Your tinder girl doesn’t fit you

  1. I don't swipe right if they have that in their profile even though I'm 6'3" just because of bro solidarity.

  2. yeah it's pretty pretentious. it's like if guys wanted to be like "don't swipe right if you're over 110 lbs and smaller than a C cup". That's totally not okay! so why should this

  3. I'm 6'4, financially independent. And I don't swipe right on 'em either. Any girl that superficial simply isn't worth my time.

  4. That’s about as classy as you having seen her and got up to leave telling her that her boobs were way too small for you.

  5. I'm not gonna lie. When people act like that they're really doing you a favor. Just shows they're not in it for the right reasons. They're super shallow and the chances of a relationship working out are pretty close to zero unless you're letting them date your bank account.

  6. I'd prefer honesty that way I'm not wasting my time. Time is an extremely valuable resource and I'm not a fan of wasting it.

  7. If it's an important physical trait to somebody then at least they can ask before meeting to avoid wasting anyone's time.

  8. Fun fact I discovered a few years ago: there are some rollercoasters that have a height limit. I'm 6'5" and there are some rollercoasters I can't go on.

  9. Also, the comic is telling the clothing store part backwards. Tall guys don't buy short guy clothes, but plenty of short guys buy stuff way too long for them so the tall people it fits can't find clothing.

  10. As a 6'4" dude on tinder almost every girl that swiped right on me spent the whole conversation accusing me of lying about my height.

  11. As a 6’2” dude that doesn’t use tinder, if I did I would absolutely lie about my height and say I’m 5’10”. Might weed out the heightdiggers.

  12. Also 6'4, but I just missed the tinder era. Sometimes I think "man, it would have been so easy if I'd had tinder", but then I hear about all the shit people go through on dating apps now and I'm so fucking glad I will never have to deal with it

  13. Could it be that there are a lot more shallow women in the US? I often come across this on reddit. Yet, I was very active on Tinder for over a year and only once did I come across someone advertising a height restriction on their profile. And I swiped through 1000s of profiles. I had a decent number of matches too, and it never came up in conversation. Anyway, thank goodness for me because I'm 5'7".

  14. As a tall girl, I too feel this pain. But I dont discriminate against shorter guys, shit, some fellas like climbing trees, tall classes of water and will appreciate a Long Tall Sally like no other. So if you like it I love it, as long as you have a sense of humor about it and aren’t all sensitive over it. Like, imma still wear heels, doesn’t mean you need to start wearing platforms.

  15. Yup. I love dating guys around eye level and I'm 6'1". But my current partner is 5'11" and one of the best partners I've ever had. Sometimes I wear heels, sometimes I don't. He's proud as hell to be with me.

  16. I feel like the heels thing is part of it, honestly. A lot of women seem to not want to be taller than men when they're in heels. At 5'2" idgaf who I'm taller than, I'm just glad for the extra height :')

  17. Used to date my friend, I'm 5'10" and she's 5'1.5" (very particular about including the 0.5"). She's now dating a guy who's like 6'3" lol. Not sure why shorter women seem to end up with taller men but it seems to be a trend, based on my sample size of 1.

  18. Tbf, it's also chemistry. I'm 5'2" and my husband is 6'2". Sometimes the height difference is challenging but we have really great chemistry together.

  19. The shorter the girl, the taller the guy she wants. Average height girls really don't care that much about height.

  20. I've also found the taller ones don't care. I'm 5'8" on a good day, and women that height or taller have no qualms about short guys. I still miss the woman I dated who was 6'2" and had to bend down to kiss me when she was wearing heels.

  21. My friend is a former basketball center that played D1 in a major conference. A female friend of mine dated him briefly. She said, “We were not biologically compatible. Frankly, I’m unsure how any woman could be.”

  22. Walking through a Walmart once and saw what had to be a 6'6" guy with a girl somewhere around 4'6" or some shit. Like the guy was towering over me at 5'8", but the girl looked so short even I would have issues with the height difference. Had to be at least a solid 2 to 3 foot difference in height. Looked super weird.

  23. Ive heard, from the short girls I’m friends with, that it’s largely a security thing because they’re terrified to go anywhere alone so the taller and more capable looking a guy, the more secure they feel next to them

  24. If I have to guess it would be that very short girls feel vulnerable physically and subconsciously put a higher priority on a guy's ability to physically protect them than girls who don't feel as vulnerable.

