How Men and Women see humor.

  1. You missed the best part. They couldn’t move on because they had two X’s, so Howard pressed the golden buzzer, putting them through the next round.

  2. That doesn't surprise me in the least, if the "angrily not getting it" attitude of the two female judges didn't provoke some reaction from the two male judges they would need to recast them. It was a perfect reality TV moment, and the perfect way to ratchet up tension between all the judges.

  3. How could she not see that it was satire? The fact that it seems a lot like some boy who gets invited for dinner by her son never to be invited again, you'd think that'd make it more relatable and funnier still.

  4. I thought it was kinda sad what she said. Kid invites other kids round to have fun. Mum is straight up saying she doesn't want fun kids at her house.

  5. I don't watch TV and can't stand competitive shows like this. But when Howard Stern mentioned The Three Stooges, I wonder if the lady knew who they were?

  6. Yeah, I'm a woman and I thought this was great. It's not a men vs women thing. It's just a Heidi Klum having a stick up her ass thing.

  7. Also not surprised Mel B didn't find it funny. She manages to suck all humour out of every room she's in. She ruined one of the Big Fat Quiz panel shows to the point I couldn't watch it at all, when I usually rewatch them multiple times.

  8. If you sat there watching all the horrible talents and melodramatic singing all afternoon, you might be in a place where you really enjoyed this as a breathe of fresh air. Also Stern's sense of humor is notoriously skewed.

  9. Yeah the only part that I found genuinely funny was the beginning with them constantly looking backwards and the end with the salt throw.

  10. This would have had my sides hurting in the early 2000's and maybe every early 2010's. But I feel like this is a bit played out thanks to Mac from Always Sunny and that one guy why did a whole movie based on this bit years ago.

  11. Her reasoning as to why it wasn't funny at the end there... "It's like the kid my son brings home that i never want to come back." That just made it like 5× funnier to me lol 😆.

  12. I think she understood the kid, but she didn't understand the source material of things, I doubt in her entire life she's seen a 'karate demo' or 'self-defense video' because why would she?

  13. Right? I still don't understand why she didn't get it if she even recognized what he was imitating so well, I feel like that would just make me lose it on first sight and laugh even harder if it reminded my of my kid's annoying friend

  14. Now I wonder where on the gender spectrum I fall when I think, "It's kinda amusing but it's not THAT funny."

  15. The obnoxious talent show editing made it really hard to register as funny. Maybe if I was sitting there watching it play out without a cut every 1.5 seconds, I would have been able to appreciate it more.

  16. Yeah it was kinda funny. Definitely wouldnt put them through, and definitely not as funny/clever as howard was making it out.

  17. Yeah I mean I thought they were likeable and kinda funny ... but it doesn't pass the "could I do this act with a couple of my buddies with a few hours' planning?" If yes, it hardly deserves to be advanced.

  18. Comedy is subjective and doesn’t care about gender. OP just making it more difficult for people to move on from gender norms that aren’t actually a thing

  19. What makes or breaks this kind of comedy for me is do I think it’s original and do I think it’s something anyone can do or are this something unique to the artist. I definitely think it’s original but I also feel almost any 2 people could pull off this bit.

  20. It isn't really, it's like the elephant and soap joke, it doesn't makes sense but if enough people laugh out then everybody just goes with it lol

  21. I mean, Howie is barely a comedian and Stern has never been a comedian. And Sterns idea of funny is "Can I fling a hotdog into her cleavage from here?"

  22. Ya I don't really get why this was made into a gender based statement... Why can't we all just have our own senses of humor that are guided by our own experiences and such? I'm sure gender plays into that a bit but not that much. I'm a woman and I found this mildly funny, not hilarious, but definitely watched the whole thing.

  23. Honestly I feel that a person's sense of comedy becomes increasingly mature with age, and weirdly, once you hit a certain maturity, completely wraps around from the start and you laugh at poop and fart jokes again.

