I would have had the heart to tell him…😂😂😂

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  2. Or Bill Russell. A news commentator genuinely made this mistake once. I forget who it was.

  3. My old apartment building manager pointed to my shirt and asked me how long I had been an Obama supporter…. I was wearing a Bob Marley shirt

  4. it represents the same thing at its root right? more importantly it represents it to that person

  5. Try & watch a Denzel movie with him & see if he makes the connection. Denzel looked exactly like his tat in “Pelican Brief” with Julia Roberts. Lol.

  6. Gotta love Karma farming… this sleeve is super old and is confirmed that it is all movie related. Not actual historical portraits…

  7. Probably Google's fault. Looked up his references and this popped up more than the actual Malcom. Crazy how you get a tattoo of someone without even knowing what they actually look like.

  8. I googled Malcom X in Google image search and Denzel was the 18th image that appeared, with the first 16 being solely Malcom, so this guy really got lost in his search for a good tattoo lol

  9. White liberals love self flagellation. I could understand an MLK tattoo as he wanted to bring the races together, but Malcolm X wanted black nationalism and speration of the races. He really disliked white people and understandably so for how black Americans were treated then.

  10. Not only does your friend not know what Malcom X looks like but the tatoo artist didn't know either, or he's just an asshole.

  11. So I was thinking the same thing, maybe my brain just refuses to believe someone would make that mistake, but it looks photoshopped to me

  12. A lot of talent went into this. I'm hard pressed to believe so little thought went into it at the same time.

  13. LOL, At least its a good looking tattoo. I've seen too many tattoo artists do a horrible job tattooing portraits.

  14. “Oh, I say, and I say it again, you been had! You been took! You been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led astray! Run amok!” ~Denzel Washington as Malcolm X

  15. You know.... I'm melanated, and never once did I confuse David Lee Roth w Axel Rose or Bret Michaels or Sebastian Bach or Vince Neil, two of which I'd gladly get tattoos of. Y'all some blind mfs.

  16. ..... is there a layer to this I'm too Caucasian to pick up on? Like I know that's Malcom X, but I feel I'm missing something else..

  17. Which one first? That that's a tattoo of Denzel Washington or that Malcolm X probably would have hated this regardless

  18. There are 2 ironic points if this. Malcom X was NOT a fan of white people and the obvious Denzel element

  19. In high school art class our final was a portrait. Me and my girlfriend lost it when Matt painted a portrait of Val Kilmer thinking it was Jim Morrison 😂

  20. Saw a guy on Facebook once painted (on a gigantic canvas) a beautiful rendering of Kurt Cobain from the cover of the movie 'Soaked in Bleach'. Didn't have the heart to tell him it was an actor on the cover. 😄😄😉

  21. This tat was supposed to be of the actual Malcolm X…however it’s a tat of Denzel Washington when he PLAYED Malcolm X!

  22. Saw a dude with an actual Malcolm X tattoo on his calf not that long ago. It was of that photo of him looking through the window w the M1 carbine in his hand. I wanted to compliment him cause that’s hard as fuck but he was out of the store before I could

  23. Well he's not wrong, it is a Malcolm X tattoo. It's just Malcolm X the movie tattoo, not Malcolm X the person tattoo.

  24. Ask him if he ever caught that cool movie with Malcolm X called 'Training Day' ! I bet he never knew my mans' was a dirty cop too

  25. I mean having him tattooed on you isn't horrible just super fanboy but to think it was someone else. lmao

  26. thats actually a really good tattoo of a face , but man i feel like a white guy getting a black guys face as a tat is a bit tasteless

  27. Have a Denzel marathon and see how long it takes for him to realize. The last movie if he makes it that far should be Malcom X.

  28. Best post ever. Hope the guys not armed. That might set some folks off, if they learn the tattoo artist let them believe this.

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