This was a whole ass journey

  1. EVERY TIME I try and be quiet, the dishes start twerking in the cupboard, and of course, everything within 5 inches of my elbow leaps to the ground. If you knock over a spoon -- the conservation of energy is ignored. That thing will rattle for a few hours.

  2. I really appreciate the lighting change in the bathroom as if 4 hours have passed between shots, and that the continuity is broken by adding the jacket so he could do the Michael Jackson impression. Because at that point, you give up staying quiet at 3 am and just roll with it.

  3. You know how in old cartoons you can tell which inanimate objects would move based on the color difference between it and the background? I kept thinking something was gonna happen to that one floor tile.

  4. My absolute favorite part was how he used the third grade trick of putting napkins down under his shoes to moonwalk in the kitchen.

  5. The PS4 sounding like a hydro jet starting had my dying, foo started dancing like MJ and I couldn’t breathe

  6. glad the cup knew it would be impossible to monetize the clip if any more foo fighters played

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