  24. And with that we can close this thread on down. Forcing a narrative that divides men and women on something so objective as humor is just ridiculous.

  25. I mean, thats a mixed crowd and they seems to be 100% on board. I love me some Heidi and Tim Gunn but holy crap she seems devoid of the ability to laugh at absurdity.

  26. Yeah this literally has nothing to do with women vs men but we're on reddit so of course haha women aren't funny.

  27. Nope. Women are a monolith and we should treat them like they are all the same. As we all know every man is an individual, but women are just mindless drones who hate jokes. Men are unique and quirky creatures and are more advanced than those dumb humorless women.

  28. This is the most valid explanation and opinion I've read yet. I think you're dead on. It's a style and observation experience thing. I appreciated it and objectively thought it was funny, but didn't subjectively enjoy it or laugh at it. It's not my style. I never laughed at three stooges either. I appreciated what they did and what it took to pull off their art and why and where it was supposed to be funny, but I never laughed at any of it.

  29. There's also a bunch of women laughing in the audience. But you only hear them. watch the video again and you can see the camera only pointing to a group of booing women. i bet that's footage from a different audience lol.

  30. I like slapstick, I know they're making fun of mma style wannabe studios try to act all badass but it just falls flat like a skit I'd see on the high school TV show.

  31. I thought it was funny but I wouldn’t pass it having seen some of the other comedy acts that the show has passed. It wasn’t nearly as funny as the magician guys that I’ve seen a dozen times from the show and part of getting passed is appealing to more than just Stern and Mandel.

  32. I’m not a fan of this type of humor. All throughout my life I’ve been called a girl, I guess this is just going to be another one of those times.

  33. It's more American vs non-American humour than man vs woman. As a British man, I'm with Mel B - I get that it was trying to be funny, but it was like watching 8 year olds flail about. Fun for them, not for me.

  34. Am female, got a good chortle from it. I don’t think it’s a gender thing, it’s just a comedic style preference thing

  35. Yeah the only part I laughed at was the salt (mostly the explanation) because I just thought of pocket sand which gets me every time

  36. Yeah agreed. I’m a dude and personally I thought this was low bar af. I like dumb cringe when it’s done well or alongside well written stuff like in Seinfeld, The Office, Arrested Development etc but this was just super weak imho. Pretending like it’s a gendered thing is pretty yikes

  37. Idk maybe if I was there I would've laughed from the influence of others but this wasn't entertaining in the slightest and had to skip through it.

  38. What is with this need to gender everything that has nothing to do with gender. Even the judges were overindulging and pretending it was funnier than it was just to add more unnecessary drama

  39. Honestly, I don't blame anyone for not finding this funny. The whole point of this act is that it's awkward and so unfunny that it becomes funny. The setting is what kind of ruins it. Probably felt different being there in person, but the editing really makes this fall flat.

  40. I think part of the reason why Heidi dislikes the fact that this "reminds her of the boy she doesn't want to invite back," is because she's likely the one who has to deal with the kid when he's over. If you have memories of said kid breaking your valuables, jumping on your furniture, and teaching your kid to roughhouse in the house, you'd be annoyed too. (Tbf she probably has nannies and workers who clean up the mess after, but it still applies.)

  41. What was the funny part? I'm serious. Yall are like "This is beautiful", "Fucking genius" and shit, but no single comment has even tried to explain for those of us who don't get it.

  42. Because she didn't enjoy a low brow youtube-skit level comedy routine? I enjoy oddities, weird deadpan deliveries, but this medium didn't really make sense, nor was it particularly funny in its genre.

  43. Glad to know, i am a woman now. ... Serious its not my kind of comedy as well, i get the joke, but...I dont feel it.

  44. I don’t know how anybody could find it entertaining. It just reminds me of the black mirror episode. Society is going down the toilet fast.

  45. I don’t think it’s a man-woman thing. I think it’s an American-European thing. Americans love this type of comedy, Europeans do not.