  25. I think everyone is free to date whoever they like but, I also have met a lot of short girls who only want to date really tall guys. There's gotta be some kind of fetish involved, right?

  26. I'm 6'1" so no terribly tall, but once I was on a trip I was walking through like a business district and crossed paths with a girl that was at least 6'2" with heels and all that was in my mind was "carry me home mommy". Not used to seeing that at all

  27. I’m 5’6 and my wife is 5’ but the girl I dated before my wife was 5’11- I really swung from extremes there and honestly it’s whatever. I’m a bit older and never got to have the Tinder experience but I never had issues (knowingly anyway) everyone seems to complain about… I also basically never initiated a relationship they just sort of came about organically.

  28. I'm 5'9"(175) and I always date guys my height or shorter bc I found tall men don't seem to want me! I'm like wtf, I thought I was conventionally attractive so...maybe sometimes...but damn no. It's cool tho short guys I like you, I don't like getting suffocated in a man's shoulder during sex. You little dudes fit just right 😉

  29. I'm 6'4 and I noticed that shorter women seem to be more attracted to me. I've had the same experiences.

  30. Yeah I don’t think it’s that my guy. Talk girls would kill for a tall guy and it’s not like over 6’5 is common. You prob just barely look at them except for the model like obes

  31. Who do you think these 6 feet and above women are choosing over you? Are they going shorter, or looking for 7 footers?

  32. of course they are. they don't want us short guys. you've just gotten used to short girls and their Attraction to the power of daddy issues and you're addicted to it

  33. I’m 6’4”, my wife is 5’2”. It works just fine. I’ve had your exact experience with taller women—I never had anything against them, but not a single one of them ever treated me well. So, fuck em.

  34. My husband is really tall and I’m pretty short, only 5’2. Someone asked recently how tall he is. So, I measured his line on the growth chart wall we have for my son. He’s 5’8. :) height is in the eye of the beholder.

  35. I'm 6'4" and my wife is 5'7". I think that's taller than average, but it's really hard to tell. Most women just kinda register as "small" to me.

  36. I'm 6"2 and had this happen on tinder from a girl saying "nobody under 6'0". She asked how tall I was and she went oh thatsnot enough.... She had in her profile that she was 4'9 and looked 90lbs. I had things I wanted to say but I just typed "Lol have fun trying to reach the top shelf anywhere" and unmatched.

  37. As a tall guy, I strictly only date bigger, taller women. Shortys for my short kings 👑

  38. As long as you don’t lie about your height or fake being skinny on your profile pics, I really don’t see anything wrong with being unattracted to someone when you see them in person and just being upfront about it without wasting anyones time further.

  39. Rest assured lots of guys list unacceptable physical (and other) traits. They very openly state their preferences for physiques. There's been plenty of profiles that I swiped left on because they said they want thicc or athletic and I'm skinny but I'll be damned if I'm going mountain climbing.

  40. Welcome to the double standards of dating. Next you’ll wonder why women complain about how they don’t get asked out but have never asked someone out themselves.

  41. I don’t disagree but weight is generally visible whereas height could be hard to tell. The kind thing is to just swipe left on people you aren’t interested in

  42. How do straight men in this thread know so much about men's Tinder profiles? Do you guys catfish dudes on Tinder to create these theories? How do you actually know what men do or do not put on their Tinder profiles? How do you know men don't put their physical preferences in their profiles?

  43. As a tall woman, I totally relate when he said seeing tall guys dating short girls feels like they’re ‘taking from my stock’ lol. Leave some of them skyscraper men for us amazonian ladies pls 😭

  44. 100% can relate to this being 5'4 and all my rejections being purely on height, worst when you see a girl 4'10ft or smaller dating 6ft dudes like give me a bloody chance

  45. It makes since to me. If just looking for a hook up and you have hundreds of guys to choose from, then why not choose the ones you find most attractive?

  46. I get it too but it still must suck if you're single and 5'9/10 (like me). I've been with my wife for 12 years so I have no idea what it's like out there. I'm pretty sure I'd be depressed AF if I had to swipe through that a lot.

  47. Yeah, not exactly an original idea, and and the delivery was so so. Like, the roller coaster joke was telegraphed immediately so when he said the "Jessica" line it had no impact.

