she said ranged from $70-90k, but that she works her ass off and some girls actually lose money. They paid for their slot and had to earn that back before they made any money. Some girls would let guys buy them drinks and drugs and have a fun time but not even make their money back. I had a conversation with a cocktail waitress at a casino earlier that day who gave me a similar income range ($70-80k) for a much less demanding job.

  7. I remember watching a show about Vegas and some of those strip joints charge girls to get on stage because they make so much in tips.

  8. Yup, knew a guy years ago that worked in a club. He was making six figures in a support role, dj made six figures, hell even the valets were in the 70k range. IRS thought he made about 50k because it was mostly unreported cash tips.

  9. Yup! I worked at a casino where they reported that I made $75 in tips each week. In reality I was making $200+

  10. Drake apparently dropped $1mil at a Houston strip club last night. I bet them girls frowns at being at work on a Monday turned upside down pretty quick

  11. If you're working at a strip club that Drake would frequent, you're not hurting for cash. Those big fancy strip clubs are like the ivies lol. Like at a certain point, you cross from stripper to performer and that's kinda where they're at.

  12. RIP Vixens… closed for COVID and never been reopened. I miss seeing the funny signs when I drive my kid to soccer

  13. About 20 years ago, I had a stripper as a roommate. She showed me her books, and working about 15 shifts a month, she was making six figures. There’s good money in it if you’re in the right place and work hard. To the best of my knowledge, she wasn’t doing any “extras.”

  14. Yup. Had a bar regular that would get flown out to Vegas, picked up in a limo, and a free room at a nice hotel every other weekend and make 3 grand a night. She wasn’t even a traditional head turner hot. Just knew not to work it I guess.

  15. Keep in mind if thats average, for every one making $90k there is one only making $10k

  16. Because a long time ago the residents of Bunker Hill and Inwood desided that they didn't want the government telling them what could be built and where. So they rejected any kind of zoning ordinance and now have a charming area that goes from a strip club, to a day care, to a sex shop, to a dive bar.

  17. I’ve always wondered; Is it true, that in America, exotic dancers get butt naked on main stage? I’ve always found that weird. In English strip clubs, you have to pay about £20/£25 and get taken into a seedy back room (it’s more like a changing cubicle from clothing store). That’s where the magic happens. You generally get 4 to 5 minutes. Oh, and they literally time it down to the second. It’s awkward. Fortunately, all my friends are married now so no more Stag Parties and therefore no real reason to go to one.

  18. We have a little different here in the states. Some states you can touch the girl (in more ways than 1). In my state she can touch you, but you can not touch her at all but what is weird they can touch each other to the point it really is sex on stage.

  19. I haven’t been down there in a decade. The inwood exit off 81 south, left and then a right at the next T intersection and a few miles on the left. I used to go there all the time I college back in the early 2000s. At the time you only had to be 18 to get in so my underage friends would pregame in the parking lot. It was an hour drive and lots of fun.

  20. I love that so many people recognize it! I never got to go there before it closed. I work at Lust and a bunch of girls from Vixens now work there too.

  21. I love how Vixens is always the one that’s on Reddit. I’ve seen this place 3 times now! The last one was the joke about the one ugly stripper they have. Lol.

  22. Holy shit, I remember the Vixens near my hometown too, and it was literally right over the border from Virginia in to West Virgina lmao

  23. No one gets hit harder by inflation than strippers. They’ve been getting dollar bills since the 70’s. It’s not like anyone’s using $5’s now…

  24. Yes, I worked 3 7-8 hour shifts per week back then (late 90’s-early 2000’s) and even if it was horrible I never made less than $300 and many nights it could be over $1000. Typical would be $700-$800

  25. As a strip club manager I knew girls who would come in from another city and left when they made 10k in just a few days

  26. Average income in America is $41,300 so strippers are doing slightly better. Plus, how much is unreported? Its a cash business.

  27. My first time at a club was when my friends took me. I asked where we were going and they said "To the gentlemen's club, to conduct business"

  28. Should have left out the “to”… “Nobody wants twerk anymore” (to work) would have been better.

  29. In Lancashire (uk), we tend to shorten a LOT of verbose, and non-informative interpersonal communicational endeavours. One to the words we shorten is "to".

  30. Way more when you count up the undeclared income. Stripper pay is huge, don't let teachers fool you into studying math and social studies

  31. Dated one for awhile, she also bartended on the side. Wasn't unusual for her to come home with a couple hundred in cash most nights.