  46. The end when the other guy started walking away and guy one was like “he’s always looking for danger” not Funny but a good chuckle

  47. I mean this isn’t a men vs women thing. Plenty of women find this funny. It’s just these two judges who happen to be women don’t “get” it. Which is itself funny because the one blonde women at the end says why she thinks it annoying but her reasoning is quite actually why there’s humor in it. They are making fun of the type of person the judge is describing at the end. Howard Stern and Howie Mandel both have a lot of comedic experience and background.

  48. I understand what Howard Stern was saying, that it's satire... but I just didn't find it as hilarious or entertaining as some of the guts in this clip. The presentation was lame and not in a funny way. It reminded me of some montages you see in movies or a street performers routine, but without the comedy or build up.

  49. A big part of what makes these work is the delivery, and presentation. If its a live performance with a crowd who isn't necessarily the target audience for your off brand comedy then its going to come off forced.

  50. It wasn't bad but it just reminds me too much of early YouTube humor and that hasn't aged particularly well. Am a guy.

  51. I’ll admit humor is subjective, but not a damn thing about this was funny, it was in fact a waste of time! Should’ve had all 4 red X 😂🤣 man or woman has nothing to do with it. It just wasn’t funny, any of it. Upvote if you agree bc I see way too many people on here who think it’s funny and I just don’t understand

  52. People are going to say this and that but at the end of the day I thought the movie Bridesmaids was one of the most cringe and hard to watch show (I'm male) but most women I talk to think it's the most hilarious thing ever. I'm sure it comes down to bring able to relate to the content or not.

  53. You know bridesmaids was more popular with dudes, right? I liked it and my gf said it was the most clever version of dumb children's comedy that she's has seen. I think she laughed once throughout the whole movie. I was laughing the whole time.

  54. It's probably more that you don't like that type of humor. I hated it, too; but I also hated Stepbrothers, Talladega Nights, and most Melissa McCarthy movies. It's not a gender thing. It's just not meant for us.

  55. How many women are you really talking to about bridesmaids? I'm a woman and haven't talked about that movie in years.. most of the women I know talk about action and Fantasy movies more than bridesmaids or similar movies.

  56. I'm a guy and I think Bridesmaids is hysterical, one of the few modern comedies that's had me roar with laughter. Some things just hit you. It was very slapstick though, which is a staple of our (Brit) humour, I don't know if slapstick if Americans really get it (though they maid Bridesmaids, so they must do).

  57. I am not sure Bridesmaids is as clearly divisive between the sexes as this post. I for one thought Melissa McCarthy was amazingly funny in that movie.

  58. I’m being complete honest & genuine. What is so funny in this video? I don’t really understand the act. What am I missing? I’m stoned as well so maybe that’s the problem?

  59. I thought the woman didn’t find it funny because we literally are, low key, looking for an attacker at all times.

  60. I didn't particularly find it funny, but it wasn't not funny. It got me to chuckle and exhale through my nose. There was nothing about this that was unfunny.

  61. Same. I’m shocked to find this comment so far down the thread. It was just immature. At best I blew some air out my nose on the salt blasting him in the face.

  62. Not just wannabes, but some "professional" trainers as well especially the voice. This is like a half step away from outright mocking yellow bamboo.

  63. This is why Stern has been out of touch for the last 25 years. He thinks everyone enjoys hearing about the "wack pack" as much as he does. Plus, this show is one of the worst things on tv. The fake surprised look on their faces like they don't have notes on the desk. Or the effort by Simons weird face to look surprised is so uncomfortable. And no one can get on the air without a sob story. I guarantee there's probably some great talent that didn't get on because they didn't have a good enough sob story.

  64. its not that funny, but probably better than most of the shitty stuff on that disgusting piece of a trash show made by garbage hollywood people.

  65. It's just slapstick satire. If you laugh at Laurel and Hardy, this should be funny. If you laugh at Tom and Jerry, this should be funny. If you ever knew a kid that acted tough because of his yellow belt in karate, this should be funny.

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