  48. My name is Jessica, my boyfriend is 6'3 and I'm 5'0. But, we didn't meet on tinder or any other dating app. I can't help but think I may have offended this guy at some point. Sorry my dude.

  49. Apparently it’s okay to ask a guy his height, but asking a girl her dress size is frowned upon 🤷‍♂️

  50. As a taller girl, I can relate. Those short girls need to leave the tall guys for us! (I’m not against shorter guys though)

  51. I'm 6'5" and my mom and sister are both over 5'10" and I've always dated women 5'6" or shorter. Both my mom and sister give me (playfully) shit about it, basically echoing the statement from the OP - tall women have a limited pool, you should date someone tall.

  52. I think anyone putting that stuff on their bio should honestly be avoided, tbh. They care more about aesthetics than good relationships. It's immaturity. You're allowed to have preferences, but you're not allowed to make folks feel bad for them. You're also supposed to keep your preferences private, imho. I don't understand people going out of their way to make others feel bad on the internet.

  53. The top comments whining about women having a preference on a hook up/dating app, how dare they?!

  54. A girl on POF had a don't contact me if you are under 6". I felt snarky so I messaged her and asked if she would take a chance on 5'10.5" guy? No reply.

  55. The insane double standard where a woman can openly mock a man for his height or make it a requirement for a man to be of a particular length, but if a man were to put something about a woman’s required features, all hell would break loose

  56. This man treats women as objects. I mean, literally. He compares them with entertainment and stock. And when they have agency, he's not into it.

  57. Honestly my biggest issue with this set is that it literally didn't subvert or reinterpret or create anything new or of value; it just sounds like your typical

  58. Hahah I like the joke but he should say " he is fishing in my pond" or something like that because the "taking my stock" makes me feel like a merchandise to be purchased. The end product of the joke is good, message needs rewording a bit!

  59. Tall guys with short girls make me sad because I’m a tall girl and I want them to leave me a tall guy. I’ve mostly been with guys my height or shorter, and the self esteem issues are massive.

  60. I got banned from Tallgirls for saying I love tall girls, im 6 ft tall and any girl taller than me fascinates me.

  61. My last serious ex-girlfirend, we talked on OKCupid, I told her my height and she said I was too short for what she was looking for, but we still talked and planned to hang out. Once we were hanging out and spending the day together, I told her again I was attracted to her and she said "No sorry I want my boyfriend to be taller than me by at least a few inches" (We were the same height at 170cm, 5'7).

  62. As a woman who is around 5' 6", I've never cared too much how tall a guy is as long as he is proportionate. I find anyone who says that shit in their profile is kind of trashy anyway.

  63. You are likely not going find anyone worth a damn long term on tender. It turn's trying to find a good relationship's into a materialistic one with all the demands. He is just looking for a piece of ass and she is just looking for a Jason Momoa type to strut around and put on social media to boost her image. Behind closed doors probably a nightmare. In the real world stuff like having to be at least 6 ft is not set in stone. It's mostly you just have to be taller than her. Stuff like money factor's in too

  64. It simply doesn't matter. If you have the height you still do not get much likes if you are an avarage looking guy, cuz the ladies got spoiled over time because a gazillion dudes liked them and they have now a crooked perception of who is in their league....

  65. Reminds me of the girl (5'2") in college that I tried to ask out. She said, really, you're just too short for me... I'm 6'4". That's 14" taller than her.

  66. Well unfortunately some men love such comedians. I feel like there's a big market for mysoginistic jokes unfortunately where everything is about "women, right?"

  67. I’m a bit over 5’9. Generally I put personality over looks but I wouldn’t date a man smaller than me. It just feels… uncomfortable.

  68. Honestly, as a short dude, I am tired of hearing people bitch about it. So a lot of women don't want to fuck you, guess what, ALL of the NBA doesn't want you.

  69. Tall guy here, short chicks are our favorite so we don't have to bend over just like they use us to get stuff up high.

  70. 6’ 3” with a 4’ 10” wife, can confirm, although she’s 7 months pregnant so now I gotta grab all the shit down low too

  71. 6'9" (205.5 cm) here, never been accused of lying about my height. Think maybe there's some kind of critical point beyond which people stop disbelieving?

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