  32. Is this assuming cash tips are underreported? Because I know like two dozen strippers who report HC minimum (17k) and clear six figures.

  33. I know that Vixens, it’s in Berkeley Springs WV. I’ll just say this their starting lineup before hell broke loose was less than decent.

  34. But would the average person get paid for getting naked? with obesity being common, it's not likely. People that think stripping is easy, don't even have the option to get paid for being attractive and naked. Also, as a woman, going into a stripclub, I feel nothing but fucking admiration for those girls. Not only does it take balls, you have to be hella confident to walk around naked and not get stalked/raped/killed. It's sort of brave as fuck.

  35. As a former bouncer I know girls whom paid of college, house and car twerking. Now they're all married to successful partners with mostly cute kids. At least 2 are ugly asf babies

  36. It is a difficult and physically and mentally draining job, and is generally not worth the money.

  37. Most of them are practically brothels. I don't think I've ever been to a strip club where someone doesn't get offered extras at some point. If they say they don't do VIP or have private rooms, the likelihood of Candi the stripper blowing you in the parking lot after work for 60 bucks and a bag of mcdonalds goes up with each reoccurring visit.

  38. Fucking West Virginia strip club! What a wild experience. Ron Jeremy and that douche, Brett Hart, were regulars.

  39. Someone who worked in my group got a new job so we took him out to a strip club after work to celebrate. Since I now had an open spot in my team, I jokingly asked the mostly naked female bartender if she wanted a job in IT support. She replied that there was no way we could match what she was currently making. When I told her the minimum starting salary, she said it was not even close and that much of her income was off the books.

  40. Doesnt surprise me, my girlfriend stripped for a while in college and she would easily pull $200 in a 4 hour shift, but the issue was always getting enough hours

  41. I wonder if this has a huge standard deviation. Couple of the top dancers probably make 6 figures while the bottom dancers might struggle to clear 15k.

  42. Some areas are more than others. I’d venture to bet that Vegas is 6 figures or more while hodunk Minnesota is like 20k. It’s all mostly unreported too because cash probably. I know I’d fudge the numbers to get a balance of good and cheap insurance

  43. I think the average is skewed because there’s not an accurate way to track earnings when people are just throwing dollars around a room.

  44. That place is 12 mile from me on a strip w dozens of other run down titty bars, which is why noone wants to work there. Just a short distance away are bramd new clean factory jobs starting unskilled labor out at $17 - 25/hr with full benefits. Why work in a dump when you cam work in a nice clean environment w better pay?

  45. Back in in 89 I dated this stripper, I was in college at the time. She was making about 1500 a week dancing the 10am to 7pm shift. She said she liked it better because it was mainly business men that came in for the lunch buffet and they tipped better, plus were less likely to be handsy. I never understood how you could sit there and eat brunch with topless women everywhere I would be to distracted to enjoy my meal lol.

  46. Holy shit. I live the next road over and see this sign everyday. They’ve changed it though. Says something along the lines of “due to Covid”. Lol

  47. 49K that they claim. I’ve had friends that were “dancers” and they claim half of what they make. $400 a night really means $700-$800.

  48. That's according to the gvt and only because strippers make the majority of their money in cash tips, which they're supposed to claim as income for tax purposes. How meticulous or honest do you think strippers are about their claims?

  49. thats what they report to IRS. Most decent looking and young strippers make well over 100K a year. Not only that, they can now supplement their income other ways online which takes this salary much higher

  50. When I turned 21 I went the Spearmint Rino in Vegas which at the time was a really nice/ high end club. I remember talking with the one girl a lot and she was really chill. Not in a “ I think she likes me way” but we had a pretty candid conversation.

  51. Vixen's was the first strip club I ever went to. WV is fucking wild. They even have breakfast specials at the clubs. Some are BYOB.

  52. "The average exotice dancer salary in the U.S I'd $49k, tips included"... yeah OK...but who wants to be an average exotic dancer 😎 I'm gonna make me the big bucks...

  53. Really? That sounds low af I hear they make $100 k plus and that’s like average as a independent contractor and you don’t gotta feel old men’s hardish pp for $20

  54. That's the average people! So that Tuesday afternoon joint with that lady that makes 12k/ year. She's included. I can imagine there are dancers in Vegas, Montreal, etc. Making 80+ going hard many nights a week

  55. I have a friend who lives in Vegas and I got talking to one of his neighbors once. she told me that she's a stripper and she's from Minnesota but three or four months out of the year she would rent a place in Vegas and strip and then live off that money very comfortably for the rest of the year in Minnesota.

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